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Cloning – Part 5/5 – “God’s Attitude” to Cloning

(For Part 4, see

In 1998, Hugo confirms that God has no inherent objection to cloning.

In 2008, he returns to comment on the recent use of clones and whether or not they will be used in the Golden Age.

From Matthew Ward, Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth. Channeled by Suzy Ward. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2001; rev. 2009, 163-8.

S: Hugo, does God approve of cloning?

Hugo: I am amazed by your question! I never thought to question this. I suppose He doesn’t disapprove, as anything that creates for the higher good of the universe surely cannot be considered “bad” by God. It is in the abuse of this cloning capability, like anything else, wherein God most surely would be disappointed, I would think.

Madam Suzy, I ask respectfully that you return to discuss this matter with me another time. I shall come directly in response to your summons or Matthew will contact me, if you prefer. Thank you for this graciousness, and by this I shall say goodbye for a brief time.

S: I look forward to our next visit, Hugo. Thank you for all your information today. Goodbye for now.

The following day:

Hugo: Madam Suzy, thank you for receiving me again. I am heartened to tell you that cloning is not inherently against God. No, not at all. I have given this considerable thought since you questioned it. I have talked with one of the master council members whose wisdom in spiritual affairs is higher than any others in this realm, and he has agreed that cloning is not against God’s wishes, only the misuse of the cloned individuals or the self-serving purpose behind the development of them.

So, my reply rests more easily within me now, as I did not want to obscure your contemplation with my own opinion, which you might give more weight than deserved. Never is it correct to assume that because words come from here they are indisputable. We only have a vantage point you do not and the great wisdom of our masters for amplification of our knowledge.

I have enjoyed your company, Madam Suzy. It has been my pleasure to assist you in this way. If you have other questions later, you can contact me directly, if you wish. Now I bid you farewell in the leave-taking of myself into other good works and I wish you all blessings in your book preparation efforts.

S: Goodbye, Hugo. Thank you for your extra effort on that God approval point and also your good wishes. Matthew, hello again. …  Do you know how those people feel about being cloned?

Matthew: The few people who hold positions where cloning is usual welcome knowing that in the event of an incapacitating condition or sudden death, their power and influence will continue via clones of themselves. When the first clone receives downloaded knowledge from the person’s brain, only the potential of being cloned is registered. Since the downloading procedure from the first clone to the second and the same with all subsequent clones does not carry “I am a clone” knowledge, all of them also know only of the potential.

S: How often is a clone changed?

Matthew: It depends on the individual. Usually cells are taken from a person only after he or she has attained a powerful position, and if this is after considerable alcohol or drug usage or the onset of a disease, the body is past optimum condition for obtaining healthy cells, so the clones deteriorate rapidly and require frequent replacement. Mother, you have commented to Bob about the remarkable difference in appearance of some well known government official or diplomat compared to just a few days prior, when that person appeared haggard and far less articulate—that difference is a new clone.


As Hugo mentioned, he sent me an image of himself. He is a most appealing young man with a wide, open smile, glowing white skin, dark sparkling eyes, and a shock of dark brown hair.


Hugo: Madam Suzy, how delightful that I am in your thoughts and thereby may join you at your computer! How may I be of assistance to you this beautiful sunny day, possibly by answering your questions?

S: Hugo! What a lovely surprise that you’re here – it’s been 10 years or so since we talked! Apparently you know that I’m wondering if clones will have any place in Earth’s Golden Age.

Hugo: Indeed I know you are wondering that, which is why I am at your service. The need to use clones for the continuity of power is rapidly lessening as Earth approaches the promised era of deliverance from darkness. However, we are happy to report that the few cloned individuals that were entered by souls strong enough to overcome the dark orientation of the cloned persons are thriving. The souls’ light and determined spirit produced healthy minds and bodies, and these people are dedicating their lives to serving your world in positive ways.

S: That is good news! So I’m right in thinking that there won’t be any need for cloning here when Earth is in the Golden Age?

Hugo: Yes, and part of the revelations leading to that era will be the truth about the decades of cloned leaders and the dark purpose behind that.

S: From occasional Internet articles I see, some people already are aware of that.

Hugo: We see this too, of course, and you rightly surmise this is evidence of higher consciousness in those people, but still for the population as a whole, this will come as quite a shock.

S: Along with many other truths! Hugo, are you still in Nirvana?

Hugo: No, Madam Suzy. I returned to Jupiter two years ago in your counting and am overseeing the development of new plant life that will replace your world’s reliance on animals as food. As Matthew has told you, flesh-eating will become unpalatable as people learn to respect the sanctity of animal life, and many will welcome other sources of protein with the same familiar flavors and consistency.

These plants will be introduced along with many other products and technologies when it is safe for your astral brotherhood to identify themselves and begin overtly assisting you to rapidly move forward in ways that will astonish you. That is, perhaps not so astonishing to you and other light-working souls, but to the masses of people who are living godly lives without understanding where the mammoth changes underway are leading. They see the old ways breaking down but don’t know that when the phoenix rises from the ashes, so to say, a brilliant world awaits.

S: It would be marvelous to meet you, Hugo—will you visit sometime?

Hugo: Thank you, Madam Suzy, and yes, a visit later on is indeed a possibility, but not at this time as the density still there could entrap the body I would manifest. The many brothers now living among you took elaborate precautions prior to leaving their civilizations, and once on the planet, they underwent physical adaptation before emerging “full-fledged” into your society.

But being there during this time is a mission they took on. As you know, my mission is considerably different, and I haven’t the time for the adaptation process that would be necessary for even a brief visit.

S: Yes, I see, and your mission is a very important one! Thank you so much for visiting in spirit today, Hugo. I look forward to the time when we can meet.

Hugo: I, too, look forward to that day, which will be a time of rejoicing for all spiritual beings in this universe. And now, Madam Suzy, I take my leave and assure you that always I am at your service.

S: Thank you and goodbye for now, Hugo!

(For Part 1 of this series, see )

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