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Ch. 2. The Dark’s Plans

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A Stormy Period Must be Weathered

There is so much information bombarding us in this time of almost frantic activity by the dark that I think we need periodic reassurance from galactic and spiritual teachers of what the actual situation is.

Some of this may be a review for many people, but I think it never hurts to be reminded of what is happening, especially since much of it is occurring behind the scenes.

Matthew Ward cautioned us in September 2009 that “a stormy period must be weathered” before promising changes like the new economy are introduced.  (1)  Adriel, though Mark Kimmel, advises us that “there will be a level of chaos as people adjust to new ways of being” and encourages us to “be steadfast.” (2)

Archangel Metatron through Lauren Gorgo explained in July of this year that “the chaos is necessary to shift the energies into something better than you can imagine.” (3)

During this time of chaos, said SaLuSa in October 2009, the dark will “resort to Draconian measures to prevent you breaking out of their hold.”  “Do not worry,” he advised us; “the more outrageous their actions the more evident their real intentions will become. Already the truth is coming out about many covert actions that have taken place. The evidence mounts and very soon shall the leaders of the Illuminati be taken to account for their crimes against Humanity.”

“As much as they might try, they cannot defeat the Light that is growing in intensity day by day. It is a critical time for the servants of darkness, as there is disarray amongst them with less enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. It is known that there could come an occasion, when they may have to point their weapons at their own kind and for many that is unacceptable. This is an example of how the Light is reaching into people’s consciousness, and awakening them as to how they are being used.” (4)

Ker-On of Venus advised us in October of 2008 that, “even now the dark plan more atrocities, but be assured that we are aware of what they plan, and we will remove opportunities to further their intentions.” (5)

He added that “the line has been drawn against certain activities that would endanger life on and beyond your Earth, and [the dark] are therefore curtailed in what they can do.” (6)

The dark forces cannot stand facing ultimate defeat, SaLuSa tells us, “and still cling to the idea that they can succeed in gaining world control.” (7)

By May of 2009, SaLuSa reports, the fight between the dark and Light had “come out into the open, and a distinct division is occurring between the two groups. The power is with those of the Light and the truth of recent events is being uncovered. The dark no longer enjoy anonymity by hiding behind others, and those who comprise of the Illuminati are being revealed. Once identified, their activities are curtailed and their power weakened.” (8)

We are near to seeing the foundation of the new Earth being put into place, SaLusa said in March 2009, “but first must come a great sweeping away of that which has no place upon it. Patience is required as by your standards changes are slow to come into being. You will however notice firm steps being taken to remove the old structure that was built by the dark forces. Their time of power has finished but some effects will still assail you for a time.” (9)

The Dark Have Three Plans

David Wilcock expressed the opinion that the dark have three plans in their “end-game manoeuvers” to reduce the global population to a manageable number.

“Number one, economic collapse leading to anarchy and violence. Number two, swine flu and vaccines that would actually be lethal. Number three, some sort of conflagration or war, perhaps Israel and Iran is the latest one that seems to be going on, that would then lead to some sort of large amounts of death.”  (10)

Matthew Ward this past September also had his notion of three scenarios that the Illuminati are playing out in these end times.

Plan A was “a series of circumstances and events such as wars, famines, oppressive regimes, heavy taxation, diseases, assassinations— anything that would keep the populace living in fearful times. Plan A went awry after ‘9/11,’ which the Illuminati considered their great triumph.” (11)

When Plan A failed, the dark went on to Plan B, “putting the global economy in chaos.”

“Briefly that appeared to be working well for the Illuminati, but now they are seeing that plan backfiring. Instead of their gaining even greater control of international monies and the world’s natural resources, they are precariously close to losing it all, so they are implementing Plan C: Create confusion, anger and divisiveness by arousing opposition to all reform efforts.”

We can see this plan being instituted by the conservative right and its evangelistic allies, such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

“That is why you are seeing vehement pro and con arguments as the extremes of duality are being expressed in various ways throughout your world. Consider the swine flu ‘pandemic,’ with the pharmaceutical/ medical establishment, abetted by the media, urging everyone to get flu shots while others are doing their best to warn about the dangers of vaccines.

