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Cloning – Part 1/5 – The Process

I’ve heard many descriptions of terrestrial cloning operations but never from sources that I felt I could rely on. My work with spirit channeling on New Maps of Heaven (1) and my relationship over the years with Matthew Ward and his mother, Suzy, have led me to trust their information. Here is the first part of a series on cloning, originally channeled in 1998 and updated in 2008,  from Revelations for a New Era.

Part 1 discusses the process of cloning.

It is Matthew’s practice to draw from time to time on other sources for presentations in his books and messages. Here Hugo, who usually incarnates on Jupiter, gives the presentation on cloning.

Hugo says of himself:

“I am known in Nirvana [i.e., on the spirit planes.] mostly for relating the history of the formation of Jupiter and its subsequent animal and plant experimentation. As Matthew has told you, I spend most of my incarnate lifetimes on that planet. I’m not one of the large insect-like beings he described, but I do incarnate on Jupiter in a shape other than this etheric body you [i.e., Suzy Ward] are now seeing.” (p. 163.)

From Matthew Ward, Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth.  Suzy Ward. Receiver. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2001; revised 2009, pp. 149-53. Used with permission.

Matthew: Cloning is a relatively new process on Earth, but elsewhere in the universe it has been used for ages to keep civilizations from dying out. Furthermore, cloning as not as new in your world as publicly announced – adult humans have been reproduced by this process for some time.

Suzy: Matthew, are you completely certain about this?

Matthew: Yes, Mother, I am. I’ve mentioned my friend, Hugo. Because of his work with the plant and animal life on Jupiter, he’s very familiar with cloning. I don’t mean that he is the source of my knowledge – the reality of cloning is widely known except on Earth – but, if you would like a thorough explanation of the human cloning process, I’ll ask him to tell you about it.

S: Please do.

Matthew: Mother, Hugo is here in response to my energy beep. Go ahead, Hugo.

Hugo: Hello, Madam Suzy! I am glad to join your company in this moment. It is my understanding that you have questioned if cloning of adult humans has been done on Earth. Indeed that is fact and has been for some time, as Matthew told you. I shall start straightaway at the beginning of the cloning process, if I may. Thank you.

Human cloning is a process whereby the cellular material of a living being is taken for the purpose of reproducing the exact same likeness in a new entity. The cellular material is placed in a sterile vial in a liquid conducive for the growth of that material in purity and without imperfections entering the substance.

After it divides and subdivides, the matter is transferred to a larger laboratory container under the same sterile conditions and temperature and light controls.

The embryonic form becomes quickly apparent and soon the definite form of a fetus is easily recognizable. When the fetus has reached the stage of approximately six months of normal gestational age, it is transferred again, to a holding tank wherein the liquid approximates the amniotic fluid in the womb during pregnancy.

In this liquid the fetus continues to evolve normall as if in a womb. When the fetus has reached term development, it is removed from the fluid and is then treated as if birth by natural means has occurred. Except of course there is no umbilical cord to treat. Minor cosmetic surgery remedies that absence of the normal appearance.

The process of human replication does not take nine months. It is accelerated by means of chemical additives and ideal circumstances of laboratory makings. The initial process can take between six and seven of your weeks for certainty of perfect fetal development and another eight to ten weeks is required for the full growth. Since none of this is by natural birth processes, regular gestational time has no meaning.

Cloning is not confined to reproducing infants who are permitted to grow normally from birth into adulthood. When the clone of a specific adult is at stake, the period of aging from emergence of the infant into an adult in prime years, say between 30 and 35 years of age, is only between 350 and 400 days.

About one additional month of aging is required to produce a clone of a 65-year-old individual. That is the approximate age of most human beings cloned on Earth at this time.

The substance that permits this rapid aging has not yet been discovered for such a purpose except by those few scientists engaged in the cloning process. A few individuals on Earth have been afflicted with a chemical imbalance that causes their bodies to age far more quickly than what is normal there.

A 10-year-old child can have the aged appearance and organic functioning and processes of a very old person. Old by your standards, that is, not elsewhere. The chemical that causes the imbalance in that diseased child’s system is what is used almost to perfection in the process of rapidly aging infant clones into adults.

