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What is Accountability – Part 5/5


In administering the accountability process, the Spiritual Hierarchy and star nations obey the various laws that apply at different levels of the universe.

Above all are the natural or universal laws, such as the laws of karma, attraction, and free will.

These are the most basic and binding laws of all. We can think of them as God’s laid-on or built-in rules for the way in which life is to proceed.

They precondition and limit any person’s action in any given situation in life.

They are not usually negotiable although they may be mitigated by divine Grace. As Sri Ramakrishna reminds us: “He who has made the law can also change it.” (1)  SaLuSa confirms this fact: “through the Law of Grace you can be allowed to forego karma, providing you have turned to the Light. God is not unreasonable….  The soul that has transgressed and found the path of Light and Love is greeted back as a long lost son.”  (2)

Our space family also obey their own laws. Earlier we heard SaLuSa refer in passing to how their own courts operate.

“We have Courts that are unlike yours and presided over by many High Beings of Light. Lies and subterfuge have no place in them, because there is no point in trying to deny that which is irrevocable and recorded in the ethers of life.” (3)

They also obey those of our laws that are just and equitable. Matthew confirms that accountability is “a process whereby your desires for benevolent changes are being honored within your own laws that were established in honesty and justness but subverted by dark minds to serve their purposes.” (4)

The effort of the Light forces to conduct accountability fairly has led to pain-staking efforts to gather evidence. Says Matthew:

“For several years a gigantic amount of investigation has been going on that ultimately will lead to charges of wrongdoing ranging from corruption to crimes against humanity. This far-reaching effort is being accomplished within legal means that require indisputable evidence, an essential but tedious and time-consuming process, and like all legal matters, progressive developments are not publicly reported.” (5)

The accountability process is not the first time in our history that the galactics have intervened in the face of attempts to dominate us, SaLuSa explains.

“On Earth you have draconian laws that are often neither fair nor justified, and are in fact introduced purely to keep a firm control over everything you do. You are also subject to Universal Law as we are, and unless they are observed even higher powers will intervene.

“It has happened many times where your civilization is concerned, resulting in meetings and councils to decide the right course of action. Wise souls adjudicate on such occasions and we observe and obey their conclusions.” (6)

Ag-Agria tells us that no one in the universe can get away with harming another. All are held accountable and the results of our actions are visited upon us by the natural law.

“Not a single soul can get away with harming another one, without knowing exactly how that soul felt and the effect on their lives. How else will you learn to accept the right of another soul to live in peace, and in a manner chosen by them as part of their life experiences? …

“In the future when you have turned totally to the Light, you will live in absolute harmony and peace with all life. You will then be subject to Universal Law, and to live otherwise would be quite beyond your thinking or actions.” (7)

The White Brotherhood and the star nations together will supervise the accountability process. Its purpose is not to punish, but to establish responsibility and to clear the cabal from positions of power over us.

My understanding is that incarnate, terrestrial judges and 3D courts will be used to try the perpetrators. This process of trial and sentencing concludes the legal element of the overall process of accountability.

Apparently, Earth’s present-day cabal will be shocked to see the effectiveness and speed of the accountability operation.

“Come the time very soon when positive action is going to be taken against them, they will be shocked at the speed with which their destiny will change. There is not one who shall escape the net that draws ever more tightly around them.

“Justice shall eventually be seen to take place, but in a way quite different to what you have been used to. You will find that it cannot be mocked or denied by some sharp practise, and the truth of any event will be fully known and not subject to falsification or cover-up. (8)

The accountability process will not go on in Western nations alone, Matthew says, but all over the world.

“This is world transformation, not only the purging of one nation’s corruption and deception. The light that is cleansing the United States knows no national boundaries—it is permeating every country in your world and beneath all the current foment, positive changes are underway worldwide.” (9)

Some areas will take longer than others to transform but, Matthew informs us: “Please do not despair! Within very few years, every country in your world will have honorable, wise leaders and just laws; and tyranny, impoverishment and the inferior status of women will be only lamentable chapters in history books.” (10)

Not everyone will welcome the accountability process, according to Ag-Agria: “You might imagine that the truth would be welcomed with open arms, but for many it is seen as a disturbance and interruption to their way of life.” (11) But, he reminds us, the accountability process is for the good of all.

“Everyone must consider the broader picture as it is what is good for all and operates in fairness, and stands for equality and justice without favour to any particular group. It must come into being.” (12)

Different people will have different reactions, he says, depending on how much they know of the truth of events.

“As evidence comes forth, emotions will be mixed: shock, disbelief, relief. To the people who believe ‘official’ reports, the revelations are certain to be shocking. Very likely pragmatists will scoff initially, and many, many people will reel. This is understandable, as it is almost impossible to comprehend the vastness, viciousness and secrecy of the darkness that for millennia has controlled everything that affected life on Earth.

