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“Top Secret America” Top Disappointment

Well, I’m very sorry to have to disappoint you, but I’ve just read Days One and Two of the Washington Post’s “investigative” report on the American intelligence community – “Top Secret America” – and I have to say that I find it … a waste of time.

The reporters begin by accepting that 9/11 was a terrorist plot and they go on to lament the growth, complexity and cost of the post-9/11 intelligence apparatus.

But if Priest and Arkin don’t even see that 9/11 was a black operation, how would they see other false-flags like the Oklahoma, London, and Madrid bombings, the Mumbai assault, the Christmas bomber, shoe bomber, etc?

How would they see that 9/11 was carried out in part to provide an excuse for taking away constitutional rights from the population, exactly as was done, and the promotion of the very national-security state which Priest and Arkin write about?

The reporters don’t mention HAARP or other instances of weather warfare, chemtrails, deadly pandemics and equally-deadly vaccines, mind control, Manchurian candidates, the secret space force, time travel, rendition torture prisons, Northcom, FEMA camps, assassination squads, a corrupted Congress, the loss of constitutional rights, free energy,  antigravity technology, Roswell, black operations in general … heavens, what have the two “investigative” reporters spent their time doing, save counting employees and identifying buildings?

Their conclusion is that the post-9/11 panoply of intelligence and security organizations is issuing incoherent reports and costing the taxpayer money.

What is top secret in that?

I think Priest and Arkin have been completely bamboozled. The intelligence community must be having a chuckle over it. The spooks managed to deflect all investigation and have no subject of consequence touched upon by a major American newspaper looking at what it considers “top secret” subjects.

The perpetrators of 9/11 and every other injustice since then have just been given another clean bill of health.

No, I won’t be posting it. If you wish to read it, the URL is:

I can tell you that, if you’re reading David Icke, David Wilcock, David Ray Griffin, Dan Burisch, Arthur Neumann, Andrew Basiago, Alfred Webre, Michael Salla, Paul Watson, or others like them, you’re probably getting infinitely more than you will from the Post.

If you’re listening to Matthew Ward, SaLuSa and Saul, you’re waaaaaaay ahead.

“Deep Throat” must be smiling from his perch on the Astral Planes.

What a disappointment.

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