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We Gaians

Gaian: Idealized view of Adam Kadmon template

Each time I type “terrestrial,” my fingers become the hundred feet of a caterpillar who just became aware of walking. They trip all over themselves.

The effort required to type that word slows me down to a crawl.  I must find a better term.

Moreover, if there are “terrestrials,” there must then be “extraterrestrials.” Otherwise who are terrestrials defined in juxtaposition to? There would only be terrestrials and hence no need to define the group as being apart from anyone else.

But the word “extraterrestrial” carries a lot of negative baggage, too many War of the Worlds connotations. And, besides, it still has that caterpillar word in it: “terrestrials.” Can we not find a better set of words?

By the power vested in me as a sovereign citizen of planet Earth, I hereby create a new word to replace “terrestrial” – “Gaian.” “Gaia” is Mother Earth. “Gaian” is an intelligent life form born and resident on Planet Earth.

And since we tend to informalize words these days, it won’t be long before that word becomes “gaian” instead of “Gaian” and so I further propose that we move directly to that point and use the word, “gaian,” as the baseline term for what has till now been called terrestrial, earthling, Earthian, or terran.

Gaian: Another idealized view

Now we need to find a replacement for “extaterrestrial.” By the same power vested in me, I recommend the word “galactic.”

I’ve been criticized for that word because, it has been said, it refers to the galaxy rather than the cosmos or universe.

But I’m not using it that way. I’m using it to mean an intelligent life form born and resident in a place within this universe (rather than within a parallel universe) and from this galaxy or another, but not from Earth.

Whether these two terms catch on or not depends on usage. If no one uses them, they are consigned to the dustbin of history. Anthropologist Leslie White once said (and I paraphrase from memory) that we traffic in symbols, which are things and events upon which we freely and arbitrarily bestow meaning.

There is no inherent logic to our doing so. We take an organism made of cellulose that grows upwards to varying heights and call it a “tree” in English. But “tree” in French is “arbre”; in Greek, “dentro”; in Italian,“albero”; etc. These words are just what they are; they are not God-given or royally-mandated. They are freely and arbitrarily created.

Galactic: Billy Meier's photo of Asket, his Timmarian mentor

Now that we have a new, suggested set of terms, let’s look at two strange things that can be seen in the illustrations of the galactics posted with this article. One is that most of the creatures appear to be human. I don’t say “humanoid” because it seems to me that “humanoid” is a gaian notion and not probably attractive to other, galactic humans. To them, we may seem “humanoid” and probably primitive humanoids at that. (1)

And the second is that some of them appear to have a different evolutionary derivation than we gaian humans do. So let me now turn to that subject.

Apparently the human template, which is known in exoanthropological circles (2) as the “Adam Kadmon” template, is very common in the universe. Spirit Mythos website calls “Adam Kadmon” “an ancient qabballistic word for ‘universal man.’ It is the template or design for the human being.” (3)

David Wilcock hypothesized that many lines of evolution culminate, on the physical plane, in the human form:

“The human body shows up in the galaxy on every planet where life can form. It’s a natural evolution. Some might get there by an insect; some might get there by a lizard; some might get there by mammals like we do; some might get there by cetaceans; some might get there even by vegetation, apparently.” (4)

Galactic: Imaginative depiction of reptilian human

Talk show host Billy Cooper, who was murdered for predicting 9/11 before it happened and blowing the whistle on it after, gave an illustration of perhaps the most difficult category of human evolutionary lines to imagine: the chlorophyl- or plant-based galactic. Here he describes one from his whistle-blowing 1989 lecture, The Secret Government:

“Living Alien Rescued at Roswell, New Mexico, 1949

“The living alien that had been rescued from the 1949 Roswell crash [there were several Roswell crashes, precipitated by American jamming of galactic controls using radar] was named “EBE”. Its name had been suggested by Dr. Vannever Bush as an acronym for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.

Galactic: Drawing of Billy Meier's Pleaiadian contact, Semjase

“EBE had a tendency to lie and for over a year would give only the expected answer to questions asked by his interrogators. Those questions which would have resulted in an undesirable answer went unanswered.

“At some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the information derived from EBE was startling, to say the least. This compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be called the “Yellow Book”. Photographs were taken of EBE which, among others, I and Bill English were to view years later in Project GRUDGE 13.

Galactic: Captive Grey or Zeta Reticulan, possibly the same (possibly not) as the 1949 Roswell EBE

“Alien Biological System Based on Chlorophyll Process

“In late 1951 EBE became very ill and medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of his illness as they had no background about his biological structure from which to draw. EBE’s biological system was chlorophyll-based and processed food into energy much the same as plants did. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an expert in botany was called for.

