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Matthew Ward on Global Warming and Weather Warfare – Part 1/2

Matthew Ward has some remarkable things to say about the weather, whether considered as specific events like earthquakes and storms or trends like the hole in the ozone layer, global warming, and El Nino.

These views he expressed on Aug. 22, 2002 in a chapter called “Mother Nature – Or Not?” in his book Illuminations for a New Era.

The best known weather weapon is HAARP, but Matthew told me recently that scalar weapons have also been used to cause weather catastrophes. (1)

Keep in mind my view that scalar weapons were also used (along with thermite bombs) to bring down the Twin Towers, nearly a year before Matthew dictated this message, and you can see that the American cabal was using scalar technology back then.

From Matthew Ward, Illuminations for a New Era: Understanding These Turbulent Times.  Channeled by Suzy Ward. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2003, 74-9.

S: Are the fires in the Northwest and floods in other countries all due to Mother Nature or is weather control involved?  I was shocked – that technology actually was mentioned in a local newscast last week! And is global warming going to continue – will it cause major changes in seacoast areas?

MATTHEW: Your planet is indeed experiencing a great deal of dramatic weather as well as overall climate changes.  Although the wildfires, monsoon-type downpours, drought, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and record-breaking temperatures can be attributed to the season, the area or global warming and thus nothing is greatly suspicious, has Mother Nature alone caused all of this? Not on your life!

Even what you think of as weather patterns, such as the alternating years of El Nino and La Nina currents, have been started or exacerbated by weather technology. (2)  At no time in almost the past 50 years has a major weather condition not been deliberately adversely influenced through specially designed processes or by the effects of other types of technologies.

These technologies were meant to be kept secret but could not be. In the beginning the efforts were few and feeble because the designs were new and testing was cautious. By now it is well known how to wreak extensive havoc weather-wise to purposely cause loss of life and property, severe deprivations and disease, and economic chaos anyplace on the planet.

This heavier bombardment of the atmosphere to cause increasingly violent effects is in keeping with other intended effects of climate-changing conditions. At this point we go off-planet for explanations and instigators, because a great deal is behind your “natural” weather or climate changes.

These are manifestations by the forces beyond Earth that are telepathically imparting their technology and influencing their willing puppets on the planet to cause the spectrum of destructive weather elements.  The aim is the increased negativity that results from weather-related traumas like flooding, drought and the warming oceans that cause the agony of many millions of humans and countless animal lives in your seas and upon the land.

That devastation is in addition to the anguish of the entire Devic kingdom about pollution in the atmosphere, which is Earth’s major breathing system; the shrinking rain forests; the loss of her fertile soil; the drain on her blood supply, the oil that is being sucked out of her interior.

But back to weather, and this is the paradox: Even if weather technology were not a major factor in causing vast destruction, given the collective negativity from all of its sources, Earth still would be reeling in fires, storms, eruptions and quakes. They are the planetary cleansers, the reducers of negativity, the relievers of kinetic energy build-up, the leavening factor that aids Earth in rising into lighter density and emerging from domination of the darkness.

It is not easy to believe that some humans are being manipulated by non-human forces or to accept that those humans have intentionally caused massive weather damage and great loss of life to their fellowman.  These are the same humans who have created the dismal environment by such as the chemtrails and other toxins that befoul air, land, water and bodies of all life forms.  They are the ones who manipulate national and global economies with the intent to bankrupt while claiming it is financial aid.  They are the ones who start and finance wars, all the while publicly stating that all they want is to bring lasting peace.

The blatant lies, the abuse of power – there is no end to the negativity the effects of these actions cause in each moment, and into this soup of deliberate pollution, toss that which is created by fear, thoughtlessness, uncaring, or ignorance. The total is an unimaginable measure of negativity that still must be removed from Earth, and what are called  “natural disasters,” whether truly natural or not, is Earth’s removal process.

There is no difference between the results of the same kind of action – for example, the damage resulting from a fire caused by a sudden wind gust spreading a campfire’s sparks is no different from the damage caused by the same size fire started by an arsonist – but there is an immense difference between the energy attachments created by each.

Intent, or motive, is its own energy form and is registered apart from the activity itself.  For example, subsistence farmers unaware of the damage they are doing when they leave their small rough homes and ruined topsoil to move on, cut down and burn more trees, wear out more topsoil again and again, nevertheless are aiding in the destruction of the rain forest.

Others cut the trees to sell rare woods even while knowing but not caring that preserving the forest is imperative environmentally.  In both cases the trees are killed, reducing that vital element of Earth’s well being, but only in the latter case, where greed handily wins out over awareness, does the action result in double-dose negativity.

(For Part 2, see

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