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Is Billy Meier’s Photo of Asket the Timmarian a Fake?

September 19, 2010

The “men in black” – CIA agents, I believe – did everything they could to undermine Billy Meier’s claims back in the 1970s. Here we look at their substitution of photos to discredit Meier.

Going to the photo developers, they substituted photos of singers who appeared on the Dean Martin show for Meier’s own photos of Asket and Nera. Meier did not notice the difference for some time. The MIB then called Meier’s photos fakes and drew attention to the singers.

For investigative minds, here is some background on Billy Meier’s photo of Asket, his Timmarian mentor, seen on the left. which Billy took when his Pleiadian contacts took him to see her in a spacecraft. The question was raised as to whether it was a fake.

That photo of Asket is not a fake, but some of the other photos Billy took of her were doctored by the “men in black” who got to Billy’s photo developer.

Jeroen Jansen gives the history below, posted to Michael Horn’s website.

I’ll be posting a notice soon but Michael Horn will be presenting on Billy Meier at the Oct. 12 Conscious Life Expo in L.A.


Background info. According to Meier, during a five-day space trip in 1975, aboard an alien spaceship and in another universe, he was allowed by his contactors to take photos of the alien women Asket and Nera. Meier’s Verzeichnis photo catalogue lists three Asket and Nera photos, namely photo #109, #110 and #111. Below the three photos are presented.

Photo #109. Showing Asket and Nera

Photo #110. Showing Asket

Photo #111. Showing Asket and Nera

IIG’s explanation for these photos. According to IIG the “Photographs Are Actually Of A Singer From 1969-1973 Era Of The Dean Martin Variety Show”. They literally write: “Here is the truth about these photos. The person identified on the left as Asket is actually the singer and dancer Michelle DellaFave.

Meier’s explanation for these photos. The original photos of Asket and Nera were adulterated using pictures of two doubles (Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund) performing in Dean Martin Variety Show, as elements of this falsification. In detail it is mentioned by FIGU in an article:

  • Meier had given the negatives to a Herr Schmid for development at a cheaper price (there were some 700 hundred of them all from this trip). Schmid was a photographer who claimed he was from the Rhinevalley region in Switzerland.
  • Schmid was very harshly threatened and pressured by the “Men in Black” into adulterating Billy’s photos on their behalf. Mr. Schmid had no alternative other than to comply with them.
  • The “Men in Black” found two doubles in America performing in an American TV show and photos from the show were used for manipulation of Meier’s photos.
  • The manipulation of the photos was done by “By retouching, recopying, and “sandwiching” separate sequences. Schmid adapted and arranged the photos to look the same as Billy’s originals (which no longer exist now).
  • The forgeries were done so perfectly, that not even Billy noticed the adulterations over the past 23 years, since the two female look-alikes in the photos have an extremely close resemblance to Asket and Nera, right down to the last detail.

Meier came with this explanation in 1998 shortly after UFO researcher Kal Korff had discovered and promoted the similarities between Dean Martin Show scenes and Meier’s photos. Before 1998 Meier had published the pictures as being authentic.

Below I will present some points of critique regarding IIG’s deconstruction of the Asket and Nera photos.

Change in explanation. Regarding Meier’s above mentioned change of explanation IIG writes: “Why the change of explanation in 2001? It seems to be rather simple. In the 1990s videotapes of The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show were released (on home video).” By omitting two important points IIG make ity seem that Meier’s change was more abrupt then it really is.

  • Meier already back in 1976 states in his contact notes that his space-trip photos can’t be trusted! In the contact notes of the 68th contact on November 12, 1976 it is mentioned that space-trip pictures have been severely tampered with, and substitutions made in some cases and the photos not returned in other cases, during the photo processing.
  • Another important point they fail to mention is the fact that it is mentioned in Contact #39 in 1975that Asket and Nera had doubles, or look-alikes, in America.

So this adds credibility to Meier’s version of the truth that Mr. Schmid had manipulated the photos from this trip. Knowing the above-mentioned point one may ask: Would a hoaxer publish an official contact report mentioning the fact that there are look-alikes of Asket and Nera in America, and then he go ahead and sell photos depicting the Dean Martin women (from America), claiming they are Asket and Nera? That doesn’t qualify as a careful cover-up.

The faces are different. Another important point ignored by IIG is that the faces of Asket and Michelle DellaFave are different. The face of Asket has a narrower chin and smaller mouth and generally the lower part of her face is smaller. This adds credibility to Meier’s explanation that Michelle is a double of Asket.

Witnesses. What IIG also leaves out of their reasoning is the fact that at least two people have gone on record witnessing Asket back in the 60ies. These persons are Phobal Cheng and her brother.

Phobal Cheng with her grandfather, V.B. Dharmawara,
and her younger brother, circa 1967. All three were
reportedly witnesses of Asket with Meier, and Asket’s UFOs, in 1964

UFO researcher Michael Hesemann writes about this in an article: “During an elaborate Indian dinner, to which she had invited me [Phobal Cheng], the lady recounted: “In those days all of us at the Mission saw the spaceships” and Meier was in contact with their pilots. Additionally, she had seen him “walking across the court yard of the Ashram accompanied by a woman with long, brunette hair, dressed in a type of spacesuit.” Her grandfather also had been provided with opportunities to speak with the extraterrestrial visitors. I listened to this lady with baited breath and made a promise to her that I would keep her name confidential and would not mention her homeland to anyone. She simply did not want the publicity due to the sensitive nature of her diplomatic position.”

Not shot from TV monitor. It has also been claimed by debunkers that Meier took the photos from a colour TV. But there is no evidence that Meier took the photo off of a TV. Neither round nor square coloured light dots can be observed which are still common on TV monitor tubes even today. This invalidates, therefore, the claim that the pictures were photographed from a TV monitor.

IGG hasn’t found the exact source frame(s)/segment. It should be noted that IIG fails to provide the exact frames/segments from the show that were used for the photos. This in fact adds credibility to Meier’s explanation that only elements of the pictures of the Dean Martin Show were used for the falsifications.

Meier photo #109 greatly resembles the frame presented by IIG, however a closer look shows it certainly isn’t a 100% match (see pictures below).


CLAIM: Billy Meier Published Photographs Of Dinosaurs That He Claims Were From A Trip He Took Into The Distant Past

The fact is that even Billy Meier himself doesn’t claim that this space-trip picture is genuine. The space-trip photos also aren’t listed in the Verzeichnis photo catalogue. Meier never claimed the photo was authentic.


The above article is courtesy Jeroen Jansen.

Posted March 10, 2010

Michael Horn


(1) IIG’s website is at

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  1. July 26, 2020 11:23 am

    Asket and Nera photo is fake.

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