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Examples of Disinformation Sites – Part 4 – ”Casper”

I personally have been unable to find out very much about “Casper’s” identity. I have heard that “Casper” and “Poof” are the same but cannot vouch for that.

It seems pretty clear that Casper’s true purpose is to detract from the credibility of NESARA by issuing a seemingly never-ending stream of reports saying that the “deliveries” or “packages” that will trigger NESARA will arrive “today” or “tomorrow.” (They never do.)

My own understanding is that NESARA is not dependent upon deliveries or packages. There are circumstances that determine when NESARA will be made known but these are not they.

NESARA News gives a report of Casper’s daily messages. (1) Simply reading the list should suggest Casper’s spurious story line.

4/28/10 — Casper – Packs still out and Deliveries expected today.
4/27/10 — Casper – Deliveries Tomorrow
4/26/10 — Casper – Deliveries on the move. Blocked by WC and Obama. In UPS, Wash DC.
4/20/10 — Casper – Back in the Supreme Court. World Court is corrupt too!
4/19/10 — Casper – Deliveries for this evening — UPS REFUSE TO DELIVER! World Court threatened to padlock Atlanta UPS headquarters.
Deliveries Tomorrow Morning!
4/18/10 — Casper – Scalia plans to open packs!
4/17/10 — Casper – Supreme Court Judge’s computer attempted & failed to access accounts.
Judicial Hero Anthony Scalia did it!
4/16/10 — Casper – Hold Fast, all is being dealt with, severely.

4/15/10 — Casper – Good Guys allow packs to return back to Wash DC. Are they compromised too?
4/15/10 — Casper – Packies out again for delivery.
4/14/10 — Casper – Deliveries will be today.
4/13/10 — Casper – World Court blocking and doing trades.
4/10/10 — Casper – Packs back to the Supreme Court.
4/9/10 — Casper – Packs held in Fort Benning by our corrupt military.
4/8/10 — Casper – Supreme Court ordered UPS to deliver by 7:00 pm this evening. Deliveries did not happen. Supreme court is in meeting to determine what to do. Judge Roberts is on the bribe list.
4/7/10 — Casper – Packets taken from carriers and back in Supreme Court again!
4/6/10 — Casper – Court & China now blocking.
4/3/10 — Casper — Queen is blocking delivery to do a trade using Barclays Bank.
4/2/10 — Casper — Deliveries ordered tonight.
4/2/10 — Casper — Packs are at the airport again.
4/1/10 — Casper — “The time table will be at our discretion”
3/31/10 — Casper — Packs back to Pentagon, Top Brass ARE CORRUPT TOO!

Casper’s strongest proponent was, until recently, Patrick Bellringer, founder of, which hosts Casper’s updates. Fairly typical is Bellringer’s declaration of support in a comment attached to Casper’s April 30, 2009:


“This piece written by Casper on this Arbor Day, the last day of April 2010, that he calls ‘Opinion’, is the most true and concise statement he has ever made to summarize the evil world order that ‘We the People’ face today. Every person, who has bitched about Casper or about his updates, about Fourwinds for posting his updates, about Bellringers for doing the postings and believing in such “crap”, or who has complained about the years of delays in not getting their money, or of ‘WE’ not succeeding in taking down the U.S. Corporate Government and throwing the bastards out of office, needs to have this statement of Truth by Casper crammed down their throat, as food for thought to possibly wake them up to the real world, the real World’s Order, and to the Adversary against whom we fight.

The odds are overwhelming, but we shall prevail, for the Light always prevails and sweeps away the fools into the Dark Night. Victory for ‘We the People’ is at hand! Know it! Believe it! Evil is destroying itself! — Patrick H. Bellringer” (2)

Bellringer appears to have had a falling out with Casper on April 7, 2010, over Casper’s support for Israel. That again may simply offer the two the opportunity for a reconciliation in a relationship which capitalizes on having a certain breathless quality to it – a formula which soap operas capitalize on.

I personally am embarrassed by Casper, Poof, Marshal Vians Summers, Sam Kennedy, and their kind. I suspect that embarrassing us is their reason for being.

Hatonn, speaking through Suzy Ward, addressed the subject of sources like Casper on July 18, 2005 and said they exist to confuse and disillusion lightworkers.

“I’d like to lay to rest this NESARA announcement business for once and for all. Getting to the point of proving that NESARA is real is an ongoing process with a great deal of progressive activity that has not been given to any channel. Any and all messages that have been giving dates … are NOT coming from any of us! …

“That leaves the DISinformation specialists in either spirit or in body as the ‘newsmakers.’ What’s to be accomplished besides confusion and disillusionment in the believers and jeers from the crowd that always has doubted there is a NESARA? Isn’t that enough mischief? From our viewpoint, it is! The energy wasted in both camps is distressing!” (3)



(2) See

(3) “Special NESARA Edition,” through Suzy Ward, at

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