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The Internet Revolution: We the People Say “No!”


Nov. 8, 2008

Hello to everyone on OpEdNews, Alternet, Information Clearing House,,,,

Hello to Youtube, Project Camelot, Conscious Media Network, Prison Planet, Coast to Coast,

Hello to everyone on the countless circuits I am unaware of who are driving this Internet Revolution that is sweeping the “secret state” from its position of dominance on this planet.


We have seen our power. We are standing up and saying “NO!” to the deep state, the dark cabal, the real “terrorists,” who currently hold our legitimate government hostage.


We know that the cabal and all its allies also live here. They too have families. They too have consciences, however veiled they may presently be. Most are motivated by greed and lust for power.  But some may actually believe that they are serving their country, no matter how mistaken they may be.  They too have the Light of God burning within them, no matter how dim the flame.  To them I send our love, that they too may wake up and join us.

But, while we love you, we do not love your behaviour.

We wish you to know that WE the People will not allow the draining of the national treasury.

WE will not permit the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich and the consolidation of wealth in the hands of a small minority.

WE will not allow mass foreclosures on our homes.

WE will not permit the undermining of national economies through stock manipulation and speculation.

WE will not allow the use of international organizations like the World Bank and IMF to further pauperize economies you have undermined.

WE will not allow hospitals and health care to be run as a for-profit businesses to the detriment of those who cannot afford basic health care and medical services.

WE will not allow the slow death of our educational system.

WE will not permit the turning of our universities into centers of education that only the rich can afford.

WE will not allow our citizens to starve and go homeless for lack of a basic social safety net.

WE will not permit “black budgets” and “black operations” to be run outside of Congressional oversight and financed by control of the global drug trade.

WE will not allow our government to leave us with deadly Morgellons Disease by raining lethal barium and uranium chemtrails on us.

WE will not sanction global eugenics and depopulation (i.e., mass murder).

WE will not permit armies to be stationed on our soil and used as civilian police forces.

WE will not permit ourselves to be sent to Whackenhut prison camps and deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) built to detain and harm us.

// WE will not allow our government to use weather warfare on us or others, including the earthquakes that are daily happening around us through the use of HAARP, such as the most recent one in Quetta, Pakistan.

WE will not permit a “secret government” to murder its own citizens in false-flag attacks like 9/11, 7/7, and Oklahoma City.

WE will not permit the use of fraudulent public commissions to hide the truth of assassinations like that of John F. Kennedy or mass murders like those of 9/11 or Oklahoma City.

WE will oppose the torture of innocents around the world, in secret prisons run by our government and its clients.

WE will not permit our government to spread nuclear weapons among our allies like France, Germany, Britain, Italy, and others.

WE will not permit our government to threaten other nations with nuclear missiles, stationed here or elsewhere.

WE will not allow depleted-uranium (DU) weapons to be used, disfiguring and deforming people, especially babies, and spreading a lingering, painful death among “enemy” civilians, our own troops, and innocent people worldwide when DU clouds disperse on the winds.

WE will not permit the police, military, and other security forces to be used to carry out illegal operations against the citizens of their own country.

WE will not permit intelligence agencies or training centers like the “School of the Americas” to operate and train assassin squads to kill world leaders and disruption teams to destabilize and overthrow democratic regimes.

WE will not allow the stripping of our civil rights.

WE will not allow the Constitution to be treated as a “God-damned piece of paper.”

WE will stop the spread of wiretapping and other forms of citizen surveillance.

WE will prosecute those who engage in election fraud.

WE will not allow the bribing of public officials.

WE will not allow all this to happen in silence because a subservient mainstream media will not report it.

WE will report it.  WE will oppose it.  WE will stop it.

We do not oppose you.  We oppose your behaviour.


The day of the cabal is over.  They will not win. And you will not win with them.

We welcome you laying down your arms, leaving your post, and joining us, as all other patriots have done at all other times in our history.

With us resides peace, hope, and goodwill.  With us lies healing from the wounds of the past.  With us lies the golden future of the Earth.

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