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“Ground Zero Mosque” and 9/11

This is a difficult column to write, but one nonetheless which needs to be written.

A proposal has been submitted to build a 13-storey Muslim cultural complex near Ground Zero in Manhattan which might, in part, house a religious area which has come to be called a “mosque.” The proposal is discussed in the attached article.

The proposal has quickly inflamed a part of New York’s population who see it as an insult to the 3,000 New Yorkers who died on 9/11 in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

I can well understand the feelings of those New Yorkers whose loved ones died in the WTC attacks. And I have nothing to say on whether a cultural center containing a mosque should or should not be built.

I honor the dead of 9/11 and the suffering of their surviving relatives and friends.

But the truth of 9/11 will show that both they and the Muslim population, blamed for these events, are  innocent victims.

If we’ll permit the introduction of what will soon, I believe, be established as facts, we may be able to see that the situation is much, much different than what is being represented – so much so that we may in time be able to see that Muslims deserve, and some day will get, an apology from the American government for all that has happened to them from 9/11 onwards.

I’ve discussed the subject in the article “To Muslims of America, I Apologize.” (1)

In summary the point is this.

Nothing to do with 9/11 traces back to world Islam, whether it be to a terrorist movement that can be associated with a Muslim cause or to nineteen individuals of Muslim faith who allegedly caused the destruction and death on Sept. 11, 2001.

9/11 was truly, as has been said, an “inside job.” It was an engineered false-flag operation in which some Muslims played a role, but in the employ of primarily American agencies like the CIA and FBI.  It featured not only some Muslims, but also some Israelis as well as nationals from many other countries.

It was led and directed by elements in the American government, which included the leading figures of the Bush Administration (George W. Bush himself, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and many others), (2) banking and financial houses, (3) alphabet agencies, (4) the North American Air Defense Command, (4) the owners of the World Trade Center, assorted private companies, and many other John and Jane Does who conspired to bring the buildings down.

Not all members of the Bush government supported it, nor did all members of NORAD, nor all bankers, financiers, etc. It was the work of a cabal (albeit a large one) within these institutions. In the footnotes, I cite my sources for making these allegations.

There were no Muslim hijackers with (or without) boxcutters in the airplanes that crashed on that day, and no Arab names mentioned in the manifests. Six of the hijackers were located alive following that day. Some, like Mohammed Atta who was indeed a part of the plot (some sources today suggest that the real Atta was murdered in Hamburg by Mossad, which sent an agent in his place to America), remain in hiding. One alleged hijacker even said from his home in (if I recall correctly) Morocco that he had no idea where Pennsylvania was, where he was supposed to have been killed. (5)

The Saudi Arabian government presented these facts to President George Bush who accepted them. But nothing was said in the mainstream media about them.

9/11’s true originators remain largely free today and have more or less succeeded in fooling the vast majority of the American people.

The whole story of nineteen Arab hijackers is a concoction. It was the intention of the real perpetrators of 9/11 to blame everything on Arab hijackers, Muslim “terrorists,” and world Islam, and indeed they have succeeded in doing so.

As for Osama bin Laden, whose CIA alias was “Tim Osman,” he was lying in bed in a Rawalpindi hospital that day, surrounded by Pakistani troops, undergoing kidney dialysis. He could not have been recorded saying what the CIA attributed to him. (6)

Muslims of America have been falsely blamed for nine years for something they had no hand in. Muslims of the world have been falsely stereotyped for something that the American government carried out itself to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and, they hoped, a further war in Iran, a bridge too far.

Some of their objects were to take over the oil fields of the Middle East, the mineral wealth, poppy fields, and drug-trade routes of Afghanistan as well as to further establish the grip of the New World Order over the world’s population.

Their further object was to create a “war on terror” where no organized terrorism such as they claimed had existed before. The “war on terror” is entirely a creation of the Bush government. The terror alerts, the Department of Homeland Security, airport security and everything else are all created elements of a New World Order plot to take over America and eventually the world, a plot that has failed and is now unravelling.

If you find it hard to believe that subsequent “terrorists” such as the shoe bomber and the Christmas bomber could also be CIA assets, the part of the puzzle you may not be privy to is the practice of mind control to create “Manchurian candidates.” Once you see how mind control has been used in false-flag operations since the death of Robert Kennedy, you’ll wonder no longer.

If you wish to see evidence that the plot was being hatched as early as the mid-1970s, see Carol Rosin’s speech with the Disclosure Project, reproduced at the foot of this article. (7)

Many more people than 3,000 died on 9/11. The number is probably closer to tens of thousands.

Now I know this is hard to hear and that the suffering of many New Yorkers and other Americans is touched by my allegations. But the answer is not to continue a travesty of justice such as racially-profiling, jailing, and maintaining discrimination against Muslims. To do so is to multiply innocent suffering.

The Muslim community of America had nothing to do with 9/11 and some day we must face this fact and place responsibility where it belongs. Otherwise this false-flag operation continues to be successful and Americans who blame Muslims continue to be unwilling dupes.

