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The Second Scenario: World Finances

We said earlier that three possible scenarios could interfere with the timing of disclosure and we talked about one – the NWO’s use of the pandemic weapon.

We saw Barack Obama up against Gen. Gene Renuart of NORTHCOM and NORAD and Dr. David Nabarro of WHO.

The NWO Crashes National Economies

Now let us consider the second weapon, the use of private financial institutions in the hands of the NWO to crash the global financial system and consolidate power in their own hands.

The NWO’s goal was to make the private banking system pre-eminent over national economies and they sank or wounded more national economies than we probably remember.  

American currency speculators, in concert with the IMF, up-ended Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Russia many years ago.

Now the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is using its pre-eminent position to set conditions on private banks that have recently dried up lending, causing  Indian farmers who could not buy next year’s crop of engineered, infertile Monsanto seeds to suicide, bringing down South Korean companies who were otherwise stable but could not get access to loans, and toppling Japanese banks by mandating an increase in their capital-holding requirements.

The BIS, along with the Federal Reserve, is a private bank, owned by the dark hats, whose business it is to see that private banking rules the world.

I once thought that Basel I and II would save us. Instead they have been the bane of the world as the BIS uses its position to make governments beholden to private (read: Illuminati) banking and private banking  sovereign over the people.

Enter King Kong

In the years in which their schemes have reigned, various American presidents have spearheaded or acceded to deregulation of one industry after another, bringing in their train the junk-bond scandal, the bubble, and the subprime collapse.

But now the NWO has created such a behemoth that it makes the other scandals look like soap bubbles in the galley of the Hindenburg.

This King Kong is the derivatives bubble, the one that will bring the global economy down just in time for the galactics to step in, along with their spirit allies like St. Germain and Kuthumi, to take the reins of power from the Illuminati and declare NESARA.

The derivatives bubble is the Son of Deregulation, come back to claim his kingdom.  It has the punch of a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a black hole in financial space

No Recovery from This One

The latest BIS estimate of the (notional) value of the derivatives market is USD 1.5 quadrillion.  The gross domestic product of the planet is around USD 50 trillion. That makes the derivatives bubble around 30 times the whole planet’s GDP.  (All figures are approximate; it may be 29 times.)

Distributed evenly, that would leave every man, woman and child on Earth with a debt of around $200,000.

Derivatives are the largest Ponzi scheme ever. They make Bernie Madoff look like a hair on the head of this Black Bart.

The NWO was raking in money as long as this speculative market was expanding and expand it did.

But now the party is over, everyone is waiting for the sea to go out and the sound of the 100-foot tsunami rushing in.

Enter Barack Obama, fully apprised of the risks he assumes in playing “Mr. President.”  He must keep his cards close to his chest so that as many innocents as possible remain unharmed when this megabubble bursts, while allowing events to take their course so that the next scenario can begin.  

We know and President Obama knows, but the BIS and the Federal Reserve apparently do not, that the galactics plan to “save our souls” with the wisdom economy and are simply waiting for the derivatives meltdown to occur.

But occur it must.  The world can never, ever save or spend its way out of the corner we have backed ourselves into with this latest scam. We really did it to ourselves this time. There is no recovery plan.

All other recent bubbles that have burst and failures that have occurred are related to it in some way – Bear Stearns, AIG, Northern Rock, subprime.

Titanic on a  New Timeline

The Tower of Basel is leaning. The pyramid of American banking is teetering. Barack Obama has his fingers in more dikes than he can manage.

All of us are watching events as if nothing is happening, when, behind the scenes, all is panic and long faces, as the accumulation of generations of swindles and sleight of hand, from Bretton Woods to today, comes crashing down.

So this is the second factor that could interfere with the timing of the galactics disclosing their existence to a troubled Earth and it is a second drama that the genial and far-seeing Mr. Obama is managing.

Speak of moving decks chairs on the Titanic. Obama is steering the Titanic, on a new timeline.  He knows what comes next.  Knowing that, if he plays his part well, for the good guys, the RMS Titanic may sink but the SS California and a flotilla of rescue craft will make it this time and a whole new destiny awaits them.



Further Reading

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Google either “Michel Chossudovsky” or “Henry K. Liu” for further background on any of these topics.

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