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Ch. 5. How the Light Will Succeed

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We are Gathering Evidence

How will the galactics and the spiritual hierarchy, the heavenly hosts, operate?

SaLuSa makes an important distinction when he says that “our role is one as your protectors as far as karmic law allows.” (1) The galactics are obliged to follow the law and that means the natural law, uppermost of which is the law of karma, but it also means terrestrial law and the provisions of our pre-birth soul contracts.

Thus, we hear much about the company of heaven gathering evidence on the activities of the dark because the overthrow of the dark must be according to the laws of Earth and of nature.

Matthew, for instance, tells us that they are using the swine-flu pandemic to gather evidence on the dark hats.

“Evidence of this new flu effort and other Illuminati activities to drastically reduce the population is being amassed and eventually will completely eliminate that dark group’s long control through fear, ignorance and economic slavery.” (2)

The galactics and the spiritual hierarchy have been gathering evidence for some time to support the legal removal of corrupt dark officials from government and other influential positions. Says Matthew:

“For several years a gigantic amount of investigation has been going on that ultimately will lead to charges of wrongdoing ranging from corruption to crimes against humanity. This far-reaching effort is being accomplished within legal means that require indisputable evidence, an essential but tedious and time-consuming process, and like all legal matters, progressive developments are not publicly reported.” (3)

Secrecy surrounding these matters has been important. As Matthew reminds us, “just as has been the case all along, the most far-reaching objectives and achievements are happening out of the public eye.” (4)

There are many reasons for this. If the heavenly hosts explained their moves in advance, the Illuminati would counter them. Moreover, there are many choices involved in events taking place and there exists the need for the company of heaven to allow us our free choice in the moment relative to these events. (5)

Nonetheless, SaLuSa says, when the right moment arrives, “there will be much cleansing within the halls of power, none more so than the many organizations that have supported the Illuminati. Once the people see the changes for good taking place, it will result in an upsurge of support for them and there will be no place for the dark ones to hide.” (6)

How They Will Work Before and After First Contact

As SaLuSa explains, “from now on it is all change and the restoration of Man to his rightful standing as a free soul.” (7)  But how do the galactics actually work?

Prior to the fall of the dark – that is, in these end times – the Light will operate in three ways, as Sheldan Nidle’s sources explain:

“First, we hold the proverbial advantage of the high ground. We look down upon your world with eyes and ears that make everything going on there perfectly transparent to us and thus are able to give relevant intelligence to our Earth allies.

“Second, we can use our technology to put pressure on the various segments of the dark cabal and guide them in certain helpful directions. This has helped a number of key agreements to be approved that formerly were denied to our Earth allies.

“Finally, we have used our technology to close down potential, lethal options that were put into play by the dark cabal’s henchmen. All this enhances our Earth allies’ strategies and contributes toward a successful outcome.  (8)

SaLuSa also offers us a general word picture.

“For our part we are present wherever your future is being discussed, and we ensure that proceedings are open and above board. We can and will overshadow our allies if necessary, to direct the outcome in a beneficial way to you all.

“This is vital where your military are concerned as the dark influences are harder to remove, and complete success will not be achieved until world peace is announced.

“Be it known that we are in contact with your leaders, and they have been warned that certain conduct will not be allowed that seriously endangers you. There are plans to utilise the forces of war, so that they can be used in peaceful pursuits.

“Our presence is the controlling force that operates from a distance to keep you heading towards Ascension.” (9)

Unknown to us, the company of heaven maintain regular contact with our governments. Says SaLuSa:

“Our contact goes much further than you may imagine, as we are regularly in touch with members of your Government. We do not threaten, but simply advise those who are working against you of the facts concerning your preparations for Ascension.” (10)

Speaking of the future, Atmos of Sirius finely depicts the combination of protocol, authority, and cooperation that the heavenly forces foresee arising between them and Earth’s various governments.

“[The dark forces] must be removed before global control is co-ordinated and directed in a way that benefits you as planned. We will contact all governments as part of our protocol and it will be made clear that total co-operation is expected.

“We come to work with you on a plan that is to lift up your world and your people. It is worldwide in its scope, and will address problems that have brought about your present conditions.” (11)

After First Contact, should there be any difficulty, it is within the galactics’ means to take care of all terrestrials, as SaLuSa explains.

“We of the Galactic Federation can readily provide for your needs, and have been ready to do so for quite some time. Our ships are massive in size, and some Mother Ships are measured in several hundred miles, so you can see that we can carry immense quantities of materials and equipment. There is no immediate problem on Earth that we cannot deal with quite promptly and efficiently.

