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Mary Mageau: Preparing for Ascension

Jan. 1, 2010

Without a doubt we are living in turbulent times. People no longer believe that our major institutions: banks, churches, governments and multi national industries always have our best interests at heart. Many of these are crumbling from within as secrecy, self service, corruption and greed comes into public awareness.

Signs abound all around us of major changes within our planetary societies. Society is slowly discovering that making money and amassing material possessions doesn’t offer any form of deep satisfaction. People sense that the elected leaders of our governments do not always reflect our genuine concerns. For far too long the churches have divided us from one another while our patriarchal religions have failed to acknowledge the special talents and gifts of women and minorities.

Nearly everyone is re-evaluating their careers, relationships and life styles and making major changes in these areas. Time seems to accelerate ever faster, as our planet exhibits erratic weather patterns, extreme temperature changes, major volcanic activity, fires and global warming. What is causing this chaos that compels us to re-assess our lives and to strike out in new directions as never before?

We are in the throes of an immense shift as Planet Earth and all life forms upon her, (plants, animals and humans) are making their Ascension – the transition into a higher density or dimension, together with its accompanying state of expanded consciousness. Embrace these changes and go with the flow, as a wonderful world awaits those of us who choose to make this journey.

In our near future we will usher in a golden age of peace. Together we will create a world of greater abundance for all in a more loving, less competitive and less materialistic society. Once again we will resume our caretaker stewardship of Planet Earth. This glorious new age will occur for our planet and for all of her inhabitants who have consciously chosen to participate and who have prepared themselves for the shift.

We are all responding to the Divine Plan orchestrated by the Creator of All That Is, for the earth and all upon her to change from a third dimensional life environment into a fifth dimensional one. But in order to evolve, all current life forms must change physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We must readjust our thought processes, letting go of old limiting belief systems while embracing a new reality which requires us to take back our personal power, (a fearless state, which assumes full responsibility for the results of each of our thoughts, words and actions).

All our present jobs, relationships, possessions, etc. must be relinquished if these do not support a new non-competitive and lovingly co-operative mode of being. In addition we must release deeply held and painful old emotional issues and baggage if we wish to support a higher state of consciousness.

This journey into the higher dimensions is known as the Ascension, (the rapture, or by whatever name you choose to call it). While the process affects our spiritual, emotional and mental states, our bodies are also readjusting to higher vibrations that accompany the expansion of our consciousness.

During our sleep times we are slowly changing from a carbon-based body with two strands of DNA into a crystalline-organic structure accessing many more strands. And not only are we humans making this biological change, all other life forms (plants, animals and the Earth herself) are changing as is our entire Milky Way Galaxy.

The pressures exerted on the earth by human activity and the Photon Belt have caused weather anomalies: climate change, global warming, polar melting and a reduction in earth’s magnetic field intensity. Planet Earth is reacting and the changes to her ‘heart-beat, or the Schumann Resonance Cavity Level, are being carefully studied by government bodies, universities and scientific organizations, particularly in the United States where NASA is involved.

Mal McClure, editor of the magazine Being Now, explains this further. “There is a multi-layered complex of charged particles encircling the Earth known as the ionosphere, which reflects low frequency radio signals. The conductivity of the ionosphere is constantly changing in response to the effects of the sun and its various outputs of flares, sunspots, and waves of many frequencies. At these low frequencies, the Earth itself has greater conductivity, and thus a situation exists where there are two concentric spherical conductive surfaces, the earth and the ionosphere, forming a closed volume or cavity known as the Schumann Resonance Cavity. A significant part of this research delves into the ‘heart-beat’ of Earth which is known to have been vibrating at a constant 7.83 Hertz (cycles per second) for many thousands of years. However, this has been rising since 1980 and, although it regularly varies in frequency, is now hovering around 12 – 13 Hz. This fact contributes markedly to the perception of a 24 hour day being somewhere nearer 16 hours.”

Accompanying these changes to our DNA structure is a fact, now well documented by our scientists, which is not being disclosed at this time to the general public. While Earth’s pulse rate is rising, her magnetic field strength is declining. Because our solar system is now passing through the Photon Belt, Earth’s rotation is slowing. When our Earth finally stops its rotation and the Schumann Cavity Resonance level reaches a steady 13 Hz or cycles per second, we will arrive at a zero point magnetic field. The Earth’s rotation on her axis will come to a halt and in 2 to 3 days will begin rotating again in the opposite direction.

This will produce a reversal in magnetic fields, together with a consciousness shift that will lift all life forms into a higher dimension. Not everyone however is experiencing these changes concurrently and many people inhabiting Earth are still in the early stages of even sensing these changes. In order to move comfortably through these accelerations we must all lift our consciousness to embrace higher levels of truth, spirituality, thought and action, in order to embody more strands of DNA.

Ascension is a word that signifies one’s evolution into higher states of being and consciousness, during the unique window of opportunity offered at this time. Yet there are also many persons who have freely chosen not to make the ascension journey now. Some wish to experience more learning at a third-dimensional level and are not yet ready to evolve.

All those who choose to remain at a third-dimensional consciousness level will be leaving the earth plane, via the normal death process, before the Earth makes her Ascension. There is no judgement made regarding this choice as the Creator of All That Is, loves, respects and honours the free will of all. Eventually these souls will accept the challenge at some future time and we will lovingly greet them when they arrive.

Ascension is not for the chosen few. It is offered to everyone regardless of colour, class or creed. The only requirements for Ascension are: a strong intention to make your ascension, the manifestation of day-to-day living in unconditional love, some form of service to humanity and an acknowledgement of our Great Creator, by whatever name or means one wishes to use.

Since Ascension is a graduation, this twenty-first century civilization functions as our final exam and a filter. Our present time exists to sort out those people who are ready for Ascension and those who are not. People not ready or able to pass this final exam are those who are too distracted by the money, things, dramas and games of the modern world to listen to the Ascension summons from within. To hear about the Ascension, or pick up a book on spirituality, to begin to pray or practise meditation, indicates that an individual is passing through the filter.

Now is the time for an end to the false and crushing dramas of power and control over others and the constant self-seeking of inflated egos. There is no middle ground, for either one chooses to commit totally to the light and its corresponding action or one continues to cling to money, material comforts, false truths and the selfish abuse of Earth’s precious resources.

The world is not ending, as some prophets of doom and gloom would have us believe. Instead a mighty light and a glorious new age is emerging as has never before been seen on Planet Earth. The time grows short, so be about your preparations and live in joy as the great awakening of humanity is fully upon us.

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