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Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder on Free Energy Technology

Ann, Jeremiah, Roz, Lauren and Patte transcribed five of the six parts of Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder’s June 11, 2010 World Puja Network radio discussion of the cabal’s suppression of free-energy technology. Thank you all.

We are at a turning point in the history of our planet where we can, in a very short time, move from the equivalent of horse-and-buggy energy technology to the space technology of free energy. Doing so will literally save this planet.

Here then is a discussion that could lead to the freeing of zero-point energy and a defeating of the “planeticide” that Murder Incorporated and Big Oil are risking by suppressing it.

Dr. Steven Greer:
 Welcome to Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer and this is Dr. Greer and I’m joined today with Doctor Ted Loder, science advisor for the Orion Project, Orion, and a very dear friend who has worked for many years on these issues with us.

And we are going to be talking today about the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that Bridge Petroleum has caused and the implications of it but also what the real solutions are that no one in the main stream media is talking about so thank you, Ted, for being with us today

Dr. Ted Loder:
 Its good to be with you

 So I think to set the stage for this. Of course everyone unless you’ve been in a coma for the past seven weeks knows about this catastrophic spill that is gushing millions and millions of gallons a day of toxic crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico in the biggest disaster environmentally in US history and the background of it.

But what a lot of people don’t realize and we are really very fortunate to have Dr. Loder with us today on this call because he is a professor emeritus at the university of New Hampshire as a chemical oceanographer and can speak to some of the ramifications of what we are finding about this particular spill and what it means for the earth and for our environment and for the life and the ocean. So I don’t know if you want to talk a bit about that.

 Well, a couple comments, which have been talked about in the press but definitely, bear repeating.

One is that oil, as most people are aware at some level, is really a mixture of thousands and thousands of hydrocarbon compounds. Some are very light and they are either gaseous, if they were at room temperature, or they are very lightweight, molecularly speaking.

Some are very heavy, long chains of hydrocarbons that actually form the asphalt and the tar that we use on our roads and the heavier oils in the bunker sea oil and what have you.
So the oil that comes out of the ground, if you will, is a mixture of these many, many gases from methane, which is one carbon and four hydrogen, very very light, which is the natural gas that people use in their houses, to the much heavier things.

And it turns out there is also a very complex hydrocarbon with benzene rings and these circular rings of carbon and what have you and a lot of these tend to be very toxic, particularly the lighter-weight things. The tar itself, although toxic if you ate a bunch of it, is not as toxic as some of the lighter weight hydrocarbons.

And so when the oil gets spurted into the water these lighter-weight hydrocarbons dissolve into the water and can if they are near the surface, where the food chains start if you will, where the phytoplankton, the tiny plankton in the ocean, live, these lightweight hydrocarbons can affect the eggs in the various larval stages, which, even if there are no adults around – say, shrimp or whatever else – it can affect the younger stages.

Now one of the many concerns for the shrimp industry, for example, in the Gulf of Mexico is that the shrimp tend to be bottom feeders. They live on the bottom, and so the heavier oils or hydro carbons can sink to the bottom. The bacteria try to chew up this organic matter and utilize oxygen to do that in doing so they remove oxygen from the water columns so you end up with a situation where there is very low or no oxygen on the bottom.

Now the Gulf of Mexico for decades has had a problem of “dead zones,” areas on the bottom where there has been no oxygen for several moths a year. And these areas have basically removed many of the organisms – particularly those that we fish – from those areas.

Particularly shrimp in the Gulf, which is a multi-hundred million if not billion-dollar industry. So that is one of the concerns.

So the picture, as we see, of the tar washing up on the shore killing turtles and birds and what have you because it wets their feathers down, etc., is just a very small percentage of the actual impact of this material.

And one further comment is that the marshes of Louisiana, all up and down the coast of Alabama, in parts of Florida, all along that Texas coast, etc., the marshes, marshlands are incredible nurseries for young shrimp and various young fish, larval stages that grow up in the marsh where there is lots to eat and then they move out to the Gulf as adults.

So if we get a lot of this oil into the marshes it will start affecting the larval stages. This can have an impact years later, as these young who never existed because they get killed would have grown up into adults and be fish down the line.

So even if the oil stopped today the residual effect is many years lasting and this coating the bottom and causing oxygen to be depleted, increasing the potential dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, is a very very real impact…

 Those dead zones that have been there for years are really the result of so much of the fertilizer and other…

 That is absolutely correct.

