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We’ve Already Been Delivered from the Valley of the Shadow of Death. It’s Time to Welcome the Deliverers

I don’t think I can pass by SaLuSa’s message of July 26, 2010 without underlining the significance of what he’s said. So I’d like to repeat the important passages and then look at the wider significance of them. The entire segment follows:

“The saber rattling between the U.S. and North Korea is symptomatic of countries that interfere with the progress of others, and their confrontational postures are dangerous and unproductive if it is meant to keep the peace. It is the lack of intent to seriously approach the desire for a peaceful co-existence that has kept you in a constant state of readiness for war.

“It is of course welcomed by those who stand to gain from them, and very profitable for those dealing in arms and other equipment. However, as we have often informed you, we will not allow nuclear weapons to be used. The time is approaching when peace will be declared, and all types of armaments will be banned. Furthermore we will also monitor Earth and prevent any attempts to falsely start wars of whatever nature.” (1)

We can see that various spirit and galactic teachers serve various functions. Saul, for example, appears to have taken on the task of explaining everything to us about Ascension. Celia Fenn’s Archangel Michael, as we can see from the post mounted yesterday, explains to us the meaning of the various cosmic alignments, stargate and portal openings, etc. Marlene Swetlishoff’s messages appear to deal often with energetic fluctuations.

Tom Kenyon’s Hathors, Lauren Gorgo’s Pleiadians, Lisa’s Renee’s Guardians, James Tyberonn’s Metatron, all have their respective areas of commentary, and so on.

SaLuSa and Matthew Ward, who is silent for the moment due to Suzy Ward’s bereavement, have theirs as well and that includes commenting on current affairs and what is happening behind the scenes. Matthew, according to Ashtar, is a very evolved being and speaks on behalf of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy with the voice of authority. (2) He is also part of a spiritual group who speak through him, much the same as Imperator, White Cloud, and Silver Birch were part of a larger spirit group before the advent of Matthew.

SaLuSa speaks on behalf of the Galactic Federation and also is the leader of a group which we know includes Diane, Atmos, and Ag-Agria of Sirius, Ker-on of Venus, Ela of Arcturus, and some of our local Spiritual Hierarchy such as St. Germain. The galactic members recognize him as their leader just as Imperator’s group recognized Imperator. He also speaks with authority.

SaLuSa has just chastised the dark leadership of North Korea and the United States (I don’t include President Obama in this) for what boils down to warmongering. He says that they, and other nations like them, have kept us in a constant state of war readiness, from which he says they benefit.

He points out how this serves the military-industrial complex whom anyone who has listened to Dr. Carol Rosin in UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied knows has been manipulating the public since the 1970s by creating one enemy after the other so that they could profit from the arms race. These are the so-called “merchants of death” who have benefitted from wars for centuries.

SaLuSa has said, unequivocally, that “we,” by which he means the Galactic Federation, acting as an international peace-keeping force that is uncorrupted like the U.N. can sometimes be (Rwanda for instance), “will not allow nuclear weapons to be used.”

End of story on Iran. End of story on North Korea and its so-called nuclear weapons (which I don’t believe it has). The same with Israel and its preparations to bomb Iran. The same with the United States secretly giving nuclear weapons to France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey and several other NATO nations. Similarly with missile batteries aimed at Russia, Russian missiles aimed at the U.S, and Iran developing its own nuclear weapons. End of story on thermonuclear weapons and nuclear warfare on Planet Earth (period).

He further tells us that “the time is approaching when … all types of armaments will be banned.” Write closed on ordinary Americans retaining their own guns. The same on the American military evacuating the population and sending it to FEMA camps. The same on the further use of depleted-uranium weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both wars were illegal and immoral from the get-go because 9/11 was carried out by the Bush administration, MOSSAD, an international banking consortium, the alphabet agencies, and their Jane and John Doe confederates and not by anyone from Afghanistan or Iraq.

SaLuSa further says that “the time is approaching when peace will be declared.” Finished with wars.  Finished with war games and manouevers in the Persian Gulf and Yellow Sea. The same with a new war in Iran. And with NATO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And with liberation movements, Marxist guerrillas, the School of the Americas, Blackwater, Halliburton, the CIA, the NSA, even Majestic-12 or -36. The same with Star Wars and the militarization of space. Finished with Solar Warden, scalar weapons, HAARP, and any other military activity, overt or covert, on this planet.

