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What of Those Who Leave Early?

In their January 13, 2010 message, the Hathors, through Tom Kenyon, state that, with the earthquake in Haiti, we have entered what they call the “chaotic node.” (1) I have called this period elsewhere the “time of chaos.” (2)

Galactic Federation (GF) spokesman SaLuSa agrees that for a while things “will remain chaotic and uncertain” and adds that “what you are going through is a karmic cleansing, to clear all of the negative energies that have built up over thousands of years.” (3) He goes on to explain:

“In some cases they lay deep within the Earth, and you have pockets where it is particularly powerful such as the Middle East. In your history you will find that such areas are continually the seats of much evil, and wars are endemic. Peace cannot be fully achieved until the negative energies are transmuted, and the people themselves are prepared to live in harmony with each other.

“The [seemingly] impossible will come into being in your time, as it will across the world. It will require a great change where your perception of each other is concerned. Once you realize the you come from the same source and that you are each other’s brothers and sisters, you will more easily accept the Oneness of all that is.” (4)

What I’d like to look at here is the allegation that increased numbers of people will be leaving the planet during this time and that this decision to leave does not invalidate the fact that we are headed for a new Golden Age.

The Hathors tell us:

“You may … experience a greater number of individuals choosing to exit the Earth plane [during this chaotic node]. These exits will take place through unexpected accidents, unforeseen illnesses, and of course, earth changes and weather anomalies.” (5)

GF spokesman Atmos of Sirius reminds us that they are leaving in line with their pre-birth agreements.

“Naturally some souls will leave the Earth due to the changes, but any so doing will be acting out their end time as arranged in their life contract.” (6)

He reassures us that our loved ones have not left us forever.

“When your loved ones or friends leave the Earth plane, … be happy for them. They have not gone from your lives forever, and soul groups will come together time and time again. As often happens, you sense them around you, and if you listen they sometimes ‘speak’ to you. Lack of belief in such possibilities simply blocks the chance of it taking place.” (7)

GF spokeswoman Diane of Sirius amplifies Atmos’ comment and adds that the galactics are not permitted to interfere with important life choices.

“Some of you would rather leave the Earth now, and provisions are already made for it to take place in the natural way in accordance with your life plan. It would have to be a matter of some urgency before we would be allowed to intervene. We know this is a point of contention with some of you, but we are not allowed to interfere with your choice as to how you will end your lifetime.” (8)

SaLuSa goes further and explains that souls who have transitioned to the astral planes will join us in Ascension.

“Of course some of you will leave beforehand, and that will have been planned purposefully for you.

“Let us assume that like most souls you find yourself in the astral regions, where you will still have your links with Earth. You will not therefore be totally cut off from what is happening, and you will certainly become aware when Ascension takes place. Numbers of you would move forward into the new vibratory pattern, and join those who had ascended.” (9)

Spirit teacher Matthew Ward agrees with SaLuSa:

“Persons who make transition from physical to spirit life during Earth’s journey, as well as many who have transitioned in recent years, may indeed have been ‘eligible’ insofar as having sufficient light; however, in accordance with either original or amended soul contracts, their choice is a life in spirit for the time being.” (10)

This is an important subject which requires us all to rethink our notions of “death.” People who leave their physical bodies during this time of chaos and before Ascension have not “died.” Their passing is not something to mourn. They will rejoin us.

The Hathors inform us that “in some ways the veils between life and death are being lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted.” (11)

Rethinking our paradigms of life and death is something that the New Age will require of us.

For anyone wanting to know what I consider to be the truth about life and death, a good starting place might be to read New Maps of Heaven. (12) It’s a subject that we’ll need to get up to speed on later.




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