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Will I Ascend?

July 1, 2009

John (not his real name),

You asked the question: “Will I ascend?”

That is not a question that anyone can answer just on the face of it. It depends on our actions.

Several actions must occur.

The first is that we have to want to ascend and be serious about it. We can’t simply be mouthing the words.

The eye cannot be double, with one eye on matters relevant to the Third Dimension and one eye on matters relevant to the Fifth Dimension; the eye must be single.

If we don’t want to ascend, the ascended masters, celestials, and galactics will allow us our choice and see that we go to a carefully-prepared place with no remembrance of the events preceding that transition.

Regarding wanting, SaLuSa reminds us: “Ascension is not simply an automatic ‘take it or leave it offer’ and it comes to those who are consciously looking for a way to embrace a higher path. The precise details as to how you may achieve it are not so important, as your serious intent to find a pathway out of duality.” (1)

Words like “not automatic” and “serious intent” are there to make the same point I made earlier: thine eye must be single. You cannot serve Mammon (in this case, the Third Dimension) and God (in this case, the Fifth) at the same time.

In readying ourselves, we will have the committed partnership of our guides and mentors. As SaLuSa says: “Once you place yourself on that path [of Ascension] you will draw [towards you] more spiritual help.” (2)

Then the real work begins. In the last analysis, the heavy lifting for Ascension falls on our shoulders. Most everyone who comments on the matter agrees on what needs to be done.

Archangel Michael puts it this way: “You must clear out your emotional storehouse of the past, the old emotional grudges and self-judgment that lower your self-esteem and empowerment.” (3)

Or again: “Ascension requires each person to heal the past or, in other words, to clear the major discordant vibrational patterns within.” (4)

SaLuSa makes the same point: “It has never been as important as now that you clear your Karma before 2012, and you are helped by many souls travelling with you.” (5)

Saying “clear your karma” is no different than saying “heal the past.”

The Guardians go so far as to say: “The Ascension process is 99% emotional and fear program clearing.” (6)

“[Some] are still in the phase of completions and have been coming full circle with the many persons, places, or things from the past identity (example: reconciling or ending family of origin or ancestral issues).” (7)

Solara says that circumstances are combining to raise just the issues designed to push us through the eye of the needle. She warns us against resisting:

“It is at the Crossroads where numerous old issues reach their crisis point. All of these issues are specifically designed to help push us through, to bring us to the point of having a quantum breakthrough.

“Here at the center of the Crossroads, we are beset with challenge after challenge. … The more we resist and fight, the longer we prolong the agony. All the while, more issues keep coming in to be dealt with.” (8)

A group called “the Angels” warns that us that, if we’ve been resisting completing our issues, we may be in for a rough ride: “The emergence of truth can be graceful. However, if you have been ignoring it or stuffing it [down], it can be very awkward, sudden and upsetting. … The more you search within to acknowledge it, bring it with love to the surface of your lives, and then express it with kindness, the more easy your transitions will be.” (9)

A consistent picture should be emerging.

If we are nursing grudges, harbouring resentments, cursing our parents, we need to do a thorough housecleaning. This is a time for clearing, completion, emergence.

We’ve been discussing on Share11 since the beginning some of the ways to clear our past, karma, issues, baggage – whatever we want to call it. When the galactics land, I am under the impression that they will have more helpful suggestions to make and many ways to assist with this process.

But clear ourselves of the past we must. Ascension is in the timeless Now. Our baggage holds us back to the dimension of time. Ascension is in the fertile Present. Our issues anchor us in the past.

Complete, complete, complete – in my view, that is the way to ensure that we ascend and ascend easily.




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