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To Summarize….

October 16, 2010

This will be the last article I post on this site. After this we transition to the new site.

On 10-10-10, we had what appears to be have been a mass decloaking over Moscow. (1)

On 10-10-13 we had what was confirmed as a mass decloaking over New York City, with single UFOs showing up at various places around the world on the same day and after. (2)

Sightings in China have been ramping up. There have even been reports of gigantic spacecraft around the Sun. (3) But you can see that the galactics are doing things gradually so as not to frighten people so the ships that are showing up around populated areas are so far mostly scout ships and even they have kept their distance. (4)

Billy Meier's photo of Asket, his Timmarian mentor

But the sighting in East El Paso yesterday was a light show, still using scoutcraft at a distance. (5)

There are a number of negative sources speaking out around the Net. I don’t want to name names but one is a radio talk show host, another a reputedly-enlightened man, and two negative or harsh-sounding channels.

In regards to what they are saying, let me remind readers please of several matters that are covered in articles on this site. First, the light energies are constantly rising around the planet and they have reached the levels where no one who serves the dark can approach the planet. (6)

Cdr Hatonn

Second, most galactics who approach the planet are human in form. That is, their bodily form follows the Adam Kadmon template that ours does. So when they show up, we shouldn’t be shocked to be greeted by human extraterrestrials. (7)

Third, all civilizations have “good” and “bad” entities. So just because a civilization is reptilian, for instance, does not mean it doesn’t necessarily serve the light. Matthew Ward has introduced us to reptilian civilizations that serve the light and are upset at the bad name they get from their “dark” relatives. (8)

Fourth, there is a divine deadline which, when passed, means that God’s Command prevails rather than our freewill. (9) God’s Command is that the friendly extraterrestrials land among us and help us to restore the planet, bring abundance to the people, and prepare us for Ascension on or before Dec. 21, 2012. If we stall and stall, or if the cabal causes so much havoc that Disclosure must keep being put off, sooner or later the divine deadline will have passed and events will move ahead no matter what the recalcitrant think or do.

Fifth, many of the extraterrestrials who are here originally seeded Earth. They are our family. (9) Many of us are Starseeds. We came from those planets and stars to assist Earth with her Ascension. (10)

Sixth, we need to remember that some civilizations that are here, like the Venusians for example, come from a higher dimension so we should not look at Venus in the Third Dimension, say, and expect to see it flourishing there. (11) Other civilizations come from future times. (12) They have come back through time which they can easily do. So not all physical civilizations who are here have come from our spatial and temporal dimensions.

And, seventh, we will be seeing a large spirit contingent coming and so we need to revise our paradigms about reality. These are not what we call “ghosts” or holograms. They are real, live people, just like us, with the difference that they don’t carry around a physical body as we do. These will include evolved spirits like Matthew and Saul, ascended masters like Jesus, St. Germaine, and Buddha, angels and archangels like Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron, Melchizedeks, Elohim, and higher spirits. We have to make room in our philosophies for them as well and so far they’ve been the forgotten topic.

The people we will meet, by and large, will be wiser, more loving, and humbler than we are. We stand in no danger from any of them. There is no cause for alarm or fear.

With 10-10-10 past now, it looks like there will be a continual ramping up, to use Suzy Ward’s word, (12) in the days and weeks ahead, culminating in Disclosure.

For our part, I’d like to suggest that the time is past for being silly, egotistical, skeptical, narrow-minded, resentful, rude, or any other of the careless ways of being we have allowed in ourselves up to now.

It’s a time for maturity, circumspection, humility, cooperation, and forgiveness. When you join in the discussion on the Galactic Forum on the new site, I’d suggest you use the time to practice.

We stand on threshhold of a new era in Earth’s history. The people I’m addressing right now are the leaders in that new era. Everyone on Earth is counting on you and will be looking to you because, of all Earth’s residents, you know what’s happening. The curtain will be rising soon. Everyone take your seats in preparation for takeoff. Now comes the time when we begin the process of finding our way home.


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