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David Wilcock: Life, Evolution, and 2012 – Part 4/5

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But then these emails start coming in and people are… I mean, everybody was emailing me and saying, “Richard Hoagland, Richard Hoagland, Richard Hoagland”, like what’s going on?

It turns out that he now has been contacted by more than one scientist from European Space Agency. They sent a little space probe called MARSIS around the moon, Phobos, and they did it in a 360-degree orbit, kind of like a sphere.

They traced it out in multiple loops and basically shot this high-powered beam at it, which is similar to ground-penetrating radar.

They now have a complete three-dimensional, computer-animated diagram that you can zoom in and out of and look at. You see what’s on the outside of Phobos and what’s on the inside of Phobos.

What they see on the inside is basically cubical rooms that, in some cases, are a quarter of a mile in diameter, and in other cases, are up to a half-mile in diameter.

It is absolutely, unequivocally, 125-million-percent artificial inside. The really juicy part is that they are now ready to announce this to the world.


Given the fact that Hoagland has been a very staunch supporter of the Obama administration, he has pointed out a lot of things that most people are not looking at.

I have not been ashamed to point out the positive aspects of the Obama administration. Other than Hoagland and me, show me one other person who’s got any type of metaphysical or abstract knowledge like this who’s doing that… I don’t see any at all!

An incredible number of people have been taken in by the New World Order’s anti-Obama propaganda, which is being churned out in relentless amounts in both mainstream and alternative conspiracy media. Untold millions of dollars are being spent on this.

Almost everyone who researches these things seems to have fallen for it, even in spite of increasingly obvious evidence that Obama is not doing what the oil industry, the bankers and the military-industrial complex want.

Well, that’s not true, that’s not true. There are a few people doing intuitive readings.

There’s Mike Quinsey, who channels SaLuSa [SaLuSa’s Sirian Update]; there’s Blossom Goodchild; there’s Messages from Matthew by Suzanne Ward.

All three of them have over time aligned with things that I’ve said or corroborated things that I’ve said. [SB: I think that SaLuSa and Matthew Ward see a great deal further down the road than David does. They could hardly be said to be “lining up” with him.] So it’s not 100 percent unequivocal thumbs-down across the Internet. There are a few examples.


The point is this: I had dreams well before he ever won the election… this goes back to February 2008… showing me that he was working for the positive.

Some of the raw material on the “2012 Enigma” video was deleted because the microphone was overloading, and it sounds like I’m talking in a kazoo.

In those sections, I was describing dreams that I had about Obama, where he takes on these big bankers. In the dream they were actually portrayed as these gigantic hogs that were, literally, like 25 feet long, demonic and terrifying.

I was actually working with Obama to repatriate this food that the pigs were guarding and get it out to the people.

Actually, in the dream it was chicken breasts. There was an opportunity to feed many people, but these hogs were jealously guarding the food. It was terrifying. But we did it together.

[This food represents spiritual enlightenment – the meat of a flying bird. This change would occur by people learning more about UFOs, for example.]


So I’ve been out there and I cannot tell you… I have taken so many hate mails and so much viciousness over simply expressing an opinion that’s different than what most people think.

Finally… FINALLY [laughs] as of this week, I have been vindicated. Obama has blatantly put out an email that says that he will not tolerate any more bank bail-outs.

He wants to go directly for the jugular of Wall Street. He’s now saying that nothing has been changed. Without saying it in so many words, he’s basically saying that they lied to him and betrayed him, which is true.

He was lied to. He didn’t realize what these bail-outs were really going to do.

He didn’t realize that all they really were doing was facilitating more theft and perpetuating the problem. Now he’s going right after them.


At the same time, the SEC goes after Goldman Sachs. If you’ve read “Rolling Stone”, if you’ve done your homework, you know what’s going on.

All these funky terms that people use, you know, like Big Brother, or the Banker Bastards, or the Illuminati, or the New World Order, or the Shadow Establishment — whatever you want to call them — there’s a name you can put on that.

The name is Goldman Sachs.

The article by Matt Taibbi from “Rolling Stone” very effectively points out that Goldman Sachs has been behind every major boom-and-bust cycle in this perverted collusion they have with the Federal Reserve bankers.

