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Does the Reactivation of Tenth Fleet Hide a Takeover of Northern Command?

Supposing Tenth Fleet is being assembled, not to provide a home for “Cybercommand” (or “Cybercom”),  but to ease truth-telling about “Solar Warden,” the secret space fleet, and to prepare the ground for ET/UFO disclosure. (1)  Why is this elaborate dance necessary?

Let’s put a few more knights on the chessboard.

I’ve had a great deal of difficulty writing this note because I lapse into chuckling and whooping each time I try. I must try to stay objective.

Keep in mind that it was NORAD who stood down on 9/11, allowing the “hijacked” aircraft to smash into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Who commanded NORAD at that time? Northern Command (or “Northcom”).

Keep in mind as well that the Twin Towers were brought down by thermite/thermate bombs. Who had access to thermite and thermate? Only the military.  I suspect Northcom provided the expertise and materials for that assignment too.

Northcom was also responsible for numerous military drills during the Bush years. Ask them and they will say that these drills were to coordinate efforts in the event of a natural disaster.

“Northern Command has improved its ability to respond to hurricanes, earthquakes and other domestic emergencies by working more closely with other federal and state agencies.” (2)

Ask me and I’d say that those drills were practice for the execution of a second 9/11 and the imposition of martial law. In concert with the FEMA camps, these drills aimed to weld civilian and military forces into one response team, sufficient to transition America from the rule of law to cabal dictatorship.

Northcom was also in charge of the plan to create a “Security and Prosperity Partnership”  among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. As far as I’m concerned the SPP was a land grab.

The same company that provided security for the World Trade Centers provided security for the Montreal subway. The SPP holds that either country  – the U.S. and Canada – could go to the aid of the other in the event of a terrorist attack.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attack was a false-flag operation, it stands to reason that American troops would enter Canada and take over the country after another false-flag operation such as a bomb exploding in the Montreal subway.

Northcom was in charge of the SPP. I’m just very grateful that nothing ever came of what looked like a very dicey situation all these years.

So, when I hear that the Navy has established a so-called Cybercom and that that Cybercom may be a front for a publicly-revealed and no-longer-secret space fleet, my ears prick up. What I hear is that the Navy has gone over to the side of the Light and is neutralizing Northcom.

NORAD”s F-16s would probably be no match for the space command’s TR3-Bs.

Lest you think that I’m idly putting together fantasies, let me mention that the Navy has already quietly taken over Northcom.

NORAD and Northcom’s commanding officer, Gen. Renuart, is retiring and he’s to be succeeded by … a Naval officer, Vice Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Jr. Read about it here: (3)

A Naval vice-admiral in charge of land-based fighter/interceptors?  Sounds like a quiet revolution to me.

I think the Navy has just pried the cabal’s teeth.

I see this as a strong indication that the Pentagon has indeed, as Ben Fulford speculates, gone over to the side of  the Light.

Now I start to find ideas arising in my head about why Obama has not been shaking the boat militarily recently. Is it possible that he has been laying low while the Navy takes over the conspiratorial sides of the Army? Does this explain why the National Guard is being mobilized? Is one of their assignments to disarm Northcom … and perhaps even Southcom, which may have been part of the attack on Haiti?

Yes, an earlier Office of Naval Intelligence was part of the conspiracy that killed John F. Kennedy, but the Navy appears at last to have seen the light. I know that these Naval officers were not those Naval officers and, anyways, I have to find it in my heart to forgive them all.  I will start on that enterprise … tomorrow.

It’s too early to break out the champagne. But these are very encouraging signs to me.


(1) See two articles alleging that the creation of Cybercom and the reactivation of the Tenth Fleet are really covers for the public revelation of the secret space fleet  or “Solar Warden,” and ET/UFO disclosure at and

(2) See Dan Elliott, “Retiring NORAD-Northcom commander says he’s concerned about aging radar and fighter jets,” Associated Press, May 13, 2010, at

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