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Global Oneness as an Aspiration

We are all sovereign citizens of a global community called Planet Earth.

As global sovereign citizens, we have the right to our own aspirations.

I get to choose the future I live into, the ideal I serve, as do you, provided that we harm no one in the process.

As one among many global sovereign citizens, I serve the ideal of the universal recognition of our oneness with everything that lives, everything.

You can call that “global oneness” or “human unity” if you want. They’re both aspects of the same infinitely-extendible oneness.

To live in that shared and common experience of oneness with everything that is – everything – that’s the future I’m drawing to me by the Law of Attraction.

Another way of saying it is to say that I serve Ascension, since ascending to the Fifth Dimension involves the experience of unitive consciousness. Unitive consciousness, I would think, occurs when the individual experiences itself as the totality, as related, as identical with everything.

I’ve found it a useful corrective to focus on what unites me with people I find myself among, rather than what separates me or makes me different.

When I focus on the former, I suddenly feel connected to everyone around me and a great deal of energy is released. I imagine I had that energy bottled up before as long as I focused on our differences.

When you envision disclosure, envision it from the standpoint of feeling one with everything that is. I’m willing to bet that that multiplies the effectiveness of any action.

I serve ascension, unitive consciousness, unity, oneness.

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