It’s all basically the same guys manipulating the economy like a marionette.



And so, when I see Obama make this announcement by email, and he goes after Goldman Sachs via the SEC on the same day, I was thrilled.

And then on the front page of the Drudge Report, the only thing the Republican smear campaign can do is whine about the fact that Obama is “abusing power”.

They pointed out the mysterious correlation between the SEC filing and his little letter about wanting to seek reform at the same time.

That’s all they’ve got left. They just whine and say, “Oh well, he’s abusing his power”.

Well, I don’t think anybody’s got a bleeding heart for Wall Street right now. I don’t think anybody is going to be too sorry to see Goldman Sachs or the Federal Reserve get taken down.

RP: We’re energetically sympathetic to the shift and the change. People who are even on the other side of that coin have been pillaged by the banking system in this country.

DW: Absolutely.

RP: They’ve lost their constituency also.

DW: The only people who are going to defend this system anymore are the people that still profit off of it.


The system is so disproportionately organized. In the 1950s, you could have a guy that had a job, and his wife could stay at home and actually raise their children instead of putting them in daycare. That all went down the toilet.

And then when Kennedy got shot, basically the message was, “Don’t f…ing go there. Don’t come after us, don’t question anything.

“We’re going to tell you that it was one stray bullet that went zig – zig – zig in all these different directions. Don’t question the truth. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.”

Same thing with 9/11. The idea was supposed to be, “If you question us, we’re going to take you down.”

So actually, the group that’s behind all this does have some exotic technology which includes energetic mechanisms, some of which are based on the HAARP, some of which are based on satellite technology.

There’re some other things they have as well, which I would not want to talk about, but…

RP: Just a second, David’s talking about the HAARP. You can go look it up on the websites and learn more about the technology that the governments are using to do the testing on the tectonic plates on the planet. Very interesting stuff. {SB: The black hats are also using scalar-wave technology.]


DW: If you go back to Richard Hoagland and you look at this geometry that appears in the Earth, one of the most basic ones is the tetrahedron. It’s a three-sided pyramid, a pyramid with a triangular base.

You see it in planets. Nodes appear… little points of geometric alignment on a planet that are 19.5 degrees above or below the equator, depending on whether the tetrahedron is top or bottom to the North or South Pole.

Those nodes appear on gas planets as giant cyclones. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is right on 19.5; the Great Dark Spot on Neptune is at 19.5.

Sunspots don’t go below 19.5 or above 19.5 on the sun. There are cloud bands at 19.5 on Saturn. All the gas planets do it.

If you look at a solid planet, you get volcanoes. The Hawaiian Island chain is on 19.5 on Earth. That’s a huge volcano.

If you look over on Mars, you got Olympus Mons, a mountain that’s three times the height of Mount Everest; it’s enormous. It’s all a volcano.

So volcanoes are related to this mysterious geometry.


As I said earlier, if you look at these 12 points on the grid, there are warps through space and time. Gravitation turns into electromagnetism. You also get a time-warping effect, and they all occur according to these geometric points.

If you have a technology [David goes on to describe scalar-wave technology] that can focalize gravitational waves, and focalize the time field – which actually is a field – then you have the opportunity to agitate the Earth’s energy and actually create earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, et cetera.

So there has been a war going on behind the scenes involving the use of earthquake and other types of weaponry for some time because … both sides [have] it.

The Russians have it. The Japanese Yakuza have it. There’s evidence that China may now have it. Definitely the US has a form of it as well, although the Russians seem to have a far more sophisticated version of it.

There was a hurricane that was flying over Florida at one point, in which the cloud pattern had a perfect number 2 shape – the actual number 2 in Arial bold font – rotating inside the eye of the hurricane.

I believe it was Hurricane Wilma, and I have that data-point somewhere, but it’s absolutely perfect.

Then it actually made it onto the front page of the Drudge Report and everything at the time. The video is still actually available on that website as well. When we transcribe this, I’ll dig up that data-point, so you can see it in the transcript.

RP: That would be great, because you know what, as our hour comes to an end tonight, I’m going to invite you back to join me.

You come back and play with me again and come talk to me and spend some time on my show and let’s go over some more of these key points, and the fascinating stuff that you have to talk about.

DW: Sure!

For Part 5, see

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