“We shall make people independent and self sufficient, which means that they will not need to be taken out of their natural environment. Water, shelter and food will become available in ample supply, using methods that are reliable and easy to use.

“Free-energy devices should soon start to surface, as your own scientists and environmentalists are already aware of such innovations. Those who have a vested interest in keeping them out of your hands are presently holding them back. That will have to change, but first the conditions must be created to allow them to come out into the public arena. (12)

And what is the role of their Earth Allies?

The Work of the Earth Allies

Nidle’s sources remind us that “the primary party in [all] this continues to be our Earth allies”. (13)

As we noted in On NESARA, a veil of secrecy surrounds the Earth Allies. Diane of Sirius says that “we talk of the importance of our allies and you ask who are they, but we are not at liberty to give names.” (14) Their operations are similarly secret. Says Diane: “We cannot let out details, as the dark forces will seek ways of foiling the introduction of new policies.” (15)

Atmos of Sirius explains that “secrecy … is an important part of our strategy to keep ahead of the dark forces. It becomes vital that most of our plans and support from our allies are covert operations, as our progress may be deliberately delayed.” (16)

However, SaLuSa does tell us that they “have placed themselves in strategic positions to make sure that [the dark] do not rise up again.” (17) Of necessity, Diane of Sirius gives us an equally spare account.

“Our allies will manoeuvre themselves into such positions that their influence is felt. They know what is required and it will happen but we cannot let out details, as the dark forces will seek ways of foiling the introduction of new policies. When we can come openly it will be quite different, and we will be able to keep you well informed as to what is to occur.” (18)

In the words of Nidle’s sources, they are the new brooms in this global house-cleaning.

“Our Earth allies fully intend to carry out an all-encompassing, global ‘house-cleaning’ of the dark and its myriad cronies. They realize there is no escape and, thus, the dark cabal’s leadership remains in charge with a knowing that a most elegant ouster of them from power is just about to begin.

“These new ‘brooms’ of the Light are starting slowly: first by sweeping out their old malingering dust-cobs and then by disinfecting the strange odors and odd stains left behind by these slovenly and arrogant power brokers. What is left is to arrest them openly and distribute to the worthy the vast prosperity long promised to them by the Light.

“In doing this, the Light opens up in earnest the pathway to full consciousness and the means to return you to your rightful place in the stars and within Heaven.” (19)

SaLuSa reminds us how much of the dark’s power depends on secrecy and anonymity.”

“The truth of recent events is being uncovered. The dark no longer enjoy anonymity by hiding behind others, and those who comprise of the Illuminati are being revealed. Once identified, their activities are curtailed and their power weakened.” (20)

No one is more an Earth ally and playing a bigger role than President Barack Obama, as SaLuSa acknowledges:

“The path of Humanity is destined to take you out of the control of the dark forces. Already they plan to influence the new President, but they reckon without his determination to create a new paradigm that brings fairness and honesty into politics.”  (21)

Changes are Coming

Atmos gauges our mood, and suggests that “you now rightly expect to see steps taken in a direction that will undo the disastrous decisions, made since the turn of the century.”  (22) SaLuSa explains why this part of the end times, the cleanup of the dark, is taking so long, using the Middle East as an example.

“It may appear at times that it is one step forward, and two steps backwards, but where the dark forces have created points of utter darkness, the energies must fully work out. Clearly you would recognize one such area as the Middle East, and it has been sullied and impregnated with the dark energies for hundreds of years. It cannot be cleared except that the people turn to the Light and transmute them and allow for radical changes.

“As can be clearly seen it remains a hotbed of altercations and confrontation and the mistakes that should be learnt from are repeated time and time again. There is always talk of peace but, without pure intent and allowance for the differences in their cultures, headway is extremely difficult. You the people hold the key and, when your voices are loud enough, your leaders will be forced to acknowledge your demands for peace. (23)

Nidle’s sources say the very bleakness of the outlook now heralds the coming of the new dawn:

“The present dire global scenario is actually a herald of the impending changes. Behind the scenes a mighty struggle has forced the old dark cabal to give way. Gaping cracks in its façade are widening and the united front that this old guard perpetuated for millennia is breaking up. Its iron grip of power is also loosening, allowing ‘new growth’ to burst through the cracks.

“We repeatedly emphasize this aspect for a reason: You need to know that some drastic but amazing changes are just around the corner. The architects of these changes know who we are and welcome our arrival on your shores. Our Earth allies worked hard for many decades to secure what is now ready to happen. The future belongs to the Light!” (24)

What will be the manner of the dark’s leave-taking?  How can we envision the separation that is to take place between those who choose the Light and Ascension and those who cling to the darkness?

(For Chapter 6, see


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(For Chapter 6, see

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