“But to all who have been awaiting the disclosure of long-hidden truths, there will be not only relief that the time has come at last, there will be exultation, and it will shared by light beings throughout this universe!” (13)

Diane of Sirius also discusses the impact on us:

“Their actions are no longer secret but even so you will be shocked to learn the extent of their power, and the draconian and fearful measures they have used.

“Some people have been easily fooled, and there remains a difficult period during which we will have to provide much evidence of what has been taking place in your name. That will not tax our ability to do so, and we shall make the truth known on a world-wide basis. Your media will be unable to stifle or hide the truth, and they have been as a guilty as anyone at hiding it.” (14)

SaLuSa tells us that over the course of the centuries, almost all of us have been compromised by the cabal or accepted their authority.

“”No one likes to be shown as susceptible to the falsehoods that have been presented as the truth. …

“All of you have at various times succumbed to the dark forces, and in your innocence accepted their authority.” (15)

Accountability will bring changes in the public sphere, Matthew explains.

“You will see changes in the president’s closest advisors. As I told my mother when she was surprised about his appointments and nominees for posts, most notably Hillary Clinton, ‘These are not cast in marble,’ and I said that Obama was operating in the wisdom of ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’

“You will also see changes in Congress, either a lessening of opposition because members are turning to the light or they will be leaving in disgrace, as will persons in the previous administration.” (16)

A new era of openness will follow, says Diane of Sirius. “In the future your leaders will be chosen for their honesty and integrity, and their spiritual awareness. They will speak openly and truthfully and shall intuitively know what is needed.

“Our presence will be as ones who assist in ensuring the new plan eventually works for all people wherever they are, and equality will be our byword as the standards of your lives are raised up. So many problems will be overcome in the first few months of our contact with you.” (17)

Our individual sovereignty, dignity, and wellbeing will be restored, SaLuSa says.

“Dear Ones, your time has arrived when your freedom and sovereignty falsely taken from you shall be restored. It may take time to fully do so, but it shall be done with our help. Many reforms will be made with a view to bringing back justice, and seeking out corruption and criminal activity.

“You want a society based upon fairness and honesty where you can trust each other, and that is what you will get. Be assured that the plans for this have already been meticulously made to ensure absolute success. Our allies simply wait their instructions to proceed, and that is not too far away.” (18)

Changes will be made to the legal system to make it fair and just, says SaLuSa:

“There will be changes in your laws so that justice can be seen to be operating in a fair manner. Your rights will be restored and fully protected, so that you cannot be held or imprisoned without sufficient evidence. It is also important that you are allowed legal representation as your right, and not held guilty until it is proven.

“Equally as important will be a re-structuring of the powers given to those who apply the law and police your streets. In actual fact, once we come to your Earth and address your problems, and people see a brighter future ahead, the level of crime will dramatically fall. Clearly removing inequality and poverty will by itself remove conditions that often lead to crime. We also see that the need to take drugs to escape your reality, or for social occasions will decline.” (19)

Matthew advises us to let go of our anxieties about any current laws or situations.

“Please dismiss concerns about any current or proposed laws, bills, doctrines, customs, policies, treaties or procedures that are based in unfairness or unjustness or present harm to mind, body or spirit. Like everything else in your world that derives from darkness, those will end incrementally along Earth’s journey to fourth density, where no darkness can exist.” (20)

Although we’ve been deprived of choice by the Illuminati for many millennia, according to SaLuSa, all that will now end.

“The problem on Earth has been that because the Illuminati have set up a powerful system of control, you have not had any choice in the matter. Through fair means or foul they have repeatedly manipulated voting all over the world, and disposed of people that have stood in their way. …

“They are fearful Beings that live off your fear, but the tables are turning and it is they who are in fear of the consequences of their deeds. No one is so big or clever that they can avoid justice, and of necessity some culprits will be tried under your laws so that the truth can come out. Ultimately every soul stands before the Light, and only the truth can remain within it. (21)

The cabal’s own greed is what has finally brought them down, SaLuSa tells us.

“They have been cunning and all-powerful using whatever means that supported their agenda, but power corrupts and it has brought them down. They have imploded through their own greed and egotistical belief in their own immortality. All through your history you will find that the most powerful leaders and their minions, have been the architects of their own demise.” (22)

Nonetheless, we are encouraged to refrain from judging them. Correction of their faults will occur as a result of their own life reviews. (23) Ker-On tells us:

“Have no fear that in the long run all will answer for their crimes, but spare your judgment as they will be their own strongest critics when their life reviews take place. Do not spend your energy focusing on the dark and their deeds, but turn to all that is of the Light. That is how you will do your best work, and bring Ascension so much nearer.” (24)

This then is the accountability process which will soon be initiated and which will deprive the cabal of position and power. Once it has been concluded, we will know the truth of our history and our individual sovereignty will have been restored. All will proceed according to law and nothing unfair or unjust in our present situation will be permitted to continue.

(See “What is Accountability? – Part 1.)


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