Steve: … that have run off into the Mississippi delta into the Gulf and again you get this blooming of micro-organisms that use up all of the oxygen. Then every thing else dies and they are saying that this going to happen on steroids there in the Gulf and because of this exactly what is happening with these micro organisms eating the oil as it were but they are going to use up all of the oxygen.

They just had on the news yesterday that a person from the University of Georgia that said that they had found that they were right at the cutoff of the oxygen concentration where life can live in vast areas of the Gulf where this oil has gone because of this phenomenon.

I might also point out that the wetlands that are being coated and destroyed is not just what is just being killed that are larvae and life and birds and pelicans and all that. That everyone is seeing. But the actual marsh grass themselves and that’s going to be a loss of that land mass for a protected area for New Orleans and other cities.

And to give people an idea, I have a farm out here near the University of Virginia and we a have a farmer who cuts organic hay and he likes it for his cows but when the farmer who is doing this about ten years ago spilled a little bit of fuel on some of the land and that area ten years later has nothing that will grow on it – no grass, nothing, dead.

So this junk, this murderous, cancer-causing, death-inducing, life-destroying, noxious poisonous junk called oil that our society is addicted to is really deadly, and that is what people don’t understand about this.

Now add to that and to this flurry of filth the most toxic dispersant on the market that BP is using in defiance of the EPA and of everything scientific, when there are dozens of other products that are less toxic and more effective and you are just creating a toxic chemical stew in this vast area of one of the most abundant estuaries and one of the most abundant areas for sea life in the world, where there the blue fin tuna and all kinds of things spawn.

The point of this, of course, many people have heard some of this already, but I think what we want to focus on is the fact that British Petroleum is the fourth largest corporation on Earth. Number two, they misrepresented that when they got these licenses for deepwater drilling that they could take care of an accident much bigger than this one with alacrity and ease, when in fact that was a complete falsification and misrepresentation, lie and criminal misrepresentation of what their capabilities were.

And number three we don’t need oil. Dr. Loder was telling me before we started the interview that he had just seen on an economic blog an economist talking about the fact that there has been active and ruthless suppression of Tesla high technologies for decades, which of course we have been saying on this program and which we have very well documented on at the

If you go to the website you will see there are many, many accounts of these kinds of suppressive activities including what we have just gone through in the last few months trying to get together some of these top secret scientist to work on these solutions so we don’t need oil anymore.

We don’t need oil anymore. I think that this falls now into a category of what I call — what some might say ungenerously, but I think accurately — Murder, Incorporated.

Murder Inc. is this consortium of interests that are national, transnational, corporate, and financial interests that will do anything to maintain their grip on the global, macroeconomic, geopolitical order, and on the energy sector which drives our entire economy.

And this is why, when people try to come forward, whether it’s Nikola Tesla a hundred years ago, or our team of scientists in the last six months which wanted to, as it were, leave the government sector of top secret research and work with us — you have this massive machine that kicks in, that intimidates, threatens, murders, oppresses, uses illegal applications of the National Security Act, illegal applications of Title 35, Section 180 and 181 of the patent law which allows for national seizure of patents.

Some 4000 such patents we’re told by a man who worked in the patent office have been seized and suppressed, and these sorts of things.

So this conglomeration of special interests that are oil, big oil, big energy sector, petrodollar interests, have so corrupted government processes — and of course this has come out with the MMS the Mineral and Mining entity where they were finding that the people who were supposed to be regulating BP and these oil companies, but were actually having affairs with them and getting free first-class tickets and going on cruises and doing God knows what all — that what you find is that there is this collusion and corruption all through the system.

And at the same time this collusion is brought to bear in abusing the power of the national security state to stop these technologies from coming out that would be the definitive replacement of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power. Which is exactly what the is working on. And thanks to many of you good listeners, we are continuing to fight the good fight.

But what, really, as I watch the media coverage, Ted, I think that one of the things I’m astonished by is the fact that no one is talking about the fact that the President of the United States has now made three or four trips down there, and every top-level cabinet person, and all the so called MIT brain trust and engineering trust has come in — not a single person has come forward to talk about the very advanced technologies that exist within classified projects that include the so-called alien reproduction vehicles and so-called anti-gravity vehicles that could, with alacrity, go down into this ocean, 5000 feet beneath the water, and seal this thing, probably within 30 minutes.