I myself am Jewish. Let me be the first to apologize to Muslims of America for this wrongful accusation, which I participated in as well during the days following 9/11.

I acknowledge that Muslims of the world have been falsely accused and have suffered in the nine years since then. I call for this treatment to end, for the real perpetrators to be tried and convicted, and for the truth to be known this ninth anniversary of 9/11.

Let this Conscious Convergence, scheduled for July 17-8, 2010, be an occasion on which the people of the world draw together in truth and put behind them the lies of the past.  The first lie to disavow is the lie of Muslim responsibility for 9/11.


Steve Beckow

New Yorkers Divided Over Planned Mosque Near Ground Zero

Cecily Hilleary | Washington 31 May 2010

American Life

Last week, a community board in New York City’s Manhattan borough held a symbolic vote on one of the more contentious issues the city has faced in recent years – that is, plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 Twin Tower terror attacks. Emotions on both sides of the controversy are running high, bringing out the worst and the best in New Yorkers.

You can tell what side of the issue New Yorkers are on by what they’re calling it a mosque – a cultural center and in one extreme case, a “house of evil.” They are talking about Cordoba House; it’s a name which refers to the city in Spain which, in the Middle Ages, was a center of Islamic culture and learning. Cordoba House is a planned 13-story complex which will stand about two blocks away from the site of the September 11th attacks in lower Manhattan.

Manhattan Borough president Scott Stringer is among many political and religious leaders who support Cordoba House. He was present at last week’s meeting where members voted 29-to-1 in favor of the project.

“It’s a non binding vote, so this was really about getting a barometer about what the lower Manhattan community wanted,” said Stringer. “So what was clear was that the overwhelming majority of community board members thought that this proposal had merit. Build a cultural center. Make it interfaith. Have discussions about racial tolerance. Recognize that this is a community that took a hit after 9/11, and that we want to build it back.

He also defends himself against opponents who have attacked his decision to support the project. “There are haters. There are people from the Tea Party who attacked me and other individuals and tried to make this about bigotry and hatred,” said Stringer. And the community, in giving a go-ahead, are saying, ‘it’s okay to explore this possibility.’ And I think that is how we win the war on terrorism. We don’t become like them. We’re better than that.”

Stringer refers to disparaging comments made by a leader of the right wing protest movement, Mark Williams, who has called Cordoba House ‘a monument to 9/11 attacker.’

Al Santora is a retired New York City Deputy Fire Chief. His 23 year-old son Christopher, also a fire-fighter. He was one of the youngest to die in the September 11th attacks. The older Santora and his wife attended last week’s community board meeting, where they expressed their opposition to the mosque. He says the families of 9/11 victims regard the Ground Zero area as in essence a cemetery, a sacred resting place for their sons and daughters.

He articulates the confusion that remains in the minds of some Americans, a difficulty separating al-Quada, the militant group responsible for September 11 from mainstream Islam, worrying that the mosque represents a form of religious or political conquest.

“The thing is so insensitive: To put a mosque within two blocks of Ground Zero is just ludicrous. Now, they try explain it away that it’s going to be a ‘cultural center,’ that it will have a swimming pool and have all sorts recreations, however, they will have a prayer room or a mosque within the building,” said Santora.

Santora says that those people making decisions about how the area around Ground Zero should be used have ignored the feelings of the 9-11 families. “What irks us [the family members] is that we have a stake in this. Our stake is a price that no one wants to pay. And they are not listening to us,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Cordoba Initiative told VOA that the mosque will reflect the richness and diversity of New York City, and reflect core American values of freedom of expression and religious faith.

When completed, it will house a 500-seat auditorium for conferences, exhibition spaces, bookstores, restaurants – and the mosque. Planners say it will serve as a community center not just for Muslims, but for the residents, workers and city visitors of all faiths.


(1) “To Muslims of America, I Apologize,” originally published on OpEdNews, Oct. 17, 2008, at

(2) “In the Name of All Who Died on 9/11, We Must Act Now,” at

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(4) “In the Name of all Who Died,” ibid.

(5) “In the Name,” ibid.

(6) From Michel Chossudovsky, “Where was Osama Bin Laden on September 11, 2001,” at

According to Dan Rather, CBS, Bin Laden was hospitalized in Rawalpindi. one day before the 9/11 attacks, on September 10, 2001.

“Pakistan. Pakistan’s Military Intelligence (ISI) told CBS that bin Laden had received dialysis treatment in Rawalpindi, at Pak Army’s headquarters.

DAN RATHER, CBS ANCHOR: As the United states and its allies in the war on terrorism press the hunt for Osama bin Laden, CBS News has exclusive information tonight about where bin Laden was and what he was doing in the last hours before his followers struck the United States September 11.

This is the result of hard-nosed investigative reporting by a team of CBS news journalists, and by one of the best foreign correspondents in the business, CBS`s Barry Petersen. Here is his report.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) BARRY PETERSEN, CBS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Everyone remembers what happened on September 11. Here`s the story of what may have happened the night before. It is a tale as twisted as the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

CBS News has been told that the night before the September 11 terrorist attack, Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan. He was getting medical treatment with the support of the very military that days later pledged its backing for the U.S. war on terror in Afghanistan.

