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Ch. 8. Remaining Work

Note: I discourage anyone from making financial decisions based on the expectation that NESARA will happen “soon.” No one knows when NESARA will be declared or, if they do, they are not saying.

What remains to be done? Why has the process taken so long to get us to the starting gate?

Sheldan Nidle’s SHGF told us in February of this year that “the reason it has taken so long to get you to the starting gate [is that] numerous legal, financial, and monetary programs had to be approved by influential segments of the world community.

“Now this is done. The next step is the implementation of what has been agreed to and slowly but surely these stages are coming on line. What remains now is the trickier stuff.

“This ‘trickier stuff,’ however, is ready to manifest. Our Earth allies and we are jointly doing what is necessary to get things done.” (1)

Very seldom do the galactics and celestials discuss specifics of their, or their Earth allies’, operations. The SHGF offers a small amount of detail. One of the revelations is that most of the people at the top of the Illuminati power structure have been removed.

“Several sticking points keep frustrating [our Earth Allies]: These arise from the avarice, misplaced loyalties, and downright perversions that characterize many of those in the upper echelons of your political and economic institutions.

“Most of these warped individuals have been removed, and an environment conducive to the many urgent reforms and other sweeping changes to your reality is currently being created.

“Our Earth allies know at firsthand what a challenge their quest has been. Given the magnitude of the changes required and the intractability of the planetary conditions, they were looking at a very protracted and circuitous undertaking.

“Early on, a series of unique maneuvers was agreed upon. Within this equation was of course us. This constituted a balancing-act for them, in which they had to reconcile and meld the information we provided for them with the present Earth worldview.

“Adapting to the nature of the dark cabal and its daily operating procedures was central to our allies’ success. On top of this came the need to accommodate the deep changes being made to each one of you.

“Heaven had a plan, and soon our Earth allies and we had one too. We have combined these two into a master plan.” (2)

And what are we to do during this clean-up that the galactics say is underway, short though it may be and ending in NESARA as it will?

Atmos reassures us that “it is possible to live your life in the midst of the turmoil and yet feel free from the effect of the lower energies that are all around you.”

“Naturally if they directly affect you, it requires great concentration and dedication to the Light to stay out of reach of their impact upon your life. Your strength can come from knowing that whatever happens now or in the immediate future, it will be short lived.” (3)

SaLuSa advises remaining focused on our vision of what lies ahead.

“The Lightworkers, who have helped to project the vision of a new Earth and a new beginning for all life forms, are able to keep their heads above the waters that are sweeping the old away. They hold onto their vision knowing that it is already beginning to manifest upon Earth.

“Those who do not understand the reasons for what is happening are more prone to cling onto the old ways that in spite of the chaos have given them comfort. Some of course feel that they are safely out of harm’s way, and believe that no major changes will happen to them. …

“These groups [will live] out this period with faith in their different beliefs, yet, as the changes become more apparent and are seen as beneficial to everyone, they will slowly be drawn together.” (4)

SaLuSa likens the Earth to a “Phoenix emerging from the ashes. You will take your opportunity to introduce a completely new way of working. New ideas will abound, and with our direct help you will be well on the way to establishing a more acceptable and free society.” (5)

He advises us that we need to switch now from a society that puts self-interest first to one that puts compassionate service to others first:

“Love is the key to everything, and when you can all put the needs of others first, everyone will have more than enough. It is a simple maxim that Man finds so hard to implement at this time.” (6)

The spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation tell us that the period of the economic clean-up will be short and advise us to remain outside the turmoil and focus instead on our vision of the approaching New Age.

Having heard the complete story from them, do they give us any idea of when NESARA will come?

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