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SaLuSa and the ”Greater Picture”

SaLuSa makes a cryptic remark in his latest message (July 23, 2010):

“The greater plans that control what is happening on a Universal scale are God’s answer to every soul that desires to ascend and are your assurance of success. We see that in the midst of your troubles and concerns it is easy to overlook the greater picture, but it is there for you as well as all other dimensions.”

Thinking and talking about that “greater picture,” or God’s Plan for life, is endlessly satisfying. My sources on it are two; first the saints and sages of all eras and second a vision that I had in 1987. I turned to the first to give words to the second, which was a wordless experience.

J. Krishnamurti referred to the greater picture when he said:“The really important thing is … the knowledge of God’s plan for men. … When once a man has seen that and really knows it, he cannot help working for it and making himself one with it, because it is so glorious, so beautiful.” (1)

God’s Plan arises out of God’s wish. The formless God is all there is. There being only the one subject, there is no object to know. If you were the only person in the room, with no mirror, no one to talk to, etc., how would you know yourself?

Much of our self-knowledge comes from reflections we see in, say, a mirror or in the looks and words of another in response to us. Many years ago, a sociologist spoke of the “looking-glass self.” His point was that we know ourselves through seeing our reflections in the looks, words and reactions of others.

But God has no looking glass. And so He (She or It – there is no gender in the Transcendental) created life. He created illusory forms out of Himself. The Transcendental created the Phenomenal and then placed a spark of the Transcendental fire inside it.

From the formless, still Void that He Himself is, God created a moving firmament. In every individual form, He implanted Himself as a spark or flame in the heart.

Does this sound eerily like the human process of procreation? Well, it should because that process surely mirrors the Transcendental/Phenomenal process.

He then assigned each life form the task of knowing itself. When a life form knows itself, God meets God.

The sages tell us that this is so. Hindus call life a “leela” or cosmic drama, created by God for His own pleasure. To get the full story from the sages, we’ll have to creep up on it one statement at a time.

Twentieth Century Christian mystic Beinsa Douno implied a part of it when he said: “Why did God desire to create the world? So that He might be made manifest.” (2) Franklin Merrell-Wolff adds another piece: “This space I produce that My Glory shall be revealed; yet I alone Realize that Revelation.” (3)

Why I alone? Because we are all God so, when one of us realizes it, God alone realizes it.

Sufi Sage Ibn Arabi supplies another piece: “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known.” (4) Paramahansa Ramakrishna supplies the final piece when he says: “The Godhead … has become these two [God and the devotee] in order to enjoy Its own bliss.”(5) Sri Ramakrishna should know: he is an Incarnation of God Himself.

God made Himself manifest so that He might know Himself and enjoy His own Bliss, His own Fullness, through Self-Knowledge. Albeit in metaphor, Sri Ramakrishna delightfully depicts God, or Shiva, meeting Himself in the moment of illumination: “When Siva realizes his own Self, He dances about in joy exclaiming, ‘What am I! What am I!’” (6)

Sufi master Bayazid of Bistun also evokes the blissful moment when God meets God: “I went from God to God, until they cried [out] from me in me, ‘O thou I!’” (7) O thou I! The moment of unitive consciousness dawning. Perhaps even the moment of Ascension.

So this is the Divine Plan – that God should know Himself through creating life forms that go out from Him, enter the world, learn their true identity, and return to Him.

I think Jesus was describing this divine trajectory when he said: “I came forth from the Father, and am come out into the world: again, I leave the world and go to the Father.” (8)

While this statement seems to be another affirmation of Jesus’ stature as an avatar, descending from and returning to the Father, it also describes the divine path of all life, from God to God.

Can we put a name to that Plan? Krishnamurti did. He said that “God has a plan, and that plan is evolution.” (9) As Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov described it: “The law of life is evolution, that is, development all the way to perfection.” (10)

But the evolution they are referring to is not simply Darwinian – it isn’t only our bodies that evolve. It is also spiritual. Our spirits shed layer upon layer of illusion until the full truth is finally known. We are embarked on a journey of spiritual evolution, all the way back to God.

Not only we follow this Divine Plan. SaLuSa refers to it as well, showing that the galactics – in fact, all life – follows this same Plan. Said he this past February:

“The world is not going to end and indeed it must keep evolving, as that is the nature of All That Is. It cannot stand still and is mystically attracted to the Source, (11) where you will finally reach the ultimate completion of the return journey. The Creator draws all back into its Being, only to again commence further great cycles of experience.

“Such possibilities must seem so far away from your present ones, and with your limited levels of consciousness it is too much to expect any real understanding. Even for us the mysteries still exist, and with seemingly no end to creation there is so much more to experience. …

“The Galactic Federation is in its own way but a stepping-stone to greater experiences.” (12)

In 2009, he again implied the existence of the Plan:

“There is a path that will take you back to the Source, when you shall become a God in your own rights. However, there is far to go and many experiences to be had, before you reach the ultimate goal. …

“Life will go on into infinity and there are always going to be opportunities to lift up into higher dimensions. Just imagine life as one great experience of harmony and happiness, because that is what lies ahead of you.” (13)

The second source for my saying this is a vision that I had in 1987. I had been thoroughly cleaned out after experiencing a full-breath release in a rebirthing workshop I’d attended the weekend before.

Since I was studying counselling at the time for my Sociology doctorate (little did I know that that experience would propel me out of such a restrictive program), I asked the universe: “If people’s early life is a puzzle which, when they figure it out, becomes a picture, could it be that life itself is a puzzle? And, if so, what would be the picture that life is?”

I was driving my car at the time and suddenly the windshield disappeared and everything went black. I found myself observing a silent film, a wordless tableau that depicted the entire journey of an individual soul from God to God. I was also filled with bliss which made knowing what I was seeing easy.

I won’t describe the vision again because it already appears elsewhere (

But that experience showed me, indelibly, that we (God the Child, the Christ, the Atman) leave God the Father (Brahman, Allah, the Transcendental Void), travel out into the domain of God the Mother (the Holy Spirit, Shakti, the Phenomenal World), go through lifetime after lifetime in matter evolving, until we realize God the Father in one final, complete and permanent moment of illumination, return, and submerge ourselves in Him.

That submergence is so far down the line from here that life and enlightenment may as well be said to be endless.

I had seen God’s Plan for life and I was never to forget it.

So that’s what we’re all doing here. Life is not a random series of hardscrabble events. It is an ever-expanding learning experience designed to show us who we are so that we realize it and, in the process, God meets God.

It is a play, a drama, seeming so serious and significant when one is trapped inside it, but merely a masked ball to those who succeed in removing the mask.

In my view, that’s the greater picture and greater plan that SaLuSa referred to today. That’s the program. That’s what all life is about.

When we ascend we are about to take one giant leap back towards the Divine. In the process, in the course of each individual Ascension, God will meet God.  For this purpose was all of life made.


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