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Passport to Ascension

Last revised: 24 Sept. 2010

I personally found the message, “Passport to Ascension,” by Archangel Michael to have been one of the most revealing recent messages I have seen. It also opened up whole new fields to us, some of which I felt noteworthy.

The first is that Archangel Michael confirmed something we discussed a while back – that the ascension process we’ll go through before or during 2012 is not, by any means, the end of the journey.

He says that “there are many levels and stages of ascension.” He names “personal earthly ascension” as the one we are going through by 2012. And he names an advanced stage which he calls “the universal ascension process” which he says “we will experience … together … in the far-distant future.”

Michael is an archangel; that is the second order of angels, far past bodhisattvas, buddhas, ascended masters. And yet he suggests that he himself has not experienced this level of ascension.

Of his order of beings he says: “We in the higher realms of existence have had glimpses of this prodigious cosmic event and, we assure you, it is so magnificently complex and awe inspiring that it is beyond your present comprehension.”

You remember that we said earlier that, if the entire journey of life could be seen as a train trip from, say, Los Angeles to New York, then “personal earthly ascension” would be like reaching Bakersfield.

Well, here Archangel Michael says that “universal ascension” will take place in the far-distant future, a future that he himself, exalted as he is, has not yet experienced, demonstrating to us that the whole of life, with its countless levels of enlightenment, is a long, long journey.

Another really important comment that he makes is “to advance on the spiral of ascension, you must take the Sacred Fire you personally need to become a self-master; and then you must share your newly-gained wisdom with others in order to proceed to the next level of en-lighten-ment.”

You remember that we discussed that we are here to train to be leaders in the coming New Age. Well, here is Michael saying that service – especially the service of sharing our wisdom – is important if we are to progress.

I don’t think sharing wisdom is confined to speaking truth; the individual who cares for the sick is sharing the wisdom of valuing human life; the individual who paints a sacred vision is sharing the wisdom of divine beauty.

Why is “progress” so important? Because the design of life is a journey from God to God. Spiritual evolution is the program. And this process of evolving Michael refers to as “progress.”

He implies that we must share what we have or we cannot keep it or benefit by it. That which remains unshared, that which we hoard, is lost.

A third important comment is that, “if the inner light of awareness shines too brightly too soon, it can be a strain on the conscious mind and the ego desire body, thereby creating a battle for supremacy.”

For those who wish to storm the walls of heaven, who wish to be an ascended master now, here is the reason why the path is often slow and steady. If our reach is too far beyond our grasp, we give the ego ground to complain and overturn the efforts of the higher self.

He tells us that “each soul draws forth a quantity of its God-Self essence in proportion to the life’s mission it assumes for a particular incarnation.” Our choices determine how much of our “storehouse of sacred essence” we will have access to.

There is no compulsion to take on a challenging life mission, but the more challenging it is the more access we have to our “Self-essence.”

Finally he reminds us that the forces of Light “are rapidly clearing the way for you to become Divine messengers, inspired teachers and initiates of a new way of existence.” I think we on GRT may wish to take that message to heart.

Being here is not a spectator sport. This is a training ground. If all we are doing is simply gratifying our curiosity, rather than applying what is being reported on here to ourselves, then Michael’s message is a good reminder to take the step into action now.

And what does he advise us to do to prepare ourselves? The same thing we have been discussing from the outset: “You must clear out your emotional storehouse of the past, the old emotional grudges and self-judgment that lower your self-esteem and empowerment.”

We have talked about that as unfinished business. Eckhart Tolle calls it “the pain body.” Hindus refer to it as the vasanas and Buddhists the samskaras.

“Vasana” is a Vedantic term for a persistent reaction pattern triggered by a current upset which resembles a past upset.

All sages know that, without cleaning up the residue of the past and letting go of our fears of the future, we cannot hope to progress.

There is much more to Michael’s message but I am going to stop here. This message is different from many others in that it departs from tantalizing us with images of our future in the Golden Age and, like Diane’s before, begins to discuss with us, in a no-nonsense fashion, the work that lies ahead of us.

The spiritual hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, I believe, now consider that we are committed listeners – fish on the hook – and are starting to talk to us in a straight manner about what our duties and responsibilities will soon be.

A test of our maturity is whether we can switch gears now and take up the challenge to work, not just for our own progress, but for that of all our brothers and sisters on Earth.

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