[More details of the process omitted for brevity.]

There is no way to stop the aging of the organs and still achieve the necessary appearance. Thus the organs are subjected to all the stress of the accelerated aging as well as any deficiencies inherent in the family genes.

Even if the newly-cloned individua initially appears fresher and younger looking than the original person or the predecessor clone, it quickly breaks down and starts showing more advanced signs of aging in all respects.

I have spoken so far only of the body of a cloned individual. The brain is another matter. It is the most intricate aspect of the growth procedure, both in vitro and once in flesh.

The human brain is a computer and downloading function from the original brain to the brain of the clone works exactly like your computers in the same type of process. [Further details omitted.]

Because the brain is so vast in capability, the clone’s absorption of information during the educational process is not only easy, it is most interesting for the people involved to see such giant leaps in learning. ….

[Hugo detects a question in Suzy’s mind.]

Madam, the extended educational process is necessary because an abrupt insertion of intelligence and knowledge on a “blank slate” would produce a neurological shock.

The clones are instructed from infancy by tutors who are specially trained behavioral scientists. This aspect of the process is exactly what you do with your infants, teaching them to become aware, alert, responsible little individuals with personalities, skills, a sense of responsibility and engaging mannerisms.

The tutors, whose students are quite more unique than most, are trained themselves by personal films of the family and are supplied with other intimate family history. Thus they are familiar with all speech and movement mannerisms of the cloned individual.

[Details omitted.]

In a rapidly-aged clone, keeping the integrity of all knowledge gained during the original being’s lifetime to that point is at stake. The adult clone’s initial memory ability is compromised to the extent that the clone may appear befuddled or momentarily at a loss for words (2) until the memory kicks in or the clone’s own thinking aspect overrides the hesitation and covers, so to speak.

Since this is not highly unusual in “real” people, it is not generally noticed with suspicion in the cloned beings, but rather is considered only a human imperfection.

The downloading of all information in the brain of the original person or of the clone being replaced must be done at the moment of the need for a new clone. This can be done most successfully from the person’s brain to the first clone.

Slight deterioration occurs with every successive downloading procedure from the outcast clone to its replacement. [Hugo again sees a question in Suzy’s mind.] No, the original brain cannot be used to circumvent this deterioration, even if that individual is still alive, because that original brain does not have the same accumulated knowledge as the most recent cloned entity.

You can see that the identical store of latest information is essential if the replacement clone is to be accepted as the real person.

(For Part 2, see


(1) New Maps of Heaven is a book on afterlife cartography which relies on spirit channelings together with the reports of psychic researchers. See

(2) Reports on the clone of George H.W. Bush have mentioned moments of memory loss or befuddlement.

“Human clones are also prone to making extraordinary bloomers when speaking in public, and not noticing their mistakes. George Bush Jnr has an extensive back catalogue of such infelicities. For example, speaking on Australian television in September 2007 about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York on the 11th September 2001, one of the Bush Jnr clones said: “And I believe those of us who live in liberty have a responsibility to promote forms of government that deal with what causes nineteen kids to get on airplanes to kill three thousand students.” (See 3.44-3.55 on this YouTube video clip here). [See original article for hyperlinks.]

“Later in the same month, the same Bush Jnr clone was reported by CBS News as follows: ‘He (President George Bush Jnr) dismissed concerns about lack of political progress in Iraq, saying people there are still recovering from the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein. Then, pounding his lectern, the president said, ‘I heard somebody say, “Where’s Mandela?” Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas’ The actual former South African president, of course, is still very much alive.” (CBS 20.09.07)

“A university-educated, experienced and ensouled politician would not regularly make grotesque slips of this kind. But if he did misspeak occasionally, he would notice immediately and correct himself. In the later clone years, Bush has never been able to do this.” (Alcuin Bramerton,”The Bilocation of Hillary Clone-Clinton – Governments & The Illuminati,” Hyperspace Café.com, at Hyperspace Cafe Metaphysical Forum,

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