This is something that’s not talked about because we’re talking about WSSM, Weird Science and Fricking Magic, as it’s called in the trade, of very advanced technologies that are transdimensional, anti-gravity, free energy — where, you know, this thing of . . . when I look at their solutions, of these junk shots, capping this thing mechanically, we’re talking about Newtonian era engineering.

And these advanced sciences exist, within these classified projects, aren’t being brought to bear to fix this, even though this is killing an entire ecosystem. So this is, at this point, in my opinion, has reached the point where the public needs to write the White House and say, “Look into the, types of technologies we’re talking about and get these technologies to be brought to bear to A), stop the leak and the gusher immediately, B) clean it up, and C), bring out those technologies because we do not need to do any more drilling, in the gulf or Alaska or anywhere else, because we do not need it.

In the discussion you always hear these people, “Well, you know, we want to be safe, but we have to drill, because we need the oil, because we don’t have anything else” — well, this is nonsense.

Dr. Ted Loder: That is so great. Recently the Scientific American, I’m trying to find the article but I can’t put my fingers on it right now, but I think it’s Scientific American article or magazine coming up very soon, this summer. There’s a discussion of eight different energy technologies.

And I looked through them the other day, and not one of them is outside the box. They are micro-nano-crystalline, better solar panels, they are better wind, they are tides, and a few other things. Not one of them is outside the conventional scientific technology.

And this is what Scientific American is publishing as its real assessment of the present situation. And that’s of course — people see it, Scientific American, I’m not picking on them they do a lot of interesting things, but in this case they are missing the boat in terms of informing people of the reality of what technologies are available. It’s very sad.

Steve: Well it is, and it’s not as though there’s no scientific literature or evidence for these technologies. These are not urban myths, in other words. And yet, you don’t see the mainstream media, or the political establishment talking about them at all.

And I have to emphasize: not only would they prevent these sort of spills, because we would no longer be drilling for oil like these, but also, these technologies, we have guys that Dr. Loder and I have met with personally and have spent quite a bit of time with, who have worked on these so-called electromagneto robitic systems, these anti-gravity systems, that when they’re underwater are called USOs — instead of a UFO — and what you find that these technologies, because of the nature of the physics, move through the water or the air with no drag and no weight.

That’s why there’s no sonic boom when one of these objects is moving at 20, 30, 40,000 mph and makes a right turn without decelerating. It’s controlling for 1 gravity, and there’s no weight or movement of the air because it has this effect — where it creates almost like an electrostatic bubble around it — which is one of the projects we’re talking about investigating in the is proposing to do a research and development program here, and we’re just finishing a new proposal which anyone who knows some philanthropists or people who can help fund it, should get hold of us immediately.

And I think that what people have to understand is that these technologies — we have people that we have met with who have worked on these technologies since the ‘60s. It’s fully operational. And at disclosureproject,org, you can see testimony from people like Mark McCandlish, and I’ve met Brad Sorensen, who saw these man-made anti-gravity devices — these are not things from another star system.

Ted: the ARVs.

Steve: They’re called alien reproduction vehicles, and they were floating in a hangar at Norton Air Force Base in California back some years ago. It’s closed now, but there were three of them. One was around 25 feet, one around 50 feet and one was around 100 feet in diameter. They were just floating in this hangar.

And their start-up power system was a 24-volt marine battery, and then these coils would go over unity, meaning they would pick up the energy from the quantum vacuum space around them, and were configured in such a way that there was a mass cancellation effect — and these things were just floating there.

And these things were old ones that had built in the ‘60s that this guy saw in the ‘80s. And here we are in 2010, and the best thing we’re bring to bear for this global ecological and environmental catastrophe is 1800s era junk shots and Newtonian physics? Please! This is scandalous.

This has reached a point of such outrage. And I have reached the point of such outrage, and I’m going to be very honest here, and I can only say so much, I have to draw the line with how far I go on this discussion, Ted. You know the person I’m talking about.

There is a man who is extremely close to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who has received the briefing materials and the information on these energy systems, on the illegal classification of these systems, and the need for Presidential executive action to get these technologies under his command to be used to benefit humanity.

Now this briefing, and this information, has gone to someone extremely — underlined, and write large — close to the President. This we know and we have proof of. The question I have is, why doesn’t the President of the United States — who has now been given the name, project code numbers, project code names, and information, including the corporate entities, and where they’re located , and what these technologies are— why hasn’t the president set up a commission to get control of these projects, and put them to use, and fix this problem?

