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Toward a World That Works for Everyone

Werner in 1979

If we were looking for a phrase that would describe the world we’re headed for, for me, it would be Werner Erhard’s memorable phrase: “a world that works for everyone.”

I now see that Werner was looking through eyes that knew the Fifth-Density world that we’re aiming at. The rest of us blinked when he spoke about “context” and “coming from the whole.” But I now see what he was describing where I didn’t then.

He was describing a world he could see and feel, a world that he lived from in which he did what worked and what he did worked. It was a world in which he felt love and compassion for all without condition or distinction, the same universal love that we are being encouraged to live from today.

Our partners on the spirit side of life like St. Germain and Archangel Michael and on the galactic side like SaLuSa of Sirius and Mira of the Pleiadians are standing in that ascended space and beckoning to us.

“Here is the world you’re looking for, the world that works for everyone, with nobody left out.”

What is it that chiefly stands in the way of my experiencing that world?

I’m convinced it can be summarized in one phrase: My “unfinished business” stands in the way – what (Hindu) Vedantists would call “vasanas.”

“Vasana” is a Vedantic term for a persistent reaction pattern triggered by a current upset which resembles a past upset.

All the issues I’m carrying around since forever.

One of my intentions here is to begin mapping the whole business of processing old issues out so that, when the time comes, I can assist people who’re wanting to be free from theirs so they can pass through the eye of the needle of ascension.

I’m a completely innocent and sovereign individual who has, over lifetimes, created issues over various situations that all but mask that innocence and sovereignty from my awareness.

That said, I offer as an initial hypothesis that the two chief tools I see I have to overcome those issues without needing to process each and every one of them would be forgiveness and gratitude.

Forgiveness of myself and others and gratitude to God and everyone around me for what I have, what I’ve learned, what I’ve gained.

I’ll be exploring how forgiveness of everyone who has ever harmed me and asking the forgiveness of all I have ever harmed works. A simple statement of that said once does not seem to do the job. There must be more to the practice.

By the same token, giving thanks to God and the world once for all that I am and have also does not seem to do the job. I must explore the work that gratitude does and see what a “grateful heart” really looks like.

I acknowledge that, without the cooperation of everyone else in this world, I would not be in the position I am today, anticipating ascension and an end to dualistic consciousness for myself and the planet.

Werner’s goal of creating a world that works for everyone is, by the words of the spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation, guaranteed. Only by consciously turning our backs on the offer could we not find ourselves, soon enough, in exactly that planetary environment of transformation and abundance that Werner knew and pointed to.

Werner held that dream for millions of people, such was the power granted him by the state of enlightenment he was in. I have a video of him, as it were, burnt into my mind and it serves as my inspiration as I work my way along from a state of incompletion to a state of completion and ascension and then service to others.



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