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How Do I Pass Through the Narrow Doorway?

I was commenting in regard to Lauren Gorgo’s latest column that we seem to be edging closer to the time when we need to start turning our attention to our unfinished business.

Lauren and the Arcturians address the question of how to “walk through this VERY narrow doorway, fully present and completely void of an agenda.”

Well, let’s think about this for a second. We cannot suddenly lose weight so that we can walk through a doorway. So what could Lauren be talking about when she uses the image of walking through a narrow doorway?

The narrow doorway refers to Ascension.  Matthew and SaLuSa use an image of raising our vibrations. Lauren and the Arcturians use an image of dropping something that is preventing us negotiating a narrow passageway. Drop what?

This is only opinion. I could very well be wrong.  But what there is to drop is what I like to call our “unfinished business.” To really convey a sense of what that is, I need to back up a bit.

It’s a common strategy, I think, in a Third Dimensional world to use certain patterns of behavior to get us through our days. In an “us against them” world, a zero-sum world in which, if somebody wins, somebody else is deemed to have lost, our lives become focused on survival.

Life is thought to be a game of musical chairs and we set our sights on having a chair when the music stops.  We protect what is ours, divide the world into friends and foes, and make sure we have good fences and whatever else we need to defend ourselves, our family, and whatever else we deem necessary for our survival.

In such a world, a common way of behaving towards people is what Werner Erhard used to call “resist, resent, and revenge.” We used our minds to make ourselves right and others wrong, judge others and avoid being judged, dominate and avoid being dominated.

I imagine you can see that such a way of being produces residue. We try to hide from residue but we drag it along behind us as surely as Scrooge’s partner, Morley, dragged his chains. The universe is set up in such a way that we cannot easily get rid of this remainder from our interaction with others. This I call our “unfinished business.”

It is this residue which goes right to our spiritual hips and prevents us from getting through the narrow doorway or the eye of the needle.

What to do? Well, we have to stop adding more weight to our hips and we have to get rid of the weight that’s already there.

To stop adding more weight to our hips we have to stop resisting, resenting, and revenging. We have to stop making ourselves right and others wrong, etc., and we have to stop seeing our gain as another’s loss and vice versa.

So that entire way of being has to go and this will prevent more residue and more weight on our spiritual hips.

Now we are left with the existing residue or weight. How do we lose spiritual weight?

How do we rid ourselves of our existing unfinished business that exists like so much spiritual weight on our hips and prevents us passing through the narrow doorway that Lauren refers to?

All of us have unfinished business. If we didn’t, we’d have already ascended. If you have any doubt about whether you have or haven’t, run about six inches of water in your bathtub. Remove your shoes and socks and try to walk on the water. If your feet sink into the water, you have unfinished business.

Just today I ran into such instances of my own unfinished business, I felt like I was going crazy. Of course I made a fool of myself. That’s what people do when they’re reactivated by their own unfinished business. I may as well have been crazy because that’s how I looked.

So when we’re reactivated by our leftover issues, we cannot pass through the narrow doorway.

When the galactics arrive, guaranteed something about it will reactivate us. If they don’t arrive, guaranteed that will reactivate us.

If an earthquake happens, guaranteed we’ll be reactivated. If one doesn’t happen, and we’re expecting it to, guaranteed we’ll be reactivated.

If we lose a job, same thing. If we secure a job, same thing. We are reactivation machines. Any change from a baseline of predictable, enjoyable, life-enhancing events, and we’re reactivated.

What we need to keep in mind is that, if we respond to reactivating events by resisting them, resenting others, or revenging ourselves, we’ll add to our residue, our Morley’s chain, the weight on our spiritual hips.

The main thing we need to remember to do, and I fail to remember as often as you may, is to stand in the face of what’s happening and simply experience things, without reacting. Some assume an observer’s stance on themselves and events. Some remain simply present and open. Either way is fine, as long as we don’t react and resist,

It’s an ironic circumstance that, whether you resist or don’t resist, you still experience the same reactivation. But, if you resist, you add to your residue. If you don’t resist, you cause some of your residue to fall away and spiritually lose weight from your hips.

To put the whole thing in a nutshell, then, what we need to do to lose our excess spiritual weight is to experience through our unfinished business as it arises.

In past years, I’ve run through a process that has more steps than this. But the fact of the matter is that, if we remain open to what is reactivating us without reacting or resisting it further, we will cause the reactivating circumstance to pass without adding more residue.

I didn’t say deflect the circumstance. I didn’t say substitute a positive thought for a negative one. I didn’t say recontextualize the circumstances. All of those have at their heart an attempt to change things. But, as Werner Erhard also said years ago, change is persistance. Chane is resistance and what we resist persists.

No. Stand in the face of what’s happening completely open to it and intending to experience it through to completion, without trying to change it or resist it. That alone will cause the reactivating circumstance to disappear from your mind without creating new residue.

To face matters this way is a discipline. You, like me today, may fall flat on your face the first time, second, or even umpteenth time. OK, pick yourself up and start again.  The next time you’re reactivate, stand in the face of it, open and present.

Eventually you’ll become more adept at it.

There are many other approaches which are also helpful. Telling the truth is helpful. Acknowledging your perpetrations is helpful. But the essential way of losing spiritual weight to pass through the narrow doorway or eye of the needle is to remain open and present when reactivated.

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