Stan Meyer, inventor of the water car, killed by Murder Inc.

Eugene Mallove, promoter of free energy, killed by Murder Inc.

This is where I know it would take a lot of courage [to act] since you’re standing down a 6-trillion dollar monster called Murder Incorporated, who stops at almost nothing in order to keep these technologies secret. But for Heaven’s sakes, we’re destroying this planet, and before we end up coating this beautiful blue planet completely in oil, I think that someone needs to stand up and say “Wait a minute here. There are some very advanced technologies that are just sitting on a shelf, suppressed, that could be brought to bear to fix this problem so that we never have to go down this road again and never have to drill another oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, or in Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter.”

But no one is bringing this issue up and I think that the people who are listening to need to call the White House and write them and there’s that information that’s on our website at Orion – – and demand that action be taken on this issue.

Ted Loder: I think that’s a very good point because, if it continues as it appears to be, with people fumbling around dropping the ball, so to speak, the potential environmental disaster is much, much larger. There’s a lot of things that are not being talked about by the mainstream media or just barely touched on. And if I may change the subject, just briefly for a moment I just need to bring this up.

Steve: Sure

Ted: One of the research experiments that was done a number of years ago was looking at the rainfall due to huge storms on the West Coast, and off the Gulf of Mexico, and hurricanes that go inland. And what these researchers found is that they collected rainfall with plankton – little tiny marine plants – in the rainfall, many hundreds if not a thousand miles or more away from the Coast.

Here is the concern: if that is indeed the case, which is that there’s scientific proof that was in that study, that that does occur, the dispersants that are being added which are cancer-causing, very, very nasty chemicals, and they put millions of gallons of that stuff out there, those dispersants could be very easily picked up from the ocean and carried inland and then in our rainfall, into our drinking water, and a lot of areas.

Now we’re talking about environmental disaster that’s not only going to affect coastal marshes and pelicans, and some food-chain organisms, but it starts affecting people. And the fact that I’ve read in several places of behind-the-scenes plans to remove populations from the coast if this sort of thing starts happening so I didn’t want to get too far away from the energy thing, but the impact of this thing may be much, much larger than anybody can imagine or speak about publicly. And that’s why–

Steve: — That’s right. And a lot of these volatile organic compounds–

Ted: –Yes, benzene and others.

Steve: — and these dispersants and the other petrochemical compounds. This slurry that is picked up by, say, a hurricane or tropical storm, and moved over vast areas of the United States and the southern — well, all the way up to New England — that what you have from that are a whole lot of sort of atomized—like when you spray a perfume bottle and its little fine particles of this junk all in the air, and in the water, and in the rain and it’s toxic and it’s cancer-inducing but it also destroys the immune system so you’re going to see a whole bunch of problems.

And in fact one of the big cover-ups that’s happening right now is that British Petroleum is trying to minimize the health effects of this on the workers who are down there, some 20,000 people they claim are trying to clean this mess up. And you know, Anderson Cooper on CNN has been covering the fact that many of these people are really getting really sick and this stuff is toxic, and just breathing in the fumes–but if you get a tropical storm that picks up a huge amount of this stuff that’s in the marshes and on the surface of the water and even down deeper in the water because the water gets churned up with, you know, 40-50’ waves and storm surges – that can be picked up by the swirling cyclone-like tropical storms and hurricanes and that all that misted, sort of atomized material gets swooshed over the landmass and falls on people’s homes, and on crops, and on people’s persons and in the air they’re breathing and in the water table they’re drinking and so on. Very, very important.

And when you think about the fact that since the early 1900’s we haven’t needed oil. We haven’t needed coal, that there have been these technologies. And I want to bring up something here. And again, I want to be very, very careful here. I don’t want to burn bridges with people who’re behind the scenes trying to help us here in Washington.

But there is a very senior member in Congress who’s Chairman of a subcommittee of the Congress, who has a friend that called us last year, who’d been a Department of Energy official. And this person had been for a period of time at Oakridge, Tennessee, where there’s of course a Department of Energy facility. Oakridge has had a long history, of course, with nuclear weapons and armaments as well as other research projects.

But this person informed us—and this is a very close friend of the senior member of Congress—that while there, that this DOE official had been in a facility where there were dozens and dozens and dozens of these advanced “free energy devices” that were in a classified area held away from the public, under lock and key.