“At the same time individuals and groups are doubling efforts to preserve the environment, others are bent upon destroying more lands and seas and wildlife. Aid to relieve the suffering of starving and displaced peoples is being blocked by obstinate rulers. Political in-fighting at all levels of government is taking precedence over the needs of the citizenry, who themselves are divided as to what will best serve their communities and countries.”

At this moment, “the energy produced by opposing sides of issues that profoundly affect life in your world is the only development on the planet wherein the Illuminati can see any hope of success.” (12)

Matthew also pointed out in July of 2008 that, even at that time, the bellicose posture towards Middle-Eastern nations had not the slightest chance of success:

“Keeping Iran on media center stage for the past two or so years and adding Israel’s ‘national security’ and the ‘risks’ Pakistan presents along with the ominous picture of what’s happening in Afghanistan is to keep the ‘war on terror’ mentality alive and fear flowing about the prospect of a nuclear war. Saner minds know there is no troop power, no war machine equipment, and, most important, no will among nations for a conquest that could escalate to incalculable loss of life or even planetary destruction.

“Furthermore, even if such a conquest is the intent of a few desperate dark minds, you who have read my messages and those from other knowledgeable off-planet sources know that the technology of our space family will once again successfully prevent such action if it is attempted.” (13)

In a later chapter, we will look in more detail at the role of the galactics in preventing unbridled havoc from occurring on the planet. But here I’d like to focus on how far the dark can go in their end game.

No Nuclear Warfare or Other Cataclysm Will Be Allowed

Many people fear a nuclear Armageddon. We have discussed in other places that nuclear warfare, or any similar scale of warfare, will not be permitted. (14)

“We will disarm all nuclear weaponry,” Sheldan Nidle’s sources have told us. (15)

While the galactics have refrained from intervening in many situations because of karmic constraints, “we have the pre-approval of Heaven to intervene … to preemptively neutralize the large amount of advanced weaponry in the dark’s arsenal,” Sheldan Nidle’s sources told us in September 2008. (16)  “We can easily quieten the guns of war if there is any need to do so,” SaLuSa reassured us last December. (17)

Neither will there be any other form of general cataclysm.

SaLuSa told us this September that “you will not be destroyed in some cataclysm. It has been decreed how this cycle shall end, and only God can decide otherwise. You can therefore go forward with absolute trust and belief in the process of Ascension, that shall end your time in duality. No threats or occurrences can alter that which has been divinely decreed.” (18)

The Light Has Already Won

Indeed, when the time is right, SaLuSa said in June 2009, the dark will be rounded up and taken away from the planet.

“There is no place on the path to Ascension for those who will not relinquish their attachment to the lower vibrations. At the appropriate time they will be removed elsewhere to continue life to their choosing. You need not therefore be unduly concerned with their last attempts to hold power as [they] will be unsuccessful.” (19)

The more the dark tries to assert itself, the more they will meet with failure, SaLuSa says. “The more they try to re-establish their power, the more problems they encounter and their whole structure is breaking up. … It is a waiting game but our vast knowledge of what is happening on Earth, will ensure we know when it is best to make our moves.” (20)

However he also reminds us that the dark are at their most dangerous when they stare defeat in the face.

“To say they are in panic is to put it mildly, and they are at their most dangerous when confronted with failure. However, in spite of their attempts to regain their power, they will be prevented from causing a major event of catastrophic dimensions.

“That may be their intent to heighten the fear factor, but they will find there are other forces that will oppose them.” (21)

Mira from the Pleiades explained to us in April of this year that the dark was crumbling from within.

“The darkness is falling apart in the most appropriate places. We have never seen them so afraid of losing their hold on you. It is a time for celebration. The old guard is leaving. They are losing ground. In their fear to remain in control they are actually working in polar opposites. The energies now will not be conducive to their old ways. They are crumbling from within. (22)

The end of the dark, Matthew told us this September, “is fast approaching as everything with dark intent is being uprooted so it can be done away with. The unstoppable intensity of the light is propelling Earth ever closer to the Golden Age, where no darkness of any kind can exist.” (23)

The spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation have thus assured us that the dark are in decline and constraints have been placed on their ability to create havoc. But one instance of their havoc is upon us and does concern us. So let us briefly review what the sources say on the subject of the swine flu and its vaccine.

(For chapter 3, see


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(For chapter 3, see

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