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Scalar-Wave Weapons: Is Much of What is Happening Due to Them?

I’m taking some time out to research a subject which is becoming increasingly important to know about because it may connect a lot of dots around what is happening today.

That subject is scalar-wave technology.

I’ve come across the subject in a video by Dr. Judy Wood (google on Youtube), done in 2007, on the use of “directed energy” weapons to bring down the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11. I had heard of her allegations back in 2007, but did not understand or appreciate them at the time. Alfred Webre and Lauren Meuret were discussing the subject then.

I think they were called “ultra low frequency” weapons at one time and I believe they were fired from Augsberg College some years back to bring down the Wisconsin Bridge (as a test). The Russians revealed their use and now I’m beginning to see how the Russians would know.

I’ve just watched a 1988 video by retired Lt.-Col Tom Bearden in which he reveals that the Soviets had absolute supremacy in scalar weapons under Gorbachev. He alleges that they used that weapon to sink the USS Thresher and blow up the space shuttle Challenger. A misfiring of a scalar weapon caused the Chernobyl blast. It can also be used to transmit biological agents for germ warfare and was responsible, he claims, for the deaths of three U.S. Amabassadors to Russia (from “leukemia”).

I apologize that the only copy of Bearden’s video I’ve been able to locate so far is on a white racist site: There is no video (just audio) for the first of the five parts.

What sparked my interest was a comment Matthew Ward made in reviewing my article on “Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials?”  I said that recent earthquake, volcanic and tsunami activity was traceable to HAARP and Suzy Ward replied: “Although Matthew hasn’t said this in a message, that technology isn’t HAARP, it’s scalar waves.” (1)

I’m wondering if scalar weapons were also used to blow up the BP Gulf oil rig and, if so, by whom? Russians or rogue American military officers (i.e., the military-industrial complex)?

I also believe the Russians used it (misnamed at that time a “green laser”) to explode an American TR3-B Aurora spacecraft over Norway in, I think, Spring 2008. Steve Quayle reported that the incident nearly caused WWIII. An American nuclear ICBM was launched from Boseman, Montana in response, but the Americans reconsidered and exploded their own missile using a second TR3-B coming in from the Atlantic. The only witnesses of these events were American ham radio operators and a few Boseman residents.

You can see that there are a lot of dots and even just supplying the URLs for these scenarios will take time. Many of them are discussed in emails and posts that I’ve subsequently lost in computer crashes; hence, my inability to simply reel off URLs at this moment.

Research may cause the need to revise the estimation of the number of times HAARP has said to have been used to cause catastrophes. It may be scalar weapons that were employed.

And who controls these devices? Are they being used to embarrass Obama? Was the threat of their use the reason why American troops broke and fled during the Georgian invasion, leaving a rich treasure trove of intelligence documents behind? Do they reside in the background as a threat and explain why the U.S. has treated Russia so gingerly in recent years? (Never mind the Russians’ carrier-busting Sizzler and Sunburn missiles.)

Does their existence reveal a new “Mutual Assured Destruction” calculus in which both Russia and the United States know that any outbreak of a Third World War would see the demise of everyone on the planet? They can be used to cause devastation on a massive scale.

And do they make nuclear weapons obsolete? No, let me rephrase that.  Does the fact that poor containment of scalar-weapon use can cause the explosion of nuclear weapons or power stations in the aggressor’s own territory or the victim’s mean that we cannot take comfort from current negotiations to reduce or eliminate nuclear-weapon stockpiles?

If it weren’t for the fact that the Galactic Federation and spiritual hierarchy would most likely not permit it, in ordinary times, reducing or eliminating nukes might only have resulted in the wider use of scalar weapons.




(1) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, emaiil, April 30, 2010.

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