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Sharing the Truth

No matter how much truth I see, hear or know, there is virtually always more truth to go.

Life is arranged in dimensions of truth. The dimension of truth that my awareness is centered in at the moment is known as the “Third Dimension” or “Third Density. Having my being centered there limits the degree of truth that I’m able to become aware of.

In all of my wanderings through dimensions of truth, what is important to me is my truth.

That is not to say that another’s truth is not important.

But the arena in which my knowing of truth expands is inside myself. As Jesus said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within.” To know God, I must first know myself – the truth of myself – which, in the end, turns out to be God.

The aim of my communications to others, at least in the beginning of my establishing relations with them, is to share the truth of myself.

I want that aim to be to share the truth of myself as transparently and deeply as I can.

I think of a “share” as being the communicating of the truth of myself.

A “share” is not my view of you. It isn’t my advice for you. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me.

Why is this exercise so valuable? Here again I turn to the Master. Jesus said: “The truth shall make you free.” My telling the truth about myself releases me from the grip of any unfinished business I have in the area in question.

The truth causes release or relief. Why it is that way you’d have to ask the Creator. For the Creator made the world so that truth releases and falsehood ensnares.

Since the purpose of life is enlightenment, or the knowledge of ultimate Truth, which is the knowledge of the Creator Itself, I can well imagine why life would be designed so that the Truth would set us free.

But, just as in the big picture, knowing the ultimate Truth sets us free from the need to be reborn and unites us with God, so in the small picture of my own life, the simple truth of my circumstances sets me free from the unwanted conditions that a lack of truth has set up for me.

That’s what makes the process of sharing my truth so valuable.

The way out of unwanted conditions and old business is to tell the truth – my truth.

That truth will set me free.

And so I share myself with you, deeper and deeper.

And, in that process, I experience more and more release. Who I am, underneath the masks and the repertoires, becomes revealed. I stand forth as the One I am.

Later, once our relationship is established on the basis of the truth of who we are, we take up our tools and create whatever it is we came together for.

We work as a team to make workable an element of the world’s unworkability. We serve the Divine Plan, in some way that our relationship makes possible.

Having shared the truth together, having “gotten to know each other” as our truths, having smoked the peace pipe together thereby, we have a solid foundation for our work together.



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