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What Will Ascension Bring?

Aug. 23, 2009.

St. Germaine tells us, with a hint of mirth, that we are “embarking into new territory the likes of which I have never seen in any of my lifetimes and you have never seen either. The greatest shift in humanity is taking place as you sit here right now. We’re talking about a shift of consciousness unlike any other.”   (1)

As great a shift as it is, very few commentators can tell us exactly what the experience of Ascension will be like.  Most tell us instead what post-Ascension life will bring.

Among the few who take on the challenge are Matthew Ward and Saul.   Spirit teacher Matthew says that there are no specific and unmistakable indicators that one is entering Ascension because “those are as unique as each of you is.”

“Most succinctly stated, personal ascension is the merging of your consciousness with your soul. Recognizable aspects are the raising of consciousness; strengthening discernment and trusting intuition; ever-increasing awareness of the higher self, the god/goddess self, and true spirituality; the sensation of peacefulness that comes with living in alignment with your soul contract—you feel this as if you are ‘going with the flow’ instead of ‘bucking the current.'” (2)

Saul, also a spirit teacher, uses the metaphor of switching an electric power grid back on which adds detail to Matthew’s succinct description.  Prior to that event, humanity must learn that violence and confrontation can never resolve problems.

When they finally realize this, as they very shortly will, the love that has been enveloping the planet and beginning to impact the anguish of humanity will suddenly start to flow with great intensity through every one of you, bringing light and enlightenment to every situation and relationship.

It will be rather like the re-establishment of electric power in a grid system that has been shut down for a very long period of time, while major renovation, modification, and modernization was carried out.  Suddenly there will be brilliant light everywhere in an instant.

You are all having your human bodies modified so that you can accept, conduct, and use the divine energy that is about to be turned on.  The vitality, excitement, and elation you will experience the instant it is switched on will astonish and delight you. It cannot be described in words, and to attempt to do so would be frustrating and misleading. …

Suddenly, without warning, this divine energy current will start to flow through each of you with power and intensity, and once more you will know that you are truly alive – alive like you have never been!  And then you will remember, ‘This is who I am – divine Light, divine Love, divine energy, of infinite power – blissfully alive in every moment – always!’ (3)

Enigmatically, many informants say as does Galactic Federation spokesman SaLuSa here, this shift in consciousness announces “the arrival of new ‘Man’ into the higher dimensions as a fully conscious Being. (4)

But “full consciousness,” to me, is a term I would reserve for the moment that our forms utterly disperse into the formlessness that God is.  After that, there is no St. Germaine or Saul.  That is surely many, many realms and cycles beyond the experience of any of our informants.  Therefore, what kind of “full consciousness” could they be referring to?

SaLuSa explains that what “full consciousness” the way they are using it means is a “release from duality.”  (5) Dualistic consciousness is also called “separative” consciousness;  non-dualistic consciousness is called “unitive” consciousness.

So Ascension is a return to unitive consciousness.  Ascension “is going to completely uplift [us] into the higher vibrations, where the trials and tribulations of duality do not exist.” (6)

Separative consciousness is synonymous with difficulties.  “It is in a third-dimensional world that all suffering abounds,” he says. (7) Lifted above the world of duality, SaLuSa says, we will “become free from all of the problems that beset you now.” (8)

What trials and tribulations beset duality or separativeness?  Matthew names a few: fear, violence, greed and bigotry. (9)   Ascension will, Saul says, “wash away all the pain, all the anger, all the fear, and all the distrust that has plagued humanity for so long.” (10)

“Your times of sorrow, pain, and confrontational disharmony are almost at an end, as God’s divine light and grace washes over the planet, healing, repairing, and renewing, so that the pristine beauty in which all was created may be gloriously re-established.” (11)

Ascension becomes our means of escape from this dualistic and separative environment, our “passport off [this suffering] Earth and into the higher dimensions.” (12)  It will place us “in the fifth dimension or higher, … far removed from the limiting vibrations [we] are now in.” (13)

Ascension being an event caused by higher energies lifting us up, it would make sense that these higher dimensions, according to SaLuSa, are “not clouded by the lower energies because they cannot exist at such levels and life is therefore constantly fulfilling and magical compared to anything you have known.”  (14)

We originally passed through these same levels on our downward journey into duality so we have a recollection of them.  The galactics “come, as it were, to jog your memory.” (15)

What will Ascension bring?

The non-dual, non-separative life that Ascension brings is “joyous and happy.”  “When all your needs are catered for and you could have a wondrous and exciting life, free from earthly worries and concerns,” Galactic Federation spokesman Atmos asks, “what would offer you a better way forward?” (16)

Archangel Michael testifies that Ascension will bring “Abundance, Peace, Love and Joy into your lives.” (17)

In Earth’s Golden Age, Matthew invites us to expect a “loving, peaceful life [for] all peoples, the restoration of your planet’s health and beauty, the harmonious co-existence of humankind with all of Nature.” (18)

Far from a heavenly abode of non-action, says SaLuSa, we will find one that is “very much alive and reverberating with energy.” (19)  SaLuSa goes so far as to say that we “will exist in absolute bliss.” (20)

Saul says it will be

“…a soothing balm, providing an experience of delightful contentment and an intense and wonderful conscious knowledge that all is indeed divinely taken care of.  The apparently unending struggle for survival that such a large proportion of humanity experiences constantly will cease – instantaneously.  In its place, there will be the reality of total abundance as every need is satisfied, and life becomes an occasion, an experience of complete and harmonious joy and delight that has always been divinely planned and intended.”   (21)

He predicts that “no one will be disappointed, no one will be passed over or left out, because this is the divine plan and the divine intent, and it cannot be prevented.”

“Intense joy and delight are about to sweep over you all, as you return once more to the heavenly realms from which it seems that you have been separated for so long.  The illusion [of duality or separation] that has brought you so much sorrow and pain is about to dissolve, as you awaken into the divine light of  God’s unending sunlit environment of spectacular wonder and beauty.” (22)


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