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We Do Not Need Oil – Part 2/2

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The gift of free-energy technology is part of a much wider revolution that will take place

We have seen, above, and will see, below, that our space family has promised to help us clean up the effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  SaLuSa says:

“The call for us to arrive is growing stronger as each day passes, as the threats to your environment pose great problems for your future.” (18)

Helping us switch from fossil-fuel to free-energy technology will rid the planet of pollution. Says spirit teacher Saul:

“With abundant free-energy readily available wherever needed, coal mining and oil ‘harvesting’ and exploration will first be greatly reduced and then finally cease, as the industries that require that kind of energy become obsolescent.

“Cleaning up and repairing the damage that those basically barbaric industrial conglomerates have caused will be a major task in the next few years, and much, in your terms, technologically very advanced assistance will be provided to ensure that this is done cleanly and efficiently.” (19)

In fact, these developments will be part of a revolution in Earth’s society. SaLuSa tells us:

“Reliance upon oil will be replaced by the many free-energy devices that are already designed for your use. You will no longer be captives of the few who have ruthlessly controlled your lives through such resources. There is so much waiting to be revealed and released to you that will have an immediate effect upon you.

“All areas of your lives will be changed for the better and it will commence once we can walk and talk with you in complete safety [SB: it is our safety he has in mind]. That which has been hidden for so long will be revealed, and you have much to learn from us. We are your willing and loving mentors who will soon become an important part of your lives.” (20)

The program to clean up the Earth, often called “terraforming,” is far-reaching, Matthew Ward says.

“The wanton destruction of your environment through oil and gas extraction, mining, logging and their resultant pollution will cease and all types of toxins in the atmosphere, soil and water will be eliminated. Forests will be restored to the levels required for the balance of Nature, and the need is great as well to preserve and expand habitats where animals have been reduced to countable numbers, just as the oceans must be returned to health so marine life can flourish instead of disappear.

“There are plans to achieve those goals as well as keep pristine land areas free of concrete incursions [i.e., urban construction] and implement alternative power sources.” (21)

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill will be cleaned up

To return to the question on everyone’s mind, will the Gulf of Mexico oil spill be cleaned up?

SaLuSa says that it will and the clean-up will be part of the general preparation for Ascension on or before Dec. 21, 2012.

“We know that so many of you are tired of the old ways and the degree of pressure you suffer simply to survive. It is therefore [welcome] for us to be able to inform you that such experiences are coming to a close. The help we are offering you is needed more urgently as so many problems pile up.

“The Gulf of Mexico oil leak is proving to be a monumental disaster, and is just one pressing problem that is environmentally threatening. Weather changes are becoming another annual problem, and the food chain is suffering as a result.

“Financial changes are necessary to overcome the possibility of a large-scale collapse, and in all of these cases we can give you guidance to help find the solutions. …

“Naturally these problems are high on our list of projects, to reverse the damage that has occurred. …

“The Galactic Federation is geared to provide you with all the help you need, and not just for the problems we have referred to. There is a long standing plan to restore you and the Earth in preparation for Ascension. We await our official acceptance and invitation to meet you and it really cannot be put off much longer as we all need to get started.” (22)

As SaLuSa reveals: “We are your mentors and protectors and have the appointed task of restoring Mother Earth.” (23) He reassures us that “the physical changes are totally under our watchful eye … as part of the cleansing and restoration of Mother Earth.” (24)

As we sit here naively watching such misinforming programs as The Nostradamus Effect or waiting for SETI to hear a signal, GF spokesman Ker-On of Venus assures us that no such destruction awaits the world.

“Let me be quite clear that the Earth will not be destroyed and there will be no mass deaths that will decimate the population. This is where the Galactic Federation comes in as your guardians and protectors, a responsibility that has been theirs for many thousands of years.

“Our presence is your assurance that there will no major destruction in your time, beyond that which Mother Earth sees as necessary to cleanse the planet.

“We are here to see you safely ascend and with as little inconvenience as possible. You will understand better when the time soon arrives and through open contact we can talk with you about the plans for Earth and its survival.” (25)

Rather than watching the world be destroyed, the star nations will be returning it to its original pristine condition.

