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Cloning – Part 4/5 – Origins of Cloning

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Hugo discusses the origins of cloning, his work on Jupiter, and Jovian society.

From Matthew Ward, Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth. Channeled by Suzy Ward. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2001; rev. 2009, 161-3.

Suzy Ward: Hugo, I don’t know what to say except that I pray our current leaders will be influenced by the light Matthew said is being beamed here. Can we go back to cloning, please—do you know when and why it started?

Hugo: I cannot tell you when cloning first was done, but the technology is in the universal mind and therefore accessible to those who tap into this ultimate source of all knowledge. I can tell you of a civilization that instituted this method of reproduction as a means of population preservation, if you wish.

I see your interest. Very well, then. That civilization’s reproductive organs became atrophied due to disuse during an era of underground living after warring situations destroyed their planetary atmosphere. Limited space beneath their planet surface meant no increase in the surviving population could be allowed, and over great time their bodies changed to adapt to this new circumstance.

Their bodies had no cellular aging programming as Earth humans do, and that is why they didn’t die, as you are wondering. When they learned that finally in safety they could re-enter their planet’s atmosphere, they also realized that their few numbers would eventually expire to extinction if birth processes were not developed for sustaining the civilization. So, cloning came to the rescue as purposeful, pure and effective.

S: That is fascinating! Thank you, Hugo. How you know so much about cloning?

Hugo: I studied it for the purpose of using it on Jupiter. Many animal experimentations are ongoing there continuously, and it is in connection with my scientific work that I have learned these methods of reproduction that include human cloning.

I am known in Nirvana mostly for relating the history of the formation of Jupiter and its subsequent animal and plant experimentation. As Matthew has told you, I spend most of my incarnate lifetimes on that planet. I’m not one of the large insect-like beings he described, but I do incarnate on Jupiter in a shape other than this etheric body you are now seeing.

I know Matthew said those individuals are rather strange, and he is not incorrect about that, but he is not as correct about their being emotionless. He is just unaware of the emotions that are deeply hidden within those beings due to their isolation from other civilizations. They are emotions that don’t “rock the boat,” in your term, so maybe they aren’t noticeable to observers.

My people and I are not suprahuman, as those other caretakers are. I don’t possess the high degree of intelligence development as they, but I have progressed beyond them in other ways by living in this realm between my incarnations on Jupiter. I am here now for learning more of the spiritual nature so that when I return—yes, I wish to soon return—I will have this additional knowledge of spiritual growth to share with my people there.

The last time I was on Jupiter was about 40 years ago in your counting, and I have been here since that lifetime. Yes, this is longer than most souls stay in this realm before embarking on new lessons. I had a great deal to learn so that not only my growth, but those I will teach by example, will be shifted toward the light more and more. They wish this, yes, Madam, otherwise my efforts would be worthless.

(For Part 5, see

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