And this stuff tells us exactly what we’ve been told by an inventor, and scientist, and engineer named John Bedini, who was taken to a facility in Wisconsin years ago by an intelligence agent where he was shown a facility that was filled with dozens—hundreds—of these devices, that had been confiscated, some of them from dating back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

This is not an urban myth. And I think that if the President or the private sector in our group can’t get the support, to get the funding, to build something like this independently and quickly that there needs to be someone writing the White House and their members in Congress saying “We want a congressional hearing on this.”

Because we have people that can be subpoenaed. And when those people are subpoenaed out is going to come this information.

And, you know, I think we’re at the point where–and some years ago I coined this term and its ‘planeticide’ – and that’s where we reach a point of careless, reckless, intentional suppression of these sorts of advanced energy generation systems.

And it’s being done with malice aforethought. Murder Incorporated really is at the point now where they are committing ‘planeticide’ – the murdering of an entire planet’s biosphere.

We have literally thousands of species of plants and animals becoming permanently extinct. National Geographic has stated that we are now in the largest extinction period since the asteroids hit the earth and caused all the dinosaurs to go extinct some 65 million years ago, or so. And this is all manmade.

And this is all avoidable. It isn’t as if we don’t have anything but nuclear power, and gas, and coal, and oil. We do have them. But these people—whom I call Murder Incorporated—are so hell-bent on keeping the world addicted to oil and a centralized macro-economic system that they control, that they will do almost anything: threaten, lie, cajole.

All the things that have happened to us that you’ve heard about in our last interview with the Board of Directors of Orion Project, and now we have this catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re going to have more things like this happening so it’s the old adage that “Unless we change direction, we’re going to end up where we’re going.” And where we’re heading here is toward is an unmitigated disaster for humanity and for the Earth, and it can be avoided.

But it can only be avoided if all of us together join forces, vow to come out with these technologies, because as we’ve said many times on this program, we’ve been searching for years for people who are not in these classified projects who might be able to have one of these types of systems developed. But the people who have been able to develop these on their own, many of them have been threatened or are afraid to come forward with them.

So we have got to create a secure facility where we can supervise the work and bring together a brain trust of fantastic scientists, and physicists, and engineers, which is what we’re looking to do in this new proposal.

And yes, it’s a few million dollars but, for Heaven’s sakes, you know, the city of San Francisco—you know, is not a really big town; San Francisco has only 750,000 people in the actual city– funded 5 million dollars for people to study how to capture energy from the waves going in and out of the Golden Gate. That was just to study the feasibility of it, not to build anything.

We have a budget that would actually begin to build systems for that. So we need to find people who understand the finance and the public and various philanthropist groups who need to hear about this so we can get this up and going. This is what we’ve been trying to do for the last 2 years. We have not raised sufficient funds to do that but we’re hoping we can do that now.

I think people are starting to wake up more and more to the fact that we’ve got to think outside the box and go beyond wind and solar if we’re going to solve these problems. And it’s going to be a true revolution in alternative new energy. And this is not being discussed.

And as I said, you know, a couple of years ago I met with a man in Washington , who was very close to the Bush administration and that was back towards the end of the Bush era and he said

“Look, you know, yes, these technologies you are talking about exist, but” [and this guy represented a lot of the nuclear power industry, by the way] he says “but they are too good.”
I said, “What do you mean they are too good.”

He says, “Well, they are too good because they would disrupt the status quo.”

I say “well…hey?”

Ted: It’s adapting anyway

Steve: Yea, I said “Well…that’s going to happen anyway. We are going to have a financial collapse and we are going to have an environmental collapse and how far do you want to play out this scenario, into some kind of apocalyptic denouement?

I said, “We have got to figure out a way to wisely change course, bring out these systems, put them to peaceful energy generation use, and start a civilization on this planet that is abundant, non-polluting, sustainable etc.

That can absolutely be done with the kinds of technologies that Ted and I have investigated and also scientists that he and I have met who have actually built them but who are having their hands tied or are being waved off.

So the public needs something that knows about this and supports and we do want to thank the people who have supported so generously this work. I want to emphasize that there is not a single person with the orion who gets one dime in salary or anything. All of our resources go to investigating and checking out scientists, technologies and inventions.

But what we really want to do is build up a system under controlled circumstances here scientifically and for that we need to open a lab, get the equipment and hire a full time staff of engineers and scientists and that’s going to take a few million dollars, but if not, hundreds of millions.