And finally SaLuSa gives us his assurance that the Galactic Federation, and not only the GF I’m sure but all the coalitions of star nations that are here to assist us with our transition into the Golden Age fast approaching, “will also monitor Earth and prevent any attempts to falsely start wars of whatever nature.” Of whatever nature. No more wars, no more weapons, no more saber-rattling. End. Finished. Over.

At some point we need to stop asking the galactics to repeat their promises over and over again. We need to get it. War, nuclear or otherwise, will soon end on this planet and weapons of any kind will not work.

We can afford to begin acting as if we know this. We are privileged to be reading SaLuSa and SaLuSa is one source who is addressing these matters. We won’t hear this from other sources who are charged with developing our knowledge in other areas.

We’ve had the galactics’ assurance. Now let’s bury the concern. There will be no more nuclear wars on Earth or for that matter wars of any kind. Soon no weapons will work. Peace will in a short time be declared.

I invite us to orient to this question as if it’s a closed matter and turn our attention to creating what we now desire in a world at peace. If we come from peace, the dark ones will have no further ability to stir or influence us. The galactics will take care of ensuring that peace reigns and we need to turn our attention to what there is to build in a peaceful world.

Forget about Fox News. Forget about people who tell you that wishing to feed the hungry people of the world is impractical. Forget about those who say that handouts to Big Business is priming the pump whereas financial assistance to ordinary people is socialism.  Stop listening to them. Stop repeating their arguments. Let’s wake up from our hypnotic trance and think for ourselves.

When we turn our attention to World Disclosure Day, let’s not turn to it out of worry or concern. We’ve already received our assurances. Let’s turn to it out of celebration and joyfulness. We’ve already been delivered from the valley of the shadow of death. It’s time to welcome our deliverers.


(1) SaLuSa, July 26, 2010 at

(2) Ashtar to Steve Beckow through Suzy Ward, email, Aug. 3, 2009.

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  1. September 15, 2010 7:05 am

    Let me share with you as an American citizen, just what we are up against, I personally live on $281.00 a month on disabilty, and I have one payment coming out of that for $225. per month, for a water treatment system that helps my body to stay functioning because of the pollutants that are in all of the waters over here. My husband is on ss# he receives around$500.00 per month, he has to choose which bills need to be paid and he alternates them.

    People over here are very angry, because they see that Mr. O, is an illegal president, and he is passing bills by his signature alone, he is not the one that caused this rift, but he is the one who could stop it.

    The American people who walk in the light, are for peace, but not for peace when someone sits on the board of another organization, and has their fingers in the kitty to get lots of money when mandatory health care, and vaccinations are demanded of us.

    I understand the people’s issues. It is because of those same issues that I am where I am today with my health problems.

    I believe we answer to God, have a clear conscience before him, and when someone takes away our right to choose for ourselves, they are becoming God, and therefore have no right to impose their will on the people, it covers every issue known to mankind.

    When men quit trying to control the population, and the heart of mankind, we shall see the people rise up and do the right thing by all .

    But this bullying people into subjection of your own way will never pass with the American people, they will die before they give up their liberties that they believe are God given.

    So if peace is to come to mankind someone needs to bow out of controlling the masses, and let God be the giver and taker of life.

    He has done a very good job of it before man tried to take over and rule everything that goes into our bodies, water, food, vaccines, etc. it needs to stop, there are more important issues at hand, and that is the children are being maimed, and killed, and starved, and homeless, when will we wake up and help them instead of killing them off with our own ideology.

    Families are hurting, and this is not the will of God for mankind.

    There are very rich people in this world, I would not want to have to answer with their conscience to God, who has created mankind in the first place.

    We are here to have dominion over the earth, and subdue it, and nurture it, and one another, not try to see who we can kill off the fastest for our own selfish agendas.
    Just my humble opinion, if your differs than mine, well that is ok too!

    But I still reserve the right to speak my mind when it comes to the issues of humanity.


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