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SaLuSa’s Recent Messages on Earth Changes (Sept. 2010)

Since Earth changes are being discussed at the present time, probably in light of recent floods, mudslides, and earthquakes, so as not to leave you without a reliable guide on the matter, here’s a brief chronological review of what SaLusa has recently said.

On April 14, he informed us that major changes were expected and attributed them to the upward transition of the Sun. He reveals that agencies like NASA know about the solar changes and are not sharing the information on that subject or on the known presence of the galactics.

“You are so near to major changes upon Earth, whilst the Sun and your solar system continue to move into a higher vibration. That is already being noted, but again such information is not readily made public but held back. There has been a policy of secrecy for many years, none more so than the findings of NASA who have deliberately set out to keep you from knowing about our activities and us.” (1)

On April 16, he reveals that the galactics are managing the process with an eye to our safety.

“Mother Earth continues to rumble away, and is waiting to finish her own preparations for Ascension. It is therefore becoming important that she is allowed to complete it very soon. There are reasons related to your safety that are holding back any increase in the cleansing operation, which must be completed in readiness for Ascension.” (2)

In that same message, he reminds us that we are also expected to do our part in the cleansing of the Earth and that the galactics are doing theirs. I presume he means we are expected to find new technologies to clean up what remains of the Gulf oil spill and to reduce pollution, etc. He says that we remain unaware of the part the galactics are playing in managing the situation.

“Remember, Dear Ones, that you are party to the cleansing of Earth, and it is your responsibility to do all you can to reverse the damage that has occurred over many years. We are of course doing our part although you may not necessarily be aware of exactly what we are doing. Much of our work goes unannounced, and it will not take place openly with your knowledge until we are able to work in unison with each other.” (3)

On April 23, he repeats that the galactics are monitoring and moderating events, but says that some loss of life will unavoidably ensue. These however will not reach widespread proportions.

“Whilst there will still be incidents that cause damage and loss of life, it will not be allowed to engulf you. Cleansing is necessary anyway, but will be carried out in a planned manner that will take into consideration your well-being.

“Once we join forces you will be informed of the actions we are directing, and made aware of exactly what is to happen. Your safety will be paramount in our minds, and we have a number of options if it is necessary to move you.” (4)

On May 24, SaLuSa tells us that we will experience “some disturbances” because we need to clear much residue from millennia of damaging Earth and ourselves. We can think of two world wars and almost constant regional wars, plus the damage done to the psyches of those who responsible for those wars, if we need examples of the residue.

“In future the path will become smoother and easier for you but allow for some disturbances, as there is a lot more clearing up to do. These are all positive moves with Ascension in mind, and within the remaining period before it takes place momentous changes will occur.

“These are unavoidable, having regard to the extent of the damage done to you and your Earth over millennia of time. It is not just a matter of restoring what you had previously, but replacing and advancing it to new levels that will lift everything up. It is all calculated to hasten the rise in your levels of consciousness, necessary for you to ascend.” (5)

On May 26, he says that the expected changes will have little effect on many of us and reminds us that visualizing a beneficial outcome does lessen their impact and that the galactics are ready to assist us if called upon.

“The coming changes that are going to uplift you will be welcome, but there are also others involving physical changes to the Earth. Depending on where you live they may have little effect if any upon you, and in addition our presence will ensure that they are directed in such a way, to avoid maximum damage.

“Whatever happens around you, your visualization to introduce a harmonious and balancing energy will help to lessen the effect. Also bear in mind that outside help such as ours is more readily available, when your prayers or supplications are received.” (6)

On August 6 as well, he repeated the galactics’ assurance that they will lessen the damage of Earth changes but reminds us that we are in the locations we were intended to be for the end of this cycle and that we agreed to all outcomes before we were born.

“Naturally Earth changes will impinge themselves upon you depending on where you live. Be assured however, we are fully aware of the likely results and are always present to lessen damage to life and limb. However, Mother Earth like you has a cleansing to carry out, and it is inevitable that some of you will get caught up in it. You will be found where it is intended that you be for the end-times, and you will have known this before you incarnated.” (7)

On August 9, he states that there will be some parts of the world where many souls may pass to the astral planes in what for them will be a release from poor standards of living. We are seeing such occurrences in Pakistan, to a lesser extent in China.

He tells us that it is our responsibility to assist those who suffer as much as we can and that our response is a measure of our spiritual evolution.

“The cleansing of Earth moves on and inevitably there will be the passing of many souls as a result. They will be received in the higher dimensions with great love and understanding, and for their part it is something of a release from what is often a very poor standard of living.

“For those that remain in areas where the worst effects are felt, it is a cry to Humanity to find out whether they can find love and compassion for their own kind. Can you ignore their plight, or are you able to see in others yourself? It is not unusual that in the end times a civilization is tested to see how far they have traveled their spiritual paths. We see a great change for the better than even the early years following the Millennium, when your consciousness levels had already risen up.” (8)

We are seeing this process of Earth changes working itself out. In some areas, floods have occurred; in others, fires, mudslides, and earthquakes. SaLuSa has told us that we can mitigate the impact of these changes by our outlook and our spiritual practices such as visualizations and prayers. We can also call for assistance from the galactics and, I believe, the celestials as well.

Meanwhile the galactics themselves are also monitoring and mitigating things with an eye to our safety.

SaLuSa also tells us that we have agreed before birth to ascend or leave the Earth prior to Ascension.

In regards to the floods and earthquakes we have seen in other places, SaLuSa reminds us that those who leave have agreed to this form of participation. He tell us that those who depart are received on the other side by loving workers and quickly relieved of their suffering.

If you wish to read about the reception of people on the astral planes after a natural disaster like an earthquake, you can look at this section of New Maps of Heaven: That same webpage has much useful and comforting information on related subjects.


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