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Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials? – Part 1/3

Part 1/3

This article was written, by coincidence, the same day the Times of London announced that Stephen Hawking had warned humanity against talking to aliens because they could very well be hostile. I hope it answers many of the questions raised by that interview.

The article has been reviewed by Suzy Ward, Matthew, and Hatonn, commander of an intergalactic fleet and master of communication between Earth and other locations in the universe, whose changes I have incorporated. I express my gratitude to them.

During much of our past, it would have been wise to be concerned about some extraterrestrials. Such dark races as the Anunnaki and the Zeta Reticulans (known as the “little Greys”) abducted and subjugated terrestrials.

But, recently, benevolent extraterrestrials have been assisting us to free ourselves from dark influences and helping us prepare to leave third density at the close of this cycle in 2012.

This essay looks at whether we need fear dark ET civilizations any longer. Were I to answer the question by exclusively drawing on ET sources, I might open myself to the charge that my sources could be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If I were to take another tack and exclusively draw on the messages attributed to ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha, Kuthumi, or St. Germain, I would open myself to questions of how I know those messages are really from them or whether they are falsely claimed to be. For example, might these words be from a low entity pretending to be Jesus?

Matthew Ward

Mathew Ward at the time of his transition in 1980, at age 17

I therefore decided to take my information exclusively from a source that I have come to respect and trust over the last three years – someone who is universally admired for his wise and balanced approach and whose monthly messages are well-received.

That source is Matthew Ward, who passed over into spirit life in 1980 at age 17 and, since 1994, has telepathically transmitted information to enlighten, comfort, and guide Earth’s people during this time of great changes on the planet. In Matthew’s spiritual service he works closely with souls in physical civilizations and comes highly recommended by them.

For instance, Ashtar, the commander of a space fleet, once told the author:

“I want to tell you why you can trust the information we transmit to Suzy Ward. We know Matthew – all highly evolved beings in the universe know this soul – and his soul and his mother’s vibrate at the same high frequency, where only truth is passed between beings wherever they are. She is known by us as a uniquely-clear receiver.” (1)

Another extraterrestrial described Matthew as “a highly-evolved soul who, through self-discovery, has eliminated the layers of non-understanding that come with indoctrination of erroneous information and subsequent opinions or beliefs.” (2) I agree with both these estimations.

So this essay looks at extraterrestrial civilizations in proximity to Earth through the words of a soul who has spent physical lifetimes on this planet.

Matthew’s mother, Suzanne (Suzy) Ward tells us that Matthew died in a vehicle accident in Panama on April 17, 1980. Fourteen years later, Suzy’s telepathic communication with him began.

“He told her that her primary mission of this lifetime was to publish … information about life beyond Earth and the celestial advice and guidance urgently needed during this era of unprecedented planetary changes. Finally, he answered [a] question [in her mind] about why he had died at such a young age: He had to, so he could send her that information.” (3)

Where does Matthew get his information? He informs us that:

“In addition to our observations of activity in Earth’s energy field of potential, the sources of information in my messages are Earth’s monitors in Nirvana, evolved souls in spirit worlds, and the physical civilizations who have been assisting beloved Earth for many decades. When all perspectives are essentially the same, we feel confident in what we relate to you.” (4)

Another way of describing the sources used by Matthew’s group is to say that they have access to monitors, masters, celestials, and extraterrestrials from many levels higher than the Third Dimension that we inhabit.

Matthew maintains that “Nirvana” is the proper name of Earth’s spirit world, usually called “Heaven.”

Matthew has told the author that he uses the terms “we” or “our observations” when he is the spokesperson for a large group of souls at the same spiritual evolutionary level.  This situation is common among spirit communicators. Both the well-known “Silver Birch” and “Imperator” spoke as the leaders of groups of cooperating beings. (5)

On May 7, 2004, Matthew discussed how he relays messages from others, sometimes from lofty stations: “Once again I have been requested to speak on behalf of others, light beings in high stations whose love energy constantly is beaming to Earth.” (6) He adds: “During this time of unprecedented changes on the planet – indeed, in the universe – many messengers such as I are giving forth the wisdom and knowledge inherent in the higher vibrations.” (7)

The Dark Forces and Their Terrestrial Servants

According to Matthew, it’s accurate that dark forces have acted malevolently towards Earth. They are truly a force that wreaks havoc in the universe, “a vast and powerful energy field that can roam the heavens and cause chaos, even the death of entire civilizations and their planet homelands, [but they] no longer [are] near your solar system. When distant civilizations started beaming intense light to Earth, that force field left because it cannot tolerate light.” (8)

Their leaving can be traced as far back as 2008, when Matthew was informing us that “the in-pouring of light reached such a mass that the [dark] force field, to which light is anathema, no longer could remain.” (9) “The light grid around Earth permits entry by light beings only; even if dark entities wanted to enter, they cannot approach the brilliance of that grid.” (10)

Any dark extraterrestrials living among us and any dark terrestrials will have to depart.

“Souls of both the light and the dark forces are living among the populace – as Earth rises into higher vibratory levels where the light is still more intense, the dark souls will embrace the light or leave the planet.” (11)

The dark extraterrestrials were served by a group which calls itself “the Illuminati,” though none are spiritually illumined. Matthew discusses them and their impact upon the planet and its inhabitants.

“The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the ‘umbrella’ name of disparate groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout your world for centuries.

“In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical ‘establishment,’ regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, and Zionists.

“They have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines and widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated opposition.

“They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas, mind control, the ‘illegal’ drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth—indeed, the very life of Earth herself!

“It is because of the Illuminati’s long reign of bloodshed, corruption and oppression that about seven decades back in your linear time Earth was in death throes. Her cries of despair were a call for help, and God immediately authorized the assistance of spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations to come to her aid.

“With such a massive infusion of light and technologies that you cannot even imagine, countless numbers of your universal family stabilized the planet’s orbit and performed other life-saving measures. Their invaluable assistance is in action this very day, some of it directed toward preventing the plans of the Illuminati from reaching fruition.” (12)

Elsewhere he explains the future fate of the dark terrestrials among the Illuminati.

“As Earth rises into higher densities where the light is more intense, the dark ones – puppets of the dark forces – will embrace the light or their physical bodies will die and [their] souls automatically will be drawn to worlds where the energy density matches the energy of the physical lifetime.” (13)

On other occasions he addressed the subject of the Illuminati, saying that they “will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free-will choices have energetically registered them,” (14) “placements where the energy is commensurate with [their] physical lifetime energy.” (15)

The intransigence of the dark terrestrials “is why duality is still going strong.” But that intransigence cannot last.

“[They] will not impede Earth’s ascension one iota because that is assured, but it is putting in jeopardy a ‘good’ destination for souls who choose to continue negative behavior instead of absorbing the light that would enable them to leave forever third density’s limitations for growth in spiritual awareness and intelligence.” (16)

The increasing light engulfing the planet at this time is “awakening minds to search for truth and opening hearts to actively work for peace for all humankind and respect for all life. … [It] cannot be weakened much less halted.“ (17) It is “unstoppable,” “propelling Earth ever closer to the Golden Age, where no darkness of any kind can exist.” (18)

(For Part 2 of this series, see

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    July 16, 2010 1:57 am

    Thank you so much. This is very positive and enlightening…

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