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Ascension 2012 Hand Sign, Word Signal, and Theme Song

Isn’t it a downer to mention something about 2012 to a friend, acquaintance, or relative, only to have their eyes glaze over or, worse, for them to be choking on laughter?

But doesn’t it get lonely wandering around day after day, hungering to be talking about these things?

We need a low-cost way to identify who’s “in the know” and who’s not.

Well, here are those means. Given the approach of World Disclosure Day, I propose an “Ascension 2012” hand sign, word signal, and theme song.

Keep in mind that Jesus had a signal. His disciples asked him for a password for the brothers and sisters and he said: “Tell them a movement and a rest.” (1) God the Father (Brahman, Jehovah, Allah) is a void, stillness, rest.  God the Mother (the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom/Sophia/Sufi) is all movement, energy, sound. Jesus’ password was a description of the totality of God.

Jesus’ disciples also had a sign – the fish. “Fish” in Greek is “ichthus.” The Greek letters of this word stand for Iacchos Christos, Theou Uios, Soter (gosh, I hope I got that right). This means “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”And your neighbor thinks it means Fish Friday!!!  Noooo…..

So why can’t we have a signal too?

Hand Sign

By the right vested in me as a Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth (the same right vested in you), I solemnly suggest the following two-gesture hand sign for Ascension 2012.

If you agree, then let’s use it anywhere to say we’re in the know and we invite the other person to indicate that they are too. Where that leads, we don’t know.


The “V” sign for victory, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness. I prefer to flash it at a 45 degree angle rather than straight up. Easier to follow it with the OK sign.


The “OK” sign.

So “V” plus “OK.”

Can’t wait to start flashing it. Gonna go viral!

Word Signal

I suggest modifying the title of Jon and Vangelis’s song “Somehow I’ll Find My Way Home.”  If you agree, the word signal/motto/password for Ascension 2012 would be “We’ll find our way home.”

If someone says this to you, it means they welcome talking about Ascension 2012. Below, I’ll list what else it might be an invitation to discuss. So don’t use it unless you want to talk about these subjects.

Theme Song

Supposing you’re on the beach at World Disclosure Day,  You want to know who’s there for the celebration. Well, aside from the fact that there are people flashing a V and OK sign at you, you can also hear a certain song playing.

That song would be Jon and Vangelis’ “Somehow I’ll find my way home.” (See video below for it.)


Many videos on Ascension 2012 are being and will be produced and I’m sure they’ll all be good. I simply recommend this one by Kees de Graaff from the Netherlands as showing a goodly number of the people who have toiled and risked everything to bring us knowledge of the galactics, Ascension, sequestered technologies, etc. Here you’ll see Blossom Goodchild, Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Alex Collier, David Icke, Clifford Stone, James Gilliland – a selection of the whole family.

UFO Disclosure Song: “Need to Know”

And now we have a UFO disclosure song, “Need to Know.”

Its executive producer is Bryce Zabel; producer Damian Valentine; music by Cherish Alexander and Damian Valentine; lyrics by Bryce Zabel and Jackie Zabel; lead vocal, Cherish Alexander.  This surely shows a spreading acceptance of the ET presence and the desirability of UFO disclosure.

Now what do these signals indicate you’re willing to discuss: well, perhaps some if not all of these topics: Ascension, 2012, Ascension 2012, Planetary Transformation, Fifth Dimension, Disclosure, First Contact, the galactics, the spirit hierarchy, channeled messages, NESARA, terraforming, Earth changes, spiritual evolution, world peace, the Conscious Convergence, unitive consciousness, people power, the End Times, the Mayan Predictions, the Golden Age, etc.

OK, there you have it. Embarrassment ended. You now have a no-risk way of indicating you’re in the know. Spread the word and let’s use these.

We will find our way home!!!!!



The 2012 Scenario

First Contact


(1) Gospel According to Thomas, p. 29.

(2) Described here:

3 Comments leave one →
  1. jaide48 permalink
    October 2, 2010 7:26 pm

    I was deeply affected by the Jon and Vangelis song when it first came out, but didn’t really know why until now.

    I would like to offer another song that will “hit the spot”. It is Satellite by BT.

  2. August 5, 2010 10:27 pm

    Thanks a million for the above info. I am gathering a few like-minded people in my home town and meet up to discuss the latest news on 2012 and how we can ascend when the time comes. The sign and the song are great starters. Will follow that up.

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