It can be done because one of the things, I mean, and Ted can speak for this, is that, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, I mean, we have the information that has been collected over the last hundred years by people like Dr. Thomas Bearden and John Bedini and Tony Cradic and, you know the work that’s in the open files on [T Town’s] and Brown’s work.

The Stan Meyer technologies that have existed and people we know who have worked with Stan Meyer who have an understanding of it, but you know, it is unlikely that this is going to happen out of peoples’ basements working by themselves alone.

We have not seen anybody who has been able to do that, and the ones, the few, that have end up getting intimidated. They are lone wolves that are easily get taken down by this Murder Inc. Beast that’s out there.

It’s very difficult, and so the public needs to hear me when I say look we have got to find a way to come together and do this, because the fate of the planet, and what kind of planet we are going to have for our children and our grandchildren, and how we are going to be living on this planet [depends on it].

You know people are talking about these “Cap and Trade” regimes and which is also another way to say – tax and spend – and having goals to phase out all of this carbon fuel/fossil fuel stuff by 2080 or 2050 – way down the line. We will all be dead and buried.

That’s just a way of kicking the ball down the court, down the field, passing the buck to another generation when we have sitting at Oakridge and sitting at other facilities the definitive solution, that we the tax payers have either developed or have spent money to confiscate by these people who aren’t representing US in the government.

They are representing the special interest of the big oil and the petrodollar and the big global financial concerns and conglomerates and the transnational corporate … uh nexus of people who want to keep the global economy under their thumb.

And I think that this is something that all of us have to understand we have to frankly say no to and rise up against but not in a violent way, in a velvet revolution way, where we say “Look we are going to come out with these things ourselves, and we are going to do it!” – so that there are millions of people who know about it and support it and that’s what we are asking for.

Ted: I want to add a comment to what Steve has talked about – suppression of the individual inventors and one of the main problems – and we have talked to literally dozens of inventors over the years who have developed something and somebody has come along and said “You know we don’t think you should be doing this” or they have been discouraged either, by many ways, and to point out the fact this is not, again, an urban myth, that this actually happens.

A gentleman by the name of Gary Vesperman compiled over 100 examples of this with names, places, dates etc., and he wrote a small book on that and you’ll find it listed on the Orion Project website: by Gary Vesperman- Suppressed Energy Technologies.

Steve: Vesperman with a ‘V’.

Ted: Yes, that is correct. You will find it very, very interesting, and you read that and actually it’s kind of depressing because you realize that many of these people DID have solutions to what we are talking about.

Steve: Of course and we know that Tesla did as well and he was also suppressed and a lot of people think that this is an urban myth except we have the documents to prove it.

And that is when Nikola Tesla, who invented AC electricity and what have you, passed away, the FBI swooped in and confiscated all of his secret papers and information on these things, and the reason we know this is, I have a Department of Defense letter demanding that the FBI turn that information over to the Department of Defense but the FBI wouldn’t do it: because the left hand, doesn’t like to work with the, right hand, in these secret projects.

So this is a smoking gun – that in point of fact, the FBI did go in there, confiscate this information and this has been going on for decades so this nasty little game where our government has been highjacked and infiltrated by these petro-nazis and people who are absolutely as Tom Bearden calls them, Dr. Bearden calls them “These devils.” that are in the system and this, it is very very hard for someone working by themselves or even a small… and that’s why we have to do this – on the one hand, with the research and development program that has good security around it but also that is being done with the knowledge and support of millions of people like those of you listening to The World Puja network.

And again I want to thank the people of the World Puja Network that they give us this time so we can update you on these incredibly important issues and I think that this is something that people have to understand that you can’t pass the buck and say well someone will just come out with one of these things, because people have been coming out with these sort of breakthroughs and technologies for over a hundred years but they all run into this massive ‘buzz saw’ of Murder Inc. that will take them down.

And I think this is what we have seen first hand recently when we began to get these top secret scientists who have worked in the “weird science and freakin’ magic” area, as they call it, of very advanced transdimensional scientists and have had people come in and claw them back in to the beast. Because they were working for the beast their whole entire lives, their pensions were tied to the beast. So they didn’t have the freedom.