Pakistan intelligence sources tell CBS News that bin Laden was spirited into this military hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis treatment. On that night, says this medical worker who wanted her identity protected, they moved out all the regular staff in the urology department and sent in a secret team to replace them. She says it was treatment for a very special person. The special team was obviously up to no good.

“The military had him surrounded,” says this hospital employee who also wanted his identity masked, “and I saw the mysterious patient helped out of a car. Since that time,” he says, “I have seen many pictures of the man. He is the man we know as Osama bin Laden. I also heard two army officers talking to each other. They were saying that Osama bin Laden had to be watched carefully and looked after.” Those who know bin Laden say he suffers from numerous ailments, back and stomach problems. Ahmed Rashid, who has written extensively on the Taliban, says the military was often there to help before 9/11.


PETERSEN (on camera): Doctors at the hospital told CBS News there was nothing special about that night, but they refused our request to see any records. Government officials tonight denied that bin Laden had any medical treatment on that night.

(voice-over): But it was Pakistan’s President Musharraf who said in public what many suspected, that bin Laden suffers from kidney disease, saying he thinks bin Laden may be near death. His evidence, watching this most recent video, showing a pale and haggard bin Laden, his left hand never moving. Bush administration officials admit they don`t know if bin Laden is sick or even dead.

DONALD RUMSFELD, DEFENSE SECRETARY: With respect to the issue of Osama bin Laden`s health, I just am — don`t have any knowledge.

PETERSEN: The United States has no way of knowing who in Pakistan`s military or intelligence supported the Taliban or Osama bin Laden maybe up to the night before 9/11 by arranging dialysis to keep him alive. So the United States may not know if those same people might help him again perhaps to freedom.

Barry Petersen, CBS News, Islamabad.


(CBS News,  28 January 2002 emphasis added, the complete transcript of CBS report is contained in annex to this article)/blockquote>

Much additional information on Muslims and 9/11 can be found at the author’s 9/11 website,

(7)”What War on Terror?” at .

Carol Rosin was … a corporate manager with Fairchild Industries, where she met Dr. Werner von Braun. Then dying of cancer, von Braun decided that Rosin was someone he could confide in. He began to relate to her what the military-industrial complex, of which both of them were part, planned to do in the years ahead. In Rosin’s words, he told her:

“You have to understand. … We have to prevent the weaponization of space. … There is a lie being told to everyone. … There are many enemies,” he said, “against whom we’re going to build this space-based weapons system, the first of whom was the Russians….”

“Then there would be terrorists, then there would be third-world countries,” now we call them rogue nations, or nations of concern. “Then there would be asteroids. And then,” he would repeat to me, over and over, “The last card. The last card. The last card would be the extra-terrestrial threat.”

And now we hear in the news, today, just this week that they have slipped in another new enemy – only this time we’re going to protect our satellites. In other words, we have to have some reason to spend these trillions, to waste these dollars on a space-based weapons system. “And it’s all lies.” …

And these are the words that Werner von Braun told me in 1974 and I will testify before the Congress under oath about everything I have said. (1)

Rosin provided a second version of this story, which is important enough for us to review here. Here she brings in what she saw at Fairchild Industries as well as what von Braun told her:

“When I was a corporate manager at Fairchild Industries in 1974 through 77, I met the late Dr. Werner von Braun, in early 74. At that time, von Braun was dying of cancer. But he assured me that he would live a few more years in order to tell me about the game that was being played, that game being the effort to weaponize space.

“Von Braun’s purpose in life during the last years of his life, his dying years, was to educate the public and decision-makers about why space-based weapons are dumb, dangerous, de-stabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, undesirable.

“The strategy that Werner von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy – in fact when I met him in 74 they were the enemy – the identified enemy. We were told that they had killer satellites. We were told that they were coming to get us and control us, the dirty commies, that whole story. First the Russians were the enemy against whom we were going to build space-based weapons.

“In 1977, I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries, in a conference room called “the War Room,” and in that room were a lot of charts on the wall, with enemies, identified enemies, names of people I had never heard of, names like Saddam Hussein and Khaddafi.

“But we were talking then about terrorists, the potential terrorists. No one had ever talked about this before. But this was the next stage after the Russians against whom we were going to build space-based weapons – these terrorists.

“This is 1977 and they were talking about creating a war in the Gulf region when there was $25 billion in the space-based weapons program that … had not [yet] been identified. It wasn’t called the Strategic Defense Initiative at least until 1983. This weapons system had obviously been going on for some time that I didn’t know anything about.

“So I stood up in this meeting in 1977 and I said I’d like to know why we’re talking about space-based weapons against these enemies. I’d like to know more about this. Would somebody tell me what this is about? Nobody answered. They went on with this meeting as if I hadn’t said anything.”

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