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We are Already Immortal

Imagine how much our society will suddenly have to take in in a very short time once disclosure happens? We are not alone in the universe. Spirits are real. Angels are real.  Invisible things still exist. There are many dimension to reality. You are immortal.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

The more solid we are in our appreciation of some of these facts, the more we can help society to remain stable while a conceptual earthquake occurs. That’s one of the definite advantages of discussing so many of these topics together.

Here I want to discuss the notion that death does not exist. I’d like to bring in some of the voices from New Maps of Heaven along with our usual spirit and galactic friends so you may see some new names and faces here.

The spirit Saul says that we immerse ourselves in “a meaningless struggle against death.”

“You cannot die — you are immortal beings of infinite perfection, and yet you continue to hide this knowledge from yourselves.” (1)

Immortal? Isn’t “immortality” something we achieve once we are enlightened? No, that is freedom from needing to reincarnate physically. Even if we must continue to reincarnate physically, we are still immortal; we never die though our bodies do.

The galactic Kryon makes a cryptic comment that reflects this when he says:

“There’ll come a day when I see you again. We will mesh our energies together and you will call it death.

“And I’ll look at you and say welcome home.” (2)

Welcome home? Well, yes. What is death to the loved ones we leave behind on Earth is a homecoming to our loved ones in spirit. To make this point, let me now switch over to sources in New Maps of Heaven. These are spirits communicating after the death of their physical bodies. Again, I have eliminated from this account any communicators I deem to be not credible. What remains are, in my opinion, very credible sources.

South African spirit communicator Mike Swain tells his father, Jasper: “We on this side rejoice when the soul of an old friend comes here.” (3) The atmosphere is like a homecoming.

Canadian Grace Rosher’s mother tells her: “When anyone from the old world joins the family circle we get a great thrill.” (4)

When Philip Gilbert, who reminds me very much of Matthew Ward, was asked to intervene to help cure an illness, he responded: “Do remember that, to us, your coming over here is no cause for grief – why should we interfere [with the course of an illness], in normal circumstances?” (5)

American journalist Julia Ames, who was very well known in her pre-WWI day for her Letters from Julia, reminds us that “death only exists for the living, not for us.” (6) “What you call death … is really the entrance into life.” (7)

The entrance into life? Yes, and a life more abundant, as we shall see when we enter the Fourth Dimension, which I think will be similar to the Astral Planes.

Gordon Burdick, Grace Rosher’s sweetheart, tells her that “death, as [you] call it, is nothing more than a new birth. … We are even more alive than before.” (8)

In the nineteenth century, spirit teacher Mary Bosworth put it this way: “Death to you is a darkened way; to us it is a path of light.” (9)

Grace Rosher’s grandmother tells her that “we do not die and there is nothing to fear when the change comes. If I had known what I know now, I should have had no fear.” (10)

“The death of the body is but a gentle passing to a much freer life,” Frances Banks tells us in Testimony of Light. (11)

Mike Swain tells his dad that birth is far more dangerous than death:

“Believe me, Dad, it is ten times more dangerous and unpleasant to be born into your world than it is to leave it! Being born is a painful, risky process and none of us contemplate it with any degree of pleasure. And yet all of you people on the earth fear death.” (12)

Given what they know, it seems a natural thing for spirits to want to return and tell anyone who will listen the glad news. Says Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson:

“It is but natural that, with the opportunity presenting itself, we should visit the earth and, by bringing with us a little of the light of knowledge, we should be able to dispel the fears of death of the physical body that haunt so many people and, in place of those fears, give some knowledge and information of the superb lands of the spirit world wherein we now live and wherein you yourself will one day come to join us.

“In place of fears of a speculative ‘hereafter’ we try to show you something of the brilliant prospect that lies before you when that happy moment arrives for you to take up your true and undoubted heritage in the spirit world.” (13)

The “superb lands of the spirit world” relieve of us hunger, thirst, worry, fatigue, want … well, many of the things we look to Ascension to relieve us of, really.

In order to give us a sense of what to expect after Ascension – at least to the Fourth Dimension if not to the Fifth, which will happen a short while after entering the Fourth – I’ll try to give some glimpses of life on the Astral Planes.

They are the closest thing to seeing ahead of time what life after at least a partial Ascension to the Fourth Dimension will be like. Ascension to the Fifth Dimension  will be … well, better.

In the meantime, what we may want to understand is that death is nothing to be feared. On the contrary, death will relieve us of much suffering and release us into a world that is beneficient and enjoyable probably past our imagining.


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