So we have got to find people who have the courage and the vision and are free to move with us but then the public and the community of philanthropy and even investors out there need to say “Okay, let’s put a few million dollars in to this.” We’re putting, … You know- It’s interesting: I saw Vice President Biden on Charlie Rose recently I think in the past week and he was talking about how there is this 90 Billion dollars of the stimulus going into “Alternative Energy.”

Not ONE RED CENT is going to invent anything that will work; not a penny; not one cent; not one dime. 90 Billion – with a B-billion – of OUR tax dollars; and there is not even 5 million going into the kind of research for which there is positive proof and evidence of these sort of technologies working.

And so we’re all still waiting for British Petroleum to drill another well for us. I mean come on. So, this is the kind of insanity that has to stop and it has to stop because our elected leaders need to hear about it and then those of you hearing this sort of information need to go out and tell all of your friends, family, coworkers and anyone who will listen that there are these other solutions and we need the funding put in place because you know there are a lot of people out there who have high net worth who so far maybe just haven’t heard about this yet so we need your help networking this new proposal.

Ted, and we have a man in Washington who does a lot of these sort of proposals for large corporations, and Dr. Bravo is just putting the finishing touches on this proposal that we have been working on since March that will be ready in the next few days to provide to anyone who wants to look at it that has the business plan and the budget and everything and the outline of these sciences that we want to have in this research and development effort and we think that this is the best way forward.

And certainly if we can spend 90 billion dollars on things that are sheer fantasy such as ‘clean coal.’ If that’s not an oxymoron, ha ha ha, you know and things of this sort, we can certainly put a few million into this area.

And I want to point out to people that this has never happened that you would think that with all the new energy researchers and stuff out there that there would be some grants and funding that have gone to these various sorts of areas, there’s not.

So this is an area that has literally and deliberately been starved of research and development funds the result of which is that the people that do stumble across these technologies end up getting intercepted and threatened because they’re kind of lone wolves, as I mentioned, that are very easily attacked and the big research and development money are all going into things like Ted just mentioned and that is things like making a solar panel a little more efficient, you know, making a wind mill a little more efficient, you know, how to make coal clean.

Now they don’t mention the fact that to get the coal even before you burn it even if you can sequester the carbon and the pollution from it you’ve got to blow up half of Appalachia with mountain top removal mining to get to the nasty stuff. So there is no such thing as clean coal.

Even if you could sequester the carbon and pollution from [coal mining], you gotta blow up half of Appalachia with mountaintop removal mining to get to the nasty stuff. So, there’s no such thing as clean coal. That’s a complete joke, even though we get half of our electricity in America from coal.

So, these are all the huge problems, and they are not going to be solved with the kind of in the box, hidebound thinking. It’s gonna take courage, but it’s also gonna take alot of us saying to the people we know, “Look, let’s pull together and make this a reality.”

And that’s what we’re makin’ a plea for, this, and the BP debacle, for lack of a better word. catastrophe. It really just underscores the fact that these sort of problems are gonna continue on into the future and get worse and worse and worse, until we begin to seriously embrace these real solutions.

Ted:  That’s right! That’s so right!

You know, just thinking about this, as we talk about it, BP spent nominally a billion dollars so far, and counting, to clean up the mess they created. A small fraction of that could have been put into some technology that would have meant the clean up would never have been necessary.

And, BP could be a hero on the planet for moving it’s new energy technologies. They call themselves a green company. Instead of being the devils. and it’s just, whatever… it’s the irony is just disgusting actually!

Steve: And a lot of skeptics, when I first will bring this issue up, will say, “Well look, if these technologies do exist in these places, why wouldn’t someone come out with it, cuz wouldn’t that be a very lucrative business? It would be like Microsoft and Google and IBM all rolled together in one.”

I said, “Yes!” However, there would be a great industry in making these new energy devices and getting them to replace the old ones that are based on fossil fuels.

However, where the real action is, and this is where you get the vertical and horizontal integrations into these big transnational corporations that, Thomas Jefferson , who wrote the Declaration of Independence, warned us about, is that, if you have , let’s say you drive, a Chevy Suburban. You know the engine in that thing is worth maybe five thousand dollars.

Big Deal! It will use at today’s oil prices, and if you go to Europe it’s much more than this, but in America, it’ll use about forty to fifty thousand dollars in gas and oil over the life of that engine for as long as that vehicle will be on the road driving ‘X’ number of amount of hundreds of miles per year.

