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Is the Military Awakening to the “Earth Allies”?

Later in his article on faulty microchips, Will Thomas reports that “Bob,” “Dave” and “Hank” are beginning to suspect that someone higher than the Masons, Templars, and Bilderbergers are pulling strings.

They assume that this is a kind of super-cabal, but I’d like to suggest to you that what they’re really stumbling upon may be what the galactics have called their “Earth allies.”

The Earth allies are a collection of people who oppose the cabal from within Earthly incarnation. Some of them are off-planet souls who were born on Earth to play a role in the cabal’s downfall. Others are off-planet souls who have walked in later in an earthly soul’s life.  I assume that there are terrestrial souls as well who play a part.

Let me first record what Will Thomas has to say about the situation and then we can look at what the galactics and masters say. Notice that Thomas’s sources are groping around guessing at who the super-cabal might be. At this moment, in 2007, they have no idea who is pulling the strings above the cabal; just that someone is.

From Faulty Chips Could Cripple U.S. Military Attack on Iran

by  William Thomas
Feb 22, 2007



“[The problem with the microchips] was not all that was bothering Bob and Dave. ‘Somebody is behind the scenes. Someone is fomenting this,’ they informed Hank. And the highest echelons in the United States government, military and intelligence circles have no idea who they are.

“That hidden agency is not Beijing rulers, who unlike their Washington counterparts, are safeguarding their country’s interests by not selling high-tech arms components to a powerful potential enemy. ‘There is no “them.” There is no one brand name,’ Hank said. ‘Other people have built the casino and we’re showing up to pull the lever.’

“But whoever is operating behind some of this planet’s biggest governments and corporations ‘are getting obvious enough that they’re becoming noticed,’ Hank went on. ‘Some elements in military and intelligence circles are starting to notice that there are flaky things happening around them.’

“These oddities involve the three ‘I’s’ to the “left, center and right” of the region in question [i.e., Iraq, Iran and Israel], who appear to be acting in potentially calamitous concert. Hank’s visitors and their friends are seeing ‘a ménage a trois,’ he explained.

“They’re seeing all three ‘I’ countries ‘doing the same thing in the same way, with the same people at the same time-moving their pieces in on the chessboard the same way, procuring things on the
market in the same way. But they don’t talk to each other.’

“’They’re going to butt heads over this,’ I interjected.

“’All three are being directed to do this,’ my informant confirmed. ‘We don’t know who’s doing the directing.’


“The twins were freaking out because they had always believed that they and their government were ‘at the top of the food chain,’ Hank saw. ‘Bob and Dave, they thought they were autonomous – you know, the men in black kind of thing. They know who signs their check, and who signs their check, and who signs the checks above them.

“’Then they come to find out that there’s somebody who doesn’t need [an effing] paycheck! When you think you’re king [explitive deleted] of the hill, and then you find out, not so much – that’s what unnerved them to the point that they came to me.’

“Which is ‘scarier than heck,’ Hank stated. ‘You haven’t seen that high yet. And you don’t want to see that high. But you know that somebody else turns the knob, and it’s not you. The twins don’t have a clue of who they might be, which made them exceedingly nervous.

“This goes beyond borders, beyond any political system with an “ism” after it; beyond religion,’ added this former Jesuit novitiate who chose to take different orders.

“‘These are the people who have ascended past that, a behind-the-scenes cabal bunch of people.

“Bilderberger doesn’t come close to touching the folks I’m talking about. These are people the Masons don’t know about.

“They thought up the idea to put out the Masons and the Knights Templar to go forth and fight other groups. These are the guys who are doing that.”

“And because they have no building, no signs, no designator, no name tag, they are totally autonomous, outside the realm,’ he said. ‘When you get to the point where you actually see the shadow of the person behind the curtain, it’s should you run or not?

“How do you approach something like that? It’s kind of like waking up one day and finding that you really are in the [effing] matrix.”


I’d like to speculate that what we just heard was several military intel operatives having bumped into the Earth allies. We’ve just been privy to a small section of the military awakening back in 2007 to what is actually transpiring. They haven’t yet figured out wha’s going on but they’re aware that something is.

Who are the Earth allies? The galactics will not say. Diane of Sirius tells us:

[Our Earth allies] know what is required and it will happen but we cannot let out details, as the dark forces will seek ways of foiling the introduction of new policies.” (1)

And on another occasion:

“We talk of the importance of our allies and you ask who are they, but we are not at liberty to give names.” (2)

They are stationed in positions where they can have an impact on events, according to SaLuSa.

“Some of those amongst you who are of the Light, have positioned themselves where they can exert their influence upon the administration of your Governments. As you know, our allies are growing in numbers and serving in most useful roles to bring sanity and peace to Earth.” (3)

The Earth allies don’t necessarily know they are from other star nations. Says SaLuSa:

“Many volunteers have frequently come to Earth to assist in its preparation for Ascension. Presently there are thousands upon thousands working as our allies, and they do not necessarily know of their origin.” (4)

SaLuSa tells us that the military are beginning to wake up to the fact that they’ve been duped by the cabal.

“More of the those souls doing the bidding of the dark Ones are questioning their roles, and realise that they have been the unsuspecting dupes that are being used against the people. Such a breakdown amongst their ranks is causing some disarray, and it will continue to grow.” (5)

When Hank, Bob and Dave are ready to come to the Light, they will be welcomed, Ker-On of Venus informs us.

“Many of the personnel in your armed forces are honest souls dedicated to freedom and they shall quickly turn their attention to help making peace throughout the world. Many of those who have experienced death and destruction around them have had their fill and learnt lessons that will enable them to change direction. All are welcome into the Light and Love that heals all scars and injuries through the experiences of life.” (6)

There is no way I can prove what I say, but it does make for interesting speculation. We’ll have to wait and see whether Will Thomas’s “Deep Throat” and the two Men in Black actually were discussing the Earth allies.


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