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Focus on World Disclosure Day

Kindly let me use this page to discuss various aspects of World Disclosure Day.

The first is to ensure that we’re aware of what it does and does not aim at.

It aims at providing us with an opportunity to express our welcome to the galactics who have come to Earth at the request of the local Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Hierarchy is led by Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, known in the Bible as the “Ancient of Days.” Sheldan Nidle’s sources, who style themselves the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation, succinctly reflect the situation:  “Heaven summoned us and we came.”(1)

Heaven – that is, the Spiritual Hierarchy – summoned the galactics to help us oust the dark cabal of the Illuminati from power and prepare for 2012 ascension.

The galactics report to the White Brotherhood, which is the fellowship of ascended masters who’ve been at work planning the events of these times for probably centuries, perhaps millennia.

Atmos of Sirius confirms the partnership between the hierarchy and the galactics: “The Galactic Federation, along with the White Brotherhood and Elders, are the principal players in the process of preparing you not just for these final years to 2012, but beyond.” (2)

SaLuSa tells us that “the Galactic Federation is not some marauding group of Space Beings. We are organized to police the Universe helping young civilizations evolve without interference. We carry out the bidding of those who have the ear of God, and carry out his plans for evolution.” (3)

He adds:

“The Galactic Federation works with the Higher Beings, and all along have been authorized to accompany you through this cycle, as others have done before. We are your link to God, and carry out our mission with great love and dedication.” (4)

The spirit and galactic masters, many of whom live in the Fifth Dimension, others higher, all obey the natural or universal law. So, with a few exceptions, they obey the natural law that says our free will shall be respected.

That means, with a few exceptions to the rule, that we must invite them if we wish them to disclose their presence, land on Earth, and intervene in our planet’s processes.

One of those exceptions is that we must invite them up to the time when a divine deadline is reached.  When the moment arrives that the Divine has set for an event, then our own free will is superseded by the divine command.

If disclosure hasn’t happened before now, it is because the people of Earth have opposed it, or because they have not asked for it, or because the divine deadline has not arrived. World Disclosure Day seeks to remove the first two obstacles.

Here’s SaLuSa confirming the existence of a divine deadline:

“On a number of occasions we have tried to offer our help, and it has been turned down. However, we no longer … need … your permission to arrive on Earth, as it has become a divine order with an ultimate date by which we will appear. We will do so in a perfectly correct manner and first approach those who are your legally-appointed representatives.” (5)

On World Disclosure Day, we have a chance to express in a loving and appropriate way our desire for the galactics to disclose their presence and come to Earth.

It’s a day of invitation, and it may very well be a day that passes without any signs of the galactic presence.

We’ll have been successful if many people on Earth take a moment during the day and express their wish that the galactics reveal themselves.

I suggest, as a minimum,  that everyone take three minutes of silence at 12 o’clock noon in your own time zone and spend that time quietly sending out loving energy and any words of welcome you wish to the galactics. Invite them to disclose their presence and land on Earth.

If you wish to signal those around you that you are aware of the significance of the moment, I suggest you signal them with the “V” for peace sign followed by an “OK” gesture. The two signs are illustrated here.

World Disclosure Day is not a one-time affair. We’ll regroup the first Sunday of each month and express that wish again, undoubtedly growing in numbers and intensity of desire, until the galactics do show themselves and come before us.

My task will be to hold the space for the day. I intend to serve as a writer, but not as a speaker. I could go into many reasons for that, but, in the end, it boils down to the fact that I trained as a writer and not as a speaker and prefer the one to the other.

So someone else will need to serve as the “public face” of World Disclosure Day.

That’s all I can think of for now but this message will change as the needs of the hour do and it’s the place to come to learn what the latest is, from my viewpoint, around WD2.




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