So you see, the money is not in the engine. The money is in the supply line. And then you get into the big financials, the so-called derivatives and futures markets, where Goldman Sachs and all these big transnational trading corporations are trading on the assets of the oil and gas and coal reserves, and minerals that are in the ground.

And the churning of commissions and the speculation and pumping prices up, and driving them down, and pumpin’ ’em up and drivin’ ’em down, and pumpin’ up, and shorting, and going long, and going short.

I’ve studied this. This is where the money is. Well, suddenly, all that commodities game becomes irrelevant, because the energy is coming from the space around us. The supply line of selling this nasty stuff isn’t needed.

And, you can actually grow. I mean, people talk about all the people employed in the oil and gas industry, but it’s actually, as a  percentage of the world’s population, infinitesimal. The world would go through this economic blossoming. But the individuals and corporations who are at the central control panel,  that have fifty percent of the net worth of the world, literally. those folks are going to see a relative reduction in their power.

And THAT”S what this is  about. That’s what the secrecy and the suppression is about. It is not about national security. It is not about any of the things they wrap themselves in – the Bible, the flag, and everything else. This is a complete lie, and it is THE BIG LIE.

So what I think people have to understand is that the interest in suppressing this isn’t a matter of just how much coal and oil is being sold each year. It also is how much is in the ground that’s based, that’s basing all this derivatives, and futures markets trading, and commodities trading, and the petro dollar, and on and on and on.

That amounts to hundreds of trillions of dollars. And that then you begin to see what your talkiin’ about in terms of real money and real geopolitical power and the things that will be done, the kind of corrupt things that are done in the name of national security, or in the name of God, and America and apple pie to keep us addicted to oil.

And the only way this is going to change is for the people to become educated on it and walk the walk.  And that is to provide the funding and research and development dollars to be able to open a laboratory where the kind of scientists who Dr. Loder and I have met with over the years, can come together and do this.

I can tell you that, you know, the laws of the Universe are universal. I mean if Nicola Tesla discovered it, or Stan Meyer, or T. Townsend Brown did in the ’20’s, with his high voltage antigravity type work, it can be discovered again.

You know, we have, literally, a file that was from an intelligence officer, that we acquired recently. Just thousands of pages of data on these sort of secret technologies. The person who supplied it, we’re not allowed to to provide the name of it, or how we got it, but it’s a very important document that our engineers can use.

But they have to come together! We need to get them all together in one place. We need about a dozen or so top-drawer engineers, physicists,and scientists working. You know, we can’t do this on a few thousand dollars. Most of these people have current day jobs, and families to support.

So, we’re calling on the public, and the philanthropic community, and the environmental granting community, to provide these funds for us. It would be nice if the government would provide a grant to do this kind of work. Unfortunately, I think the government is so utterly corrupt, that I will believe THAT when I see it, frankly.

Ted: Yeah,there’s a real problem there, because even if you have one government agency who says, “Oh,this will be great, we support this. We’ll give you some grant (money),” somebody else from some other agency, again, is using national security issues, change of it, economic issues, etcetera, and comes along and twists somebody’s arm.

That’s done all the time. Suddenly one agency will just pull back. There’s a great example. I’ll let you tell the story, Steve. You mentioned it in the past, about Bill Richardson supporting some technology? I will let …

Steve: Oh yes!

Ted:  … him tell it, ‘cuz you remember the details better than I do. But this is a very important thing to take care of.

Steve: This is very important for people to understand. Those of you who are concerned with nuclear waste and all the radiation from having all this from power plants and nuclear weapons, we got this junk that they’re saying about “Gee,where we gonna store this stuff, because it’s gonna be radioactive, nukin’, crazy stuff for twenty five thousand years.”

We only had civilization for a few thousand years. So there’s a man named Ken Shoulders, who had developed something called charged cluster rays. And, I won’t get into all the details, but basically it involves a process that really did involve an over-unity effect that would take radioactivity and neutralize it.

Now he was using kinda low level stuff and he made a presentation. And, I met one of the people with his company, who was working with him at the time, who lives in the D.C. area, who is, by the way, a conservative republican, and you know not exactly your Birkenstock kinda, new energy sorta person.

He and I met for several hours, and this executive told me, he said, “Look, you know,we took this all the way to the head of the department of energy. Bill Richardson, who is the cabinet-level guy for Bill Clinton. Bill Richardson signed off on it, they authorized it. I don’t know what it was, couple of million dollars to…..

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