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Ch. 7. Economic Meltdown

Note: I discourage anyone from making financial decisions based on the expectation that NESARA will happen “soon.” No one knows when NESARA will be declared or, if they do, they are not saying.

Some believe that the broken economy can be fixed. But Matthew Ward is not one of them. He says:

“The continuing lies and manipulation of all facets of money-changing are keeping afloat the illusion that what was broken is being fixed. No, what is broken is irremediable. To the Illuminati, this spells The End, and to all who are enlightened, it spells The Beginning.” (1)

The SHGF agree:

“Attempting to bolster the current mess is futile; your fatally-flawed governance has reached a point where it must return to its democratic principles and then expand upon them.

“The powerful deadwood and allied special interests that run your governments need to be removed. This is no time for ‘more of same.’ This is why we have supported the vast and sweeping new system proposed by our Earth allies. Its implementation is going to rock the world!” (2)

Before the new economic system can be firmly established, Matthew warns, “a stormy period must be weathered.”

“It is necessary to sweep away the crumbled, corrupt foundation before a new basis for banking, commerce and fair allocation of the world’s natural wealth can be solidly built. Some of your most astute and courageous economists are saying the same, as well as what we mentioned some years ago—the United States is bankrupt, and when its economic collapse comes, and it soon shall, the fallout will be felt around the world.” (3)

According to Ker-On of Venus as well, we have still to go through “unsettled times.” (4)

“Fear of job loss, of losing your property, or [of] poverty are real enough, but it is unavoidable if you are to self-determine your own future. The old paradigm has proved inadequate for your needs and has shown the extent to which you have been deceived.

“There is now a shaking out of the old and it will inevitably result in hardships to many people.”(5)

The SHGF considers it “a time for cleansing your world on multiple levels as she prepares for what is about to supersede your present reality.” (6)

SaLuSa tells us that ” you cannot go back to the old ways, as these are defunct and a totally new money system is required. … The cleansing has got under way.” (7)

He invites us to see what is occurring as evidence of the coming of a new epoch.

“The suddenness of changes so far should convince you that you are really facing the beginning of a new era, which is quite remarkable bearing in mind that just a few years ago the dark forces were in control. …

“Clearly there is a lot of cleaning up to do, but first the hiding places of the dark need to be opened up to public scrutiny. It is important that you come to know the truth, as in the bigger picture there is a lesson for Humanity.” (8)

SaLuSa reassures us that the galactics understand “the fear generated on Earth because of the situation you are going through. … There is muddle and confusion all around as the old collapses.” (9)

He reveals that the turmoil must be borne because “it is still a time when much Karma is being cleared, so it must be allowed in the interests of all concerned.” (10)

Atmos of Sirius reminds us that the galactics normally cannot interfere in karmic matters:

“We must reiterate that we cannot just … intervene in matters that have been karmically brought about by you. You are the creators of your experiences and it is not for another to take them away as lessons are clearly meant to be learnt. You would not evolve if you did not experience the results of your thoughts and actions.”

Karma notwithstanding, a special dispensation will be allowed those who turn to the Light. “With the closing of the cycle,” Atmos says, “the Law of Grace comes into operation, and the Creator has decreed that those who are of the Light shall be released from their remaining karma.

“Many a life at this time has been planned as a final thrust to clear karma and that is why they have been full of challenges. However, as hard and trying that they may be, you would not be expected to take on more than you were capable of handling.” (11)

Ker-On reminds us that “the calamities that befall you will quickly be cleared once we can start to openly reach out to you. Therefore take them into your stride knowing that they will be short lived, and you will be more than compensated for all of the troubles you have endured.” (12)

The spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation warn us that an economic collapse is inevitable, though it will be short-lived. It is necessary to clear the deadwood from positions of economic power and to complete much unfinished karma. Once having occurred, NESARA will be unveiled. Some of its provisions already have been implemented.

But how much remains to be done?


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