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The Woodenness of Authoritarianism

As we examine issues like the local police aiding BP in the Gulf or supposedly “independent” experts advising the World Health Organization while receiving money from Big Pharma, one thing about the behavior of the cabal seems clearer to me.

The cabal runs by methods like bribery, fear, and blackmail. It doesn’t engender creativity in at least its lower ranks. It expects them to “get with the program” and follow orders. You remember the capo in the movie saying “I don’t pay you to think. I do the thinking around here.” I think that about captures it.

It values predictability, success, and loyalty.   If you break rank, become a loose cannon, or fail, you run the risk of being eliminated. And their members, once they are firmly snared, are made to understand that in no uncertain terms.

Because the cabal works in this manner, there is often an almost  zombie-like quality to their behavior. (The words “redneck” and “goon” come to mind.)  The cabal’s soldiers seem capable of going in only one direction and that’s forward.

In my view, some local police have become enlisted into the cabal’s program of domination through erecting a police state. Some “independent experts” with WHO have become enrolled into the cabal’s program of depopulating the globe through the use of manufactured pandemics and toxic vaccines. Once having agreed to serve the cabal’s agendas, I think a lot of them don’t see any way out of following the program til the bitter end.

Uncorrupted people seem to have a certain agility or nimbleness so that they can abandon efforts that are revealed to be headed in the wrong direction or admit mistakes, like Anderson Cooper did not so long back in a CNN news broadcast. But corrupted people seem to have a greatly-diminished agility and an apparent inability to admit mistakes. They seem to keep spinning the party line all the way to jail.

They remain dangerous because many of them appear to be willing to use deadly force on ordinary citizens. But they are highly susceptible to prosecution because of their woodenness.

I think many in the cabal genuinely believed they would succeed in taking over the world. They’ve had it good since the Reagan years when the government began taking apart the regulatory framework. They had it swell in the Bush years, blowing up buildings with impunity and stripping the citizens of more and more rights and freedoms. It looked like they would pull off the epitome of the “national security state,” a docile population and an iron-fisted security machine. I think they got arrogant and careless.

So, as you watch researchers begin to uncover connections between the World Health Organization’s expert advisers and Big Pharma or read about the clumsy manner in which local police serve Big Oil’s interests, you may wish to watch this swaggering confidence, even arrogance, and the robotic manner in which the cabal’s soldiers behave.

I don’t know. This could all be a figment of my imagination but it keeps jumping out at me from the pages as I read. What shall I call this type of behavior? Fascistic? Neoconservative? Authoritarian? What word would suit you?

Whatever we call it, it makes a person mechanical and they trip themselves up in the end.

You may wonder how the cabal could leave the paper trail they do or act so arrogantly in front of the TV cameras and what I just said is my explanation – for now. I can move in more than one direction so I may change it later.

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