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Welcome to New Readers

In the last week, readership of this website has gone up by about a fifth. I attribute that to much-appreciated publicity around “World Disclosure Day” and welcome all new readers.

Let me say a word about how this site is organized and other sites that complement its work.

This site contains articles on two subjects: (1) the rise of the Light upon this planet in preparation for Ascension in or before December 2012 and (2) the fall of a dark cabal of planetary controllers, composed of both terrestrials and extraterrestrials (namely, the terrestrial Illuminati and the extraterrestrial Anunnaki and little Greys).

The ranks of lightworkers on and above the planet consist of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, benign extraterrestrial races, and their Earth allies (sometimes called “White Knights”).

The Spiritual Hierarchy comprises the White Brotherhood of Earth’s ascended masters and the ranks of spirits above them, such as the Angelic orders, the Elohim, and superior ranks known only vaguely to us.

The benign extraterrestrials include federations and coalitions the best known, but not the only, of which is the Galactic Federation of Light. These galactic races come from such star systems and nations as Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra, and so on. Many of these star nations first seeded the Earth with the various human races found here and have maintained contact with us since those days.

Note here that the human template is common in the universe, though some may have reached it by mammalian lines as we did and others by reptilian, insect, bird, plant, and other lines.

The exact identity of the Earth allies is kept a secret to protect them from attack by the dark forces. However, increasingly elements of the military are assuming prominent roles in the protection of people of the Earth and shadow politicians and financiers stand ready to take over in caretaker administrations and to implement a “wisdom economy” or “abundance program” that will enable planet-wide prosperity, all in preparation for Ascension to the Fifth Dimension.

A third group of Earth allies is working with the galactics to address the Gulf of Mexico oil spill using suppressed technologies and new technologies supplied by our space family.

The articles on this site are divided into posts and pages. The posts are mounted in chronological order. The pages are mounted in a fixed righthand list.

You may retrieve both posts and pages by using the “search” box in the upper righthand corner of any page.

There is also an “archives” feature that allows you to search by month.

In the lower righthand column you’ll find categories that you can search on as well.

Another complement of sources can be found at an earlier website called The Essays of Brother Anonymous. Most of my writings were published pseudonymously before I retired. They are scattered around on a number of websites.

Those of chief interest to readers here would be the following:

(1) First Contact, at

First Contact is a compendium of quotes from the Spiritual Hierarchy and galactic sources I’ve consulted. There may be many reasons why I haven’t consulted a source, too many to go into here. This compendium, however, is freely available to any researcher who wishes to use it to examine why the galactics are here, what work they intend to accomplish, what the future holds for us, etc.

(2) Ascension and the Golden Age, at

A number of earlier articles on Ascension, the Galactic Federation, and related topics.

(3) Spiritual Essays, at

Essays on spiritual, psychological, and galactic matters, most of which were published on Galactic Roundtable and Share 11 Yahoo discussion groups. Many of these articles have been relocated to The 2012 Scenario but some have not, particularly those on the processing of unfinished business, a subject which will become important later.

SaLuSa the Sirian, who speaks through Mike Quinsey

(4) Other books and dictionaries of quotations.

There exist at Essays of Brother Anonymous dictionaries of quotations on enlightenment, life after death, gender persecution, etc. There is also a book on the purpose of life, which has been reproduced to The 2012 Scenario as The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment.

In the run-up to Ascension in 2012, many of our beliefs will be brought into question. These books are designed to provide reinterpretations of spiritual verities which may serve as a middle ground until much broader and more truthful explanations are supplied to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy and galactic federations.

Typical of our need for middle-ground knowledge would be our understanding of what the Christian religion calls the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, which the Hindu religion calls Brahman, Atman, and Shakti. Numerous essays on this site look at this subject including “On the Nature of the Divine Mother” and “Christianity and Hinduism are One” (the former on the main page and the latter in Spiritual Essays).

Matthew Ward at 17, just prior to his transition

The entirety of this collection should, I hope, provide an introduction to what is going on in our world, viewed from a terrestrial, extraterrestrial, or spirit perspective.

Thank you for your comments, which I do read with great enthusiasm.

I welcome any suggestions you wish to make regarding additions to this collection and can be reached at


Steve Beckow

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  1. Alan Rycroft permalink
    October 6, 2010 1:09 am

    Dear Steve,
    Many many thanks to you and your site. I have just discovered it and am amazed! It is broader than most similar sites and many strands and sources and points of view are respected and converge here; including trad. religion and spiritual wisdom which is too often ignorantly and indiscrimately trashed by much new age. You are a wide and deep soul and tolerant and open minded spiritual connoisseur and fellow universalist a man after my own heart good sir!

    Alan Rycroft UK.

  2. September 12, 2010 8:46 am

    Thanks Steve, as I am always looking for more knowledge and enlightment on the subject of the soul and what is happening out there in the universe-it facinates me. Balzar who channeled thru a friend told me “I was Galactic born”, explained my love of the night heavens and stars and moon.

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