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The Way Back to God

Bill Ryan and "Charles"

Jan. 6, 2011

I’m watching Bill Ryan’s interview with “Charles” in Rulers of the World (1) and the ideas are popping into my head, undoubtedly from the “Committee” of my guides. I can’t wait until I’m finished watching the video to write them down.

After the vision experience I had in 1987, (2) I was left knowing just one thing for sure: that life had a purpose and the purpose was enlightenment.

The purpose of life is for the individual being to know itself as God. That is a purpose given to every life form by God. God’s pleasure in the matter is that He/She/It meets Him/Her/Itself in the moment in which the individual life form realizes its true identity (that is, in the moment of enlightenment).

If we accept that single circumstance, all else flows from it. If life has a purpose, it follows that life also has a design that sets up the conditions under which life’s purpose can be achieved. While I can state its purpose in a few sentences, I cannot state the design of life in the same compressed fashion.

Among the design elements of life are natural laws, which regulate the workings of life. They include the Laws of Attraction, Karma, Grace, and Free Will. (3) They are laid down by God Himself (Herself, Itself – God has no gender). They do not bind God although God agrees to be governed by them on occasion (such as when God incarnates as an Avatar). (4) But everything created must obey those natural and universal laws.

Also among the design elements are certain structures and processes. Between birth and death, they include, bodies, the Adam Kadmon template, (5) gender, birth and death, reincarnation, the longing for liberation, (6) time, space, dimensions, realization, (7) and many more events and situations created to facilitate the evolution of created forms from a lack of knowledge of their true identity to knowledge. Between death and birth, they include the akashic records, full-life review, second death, judgment, soul group, twin flames, and soul contracts. (8) These are all built into life for all beings.

A round of life results and creatures walk that arc away from God, out into the world, and then back to God again. (9) This process overall is known as spiritual evolution.

There is in all this a basic spiritual movement, which Charles and his friends in the 33 families probably know little about or, if they do know, they choose to turn their backs on it. But the rest of us have not chosen to follow Charles and his masters and so we may not wish to turn our backs on it.

That basic spiritual movement could be described as turning from the world to God.

It could also be described as cultivating discrimination, detachment and devotion. How are the two related? We turn from the world to God by discriminating between the unreal and the Real, detaching ourselves from the unreal, and devoting ourselves to the Real. This is the basic spiritual movement which, if achieved completely, will, I believe, lead to the knowledge of our true identity as God – God-in-form and finally God the formless.

I surmise – because I don’t know, not being enlightened – that certain developments lead us away from the knowledge of God and certain developments lead us toward it.

Becoming more and more solid in our sense of having a separate self, having more and more desires, feeling more and more entitled to having what we want when we want it – these describe a movement away from God, necessary in the beginning for a separate sense of self to arise, an illusory self which eventually will shed its illusions and realize God.

Becoming less and less solid in our sense of having a separate self, having fewer and fewer desires, and dropping our sense of entitlement to have what we want when we want it – these, I believe, describe a movement closer and closer to God.

The 33 families, the New World Order, the Illuminati, Satanists, the controllers, the masters of the universe and their kind are all moving in a direction defined by a very strongly-developed focus on a separate self and the satisfaction of desire. One spiritual master captured this in two words: “I want.” We could also call it ego and desire.

For the spiritual seeker these two words, these two things, have less and less attraction and an ever weakening draw. It’s not that their opposite comes into existence. It’s that they themselves fade from existence.

If we’re looking for what separates us from the Illuminati or whatever group wears the black hat in this drama, it’s that we are weaning ourselves from ego and desire, that we are sharpening our discernment between the unreal and the Real, detaching from the unreal, and devoting ourselves to the Real.

No one escapes the great learning. The natural laws, the way the dimensions are set up, the way life operates all conspire (or are designed) to teach the great lesson of life. Sooner or later everyone learns it. The few who set their faces implacably against it eventually cease to exist. (10) The rest of us learn that great lesson, the lesson of our true identity, through our joy or our tears.

Charles and the people he works for are allowed to hold out for as long as they wish and will learn through their tears – or perhaps not at all. But they hold no lesson they can teach us, save the lesson of not following their example.

There is a way to joy, bliss, and love. When we describe ourselves as awakening, we’re awakening to the way life is designed and what the way is to joy, bliss, and love. This is that way as I see it. And below every message from Saul, SaLuSa, Matthew, Archangel Michael, Buddha, Jesus and everyone else we listen to is instruction in another aspect of that way, the way out of suffering, the way back to God.


(1) At!

(2) That experience is described at

(3) For more on the natural laws, see , , and and following sections.

(4) On Avatara, see the sections of From Darkness Unto Light beginning with

(5) The Adam Kadmon template is the upright, bipedal, bilaterally-symmetrical template which governs the human form. The human form is a form beings throughout the universe reach whether they evolve according to mammalian, reptile, insect, bird, plant, or other evolutionary lines.

(6) The longing for liberation is a sub-tidal thirst for the knowledge of God built into all life forms to keep them moving onward towards God. See for instance, “Ch. 7. The Longing for Liberation,” at .

(7) We actually experience many levels of realization – spiritual awakening, savikalpa samadhi, kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi, sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi, and infinitely more as we evolve up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness. Search on these terms in From Darkness Unto Light, at

(8) The akashic records are the permanent records of all thoughts and deeds recorded on the ether; the full-life review is the compressed recollection around or immediately after death of all the events of one’s life; the second death is the shedding of one’s astral body; the judgment is the in-depth comparison of one’s actual life with one’s soul contract; the soul group is the group of souls which one regularly reincarnates with for learning; the twin flame is the second soul of the opposite gender that one emerged from God with; and the soul contract is the agreement one made with the Lords of Karma and one’s own guides of what situations one would encounter in any one lifetime for the purpose of learning.

(9) Jesus: “I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.” (John 16:28.)

(10) For examples of people who ceased to exist because they emulated evil altogether too much, see

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