Says SaLuSa, “we … help prepare Mother Earth [for ascension] and remove all vestiges of the damage brought about by your demands upon her. You are to ascend as One and that will fulfil the Creator’s decree for the end of this cycle of duality.” (26)

According to Matthew Ward, the transition from oil to free-energy and the pollution clean-up will not take a long time.

“Technology exists that will make even the ‘long’ transitions quite rapid, such as energy sources for transportation changing from oil dependency to alternate fuels that are pollution-free and with greater mileage efficiency.

“Health care, for instance, will change considerably faster than transportation modes, as regulations prohibiting the widespread use of known cures, both products and therapies, are struck down.  Ridding the planet of pollutants, including the toxins of weaponry, will happen quite quickly as well, as cleansing technology also exists.” (27)

Our space family agrees. SaLuSa:

“The lost years will be made up to you in next to no time. The Light is bringing back balance and, once the power and influence of the dark forces is overcome, you shall see great changes come in quick succession.” (28)

Once the Earth has ascended, pollution will no longer be possible, Matthew says.

“In the higher frequencies where spiritual clarity reigns, there will be no new … toxic pollution of air, water and soil, which … is man-designed [i.e., Illuminati-designed] for the purpose of causing sickness and death [i.e., decimating the population]. And the effects of radioactivity, which even now are being alleviated by the technology of your extraterrestrial friends, no longer will affect Earth and her life forms.” (29)

All of this will help prepare us for Ascension in 2012. According to SaLuSa:

“The mood of the people will change dramatically once they are informed of our mission. We offer you release from the thralldom of many centuries of persecution, poverty and wars that have kept you in the control of the dark Ones.

“That alone will bring joy and hope to those who are still experiencing such conditions and the prosperity program will address many current issues. We will be more involved in the bigger ones that have beset your whole world.” (30)

“The changes will not be imposed for the sake of it, but are part of our plan to bring you the comforts and protection that will lift your experiences to a new level and bring you joy and happiness.

“Following that you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension. That is the ultimate goal.” (31)

In closing, let me say that the Illuminati’s main strategy has been to engender fear. Not only should this be plain from film and TV representations of all space beings as deadly predators when they are not, (32) but it should also be clear from the many films and TV programs that represent Armageddon and the Apocalypse as happening in 2012, when no such thing will occur.

The Illuminati still control the mainstream media, which, at present, publish very little of the truth of what is happening today on this or many other topics. Gradually its Illuminati owners have all but eliminated the mainstream media’s investigative capability as respected journalists like Dan Rather have acknowledged. People are starting to awaken to the manner in which they have been manipulated for so long.

None of the information conveyed in this article probably would have been available if not for the Internet.

Our space brethren are regularly communicating with us at this time. There is no reason to be ignorant of the magnificent events that 2012 promises.

Moreover, there is no reason to fear our future. We can safely look upon it with relief and excitement, as this article seeks to demonstrate.

We looked here at the manner in which the Illuminati have withheld free-energy devices which would free us from our dependence on oil. We saw the way in which oil dependency fits into the cabal’s plans to dominate Earth, depopulate it, and enslave the remaining population.

We heard both spaced brothers and spirit teachers say that, following ET/UFO disclosure, these and other beneficial technologies will be released to Earth’s population, relieving us and the planet of much suffering.

This information can be placed alongside that emanating from the press, TV, Hollywood, and the Internet which portrays extraterrestrials as malevolent.  It should at least start people thinking about the nature and truthfulness of those portrayals and the reasons for propagating misinformation such as this.

Most importantly, it demonstrates that the answer to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is linked to disclosure of the ET/UFO presence. If you wish to see the Gulf cleaned up, make your voice heard to end the truth embargo on the galactic presence.

There are many more sources on the ET presence who affirm what is said here. Google David Wilcock, Project Camelot, Project Avalon, Steven Greer, the Disclosure Project, the Orion Project, Stephen Bassett, Paradigm Research Group, the X-Conference, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Icke, Fred Burks, James Gilliland, or any of the sources on The 2012 Scenario for more information.


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For more on the subject of dark extraterrestrials, see “Do Hostile ETs Remain Around the Earth? at click here; “Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials?” at click here; and “On the Little Grays” (Zeta Reticulans),” at click here.

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