“A botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to help EBE recover. Dr. Mendoza worked hard to save his life until EBE died in mid-1952. Dr. Mendoza became an expert on alien Biology. Meanwhile in the futile attempt to save EBE and to gain favor with this technologically-superior alien race, the United States began broadcasting into the vast regions of space a call for help early in 1952. The call went unanswered as EBE’s life ebbed away but the project continued as an effort of good faith.” (5)

This Roswell galactic, then, may be an example of a human who reached the “Adam Kadmon” stage by a plant-based line of evolution. The last question I want to deal with here is the fact that, once the galactics who are known to be presently around our planet in ships cloaked from view, disclose themselves, most of them will probably be human in form for some time to come. Why is that?

Galactic: Photo of "Mona Lisa," deceased ET found in spaceship on the Moon by Apollo 20 crew

Let us move gradually to the answer, beginning with the declaration of one Venusian communicator, Ker-On, that his compatriots are very much like us in form.

“We stand amongst those who are most like the human form, and we could easily pass as one of you.” (6)

Now let us move to one who is not so much like us in form but who can shape-shift. Matthew Ward invited a galactic named Icarus (whether that was his real name or one he adopted for the purposes of the interview, I don’t know) to speak through his medium, his mother Suzy Ward. He resembled humans less. Icarus’s people, like all the benevolent galactics assembling around our Earth at this time, are here to help us with Ascension in 2012:

“We are sending you our image. As you see, we are not humanoid in appearance, but only in our natural habitat do we appear tall, rangy, silver and very, very thin, with large eyes and long nimble fingers. We do not much care for the ‘spider’ of your thought, but it is your comparison and so we accept it.

“We can embody to look exactly like any form we imagine or wish to imitate, including just like you. That is how many of us are among you already and you are not the least bit aware of it! We are assisting in the cleansing [of Earth] by being in influential positions so we can make a difference in decisions that affect the environment, the pollution and industries, and in other ways that can reduce the negativity on Earth and therefore reduce the destruction of terra firma and seas.

“We are part of a force in Earth-human disguise that cannot openly declare its presence or purpose, which is the very salvation of your planet! We would like to be known as who we are naturally and no longer hide among you. However, it is not yet time according to our messages directly from God, who rules all major decisions in this universe and has His own timetable for optimum benefits to all concerned.” (7)

In his many messages to us, which we’ve been following on this site and others, SaLuSa, a human from Sirius, has also told us that his fellows of the Galactic Federation have come as part of a much larger united family.

Their purpose is to assist us with Ascension at the end of this cosmic cycle in 2012. They have overseen our evolution on Earth for hundreds of millennia and now wish to disclose their presence to us:

“The Galactic Federation comprises members that have already ascended and serve in the Light.” (8)

“We of the Galactic Federation are charged with looking after Mankind, and your upliftment and safe journey through to Ascension.” (9)

“At some stage you had to come out of your cocoon where extraterrestrial life was concerned. It is now time to meet your ancestors who are your space family, who have been responsible for the evolution of the Human Race as you see it today. … Accepting that life extends well beyond your planet and that it abounds everywhere, and mostly in the higher dimensions allows for a greater expansion of your consciousness.” (10)

When they do reveal their presence, in order not to shock us with too many surprises all at once, the first races we’re permitted to meet will intentionally be human in form like us.

“The first ETs to be introduced would be those who are in like form and appearance to your Earth human bodies” (11)

So it’s timely that we get our ways of referring to them settled before they arrive. Once they do, disclosure being expected in a mere matter of months, everything will probably be chaos.

In this article, then, I’ve suggested different names for “terrestrials” and “extraterrestrials” for a number of reasons – to provide convenience for those who must use the words regularly and to get rid of unfortunate connotations by starting anew. The new baseline words I suggest are “gaian” and “galactic.”

I’ve glanced briefly at the notion of the human or “Adam Kadmon” template and diverse lines that commonly culminate in the human stage of evolution. I have suggested that, when the galactics disclose their presence around the planet, the first representatives of their federations and councils for some time to come will be of the human form or “Adam Kadmon” template.

Whether gaian or galactic, we are a human family. To us, they are our ancestors in some cases and in others our future.


(1) In fact, the galactics have described us as “a vital yet primitive society” and “babes in arms.”   (Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation, Sept. 9, 2000, through Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007, at and SaLuSa, Jan. 13, 2010, at

(2) Exoanthropology is the study of galactic societies and cultures. By the power vested in me, I created that term yesterday, following which, by the power vested in her, Ann created the terms “exosociology,” “exophilosophy,” and “exopsychology.” She implied that she might have continued, but, after her third act of co-creation, she rested.

(3) Adam Kadmon, the Universal Man, at

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(5) Milton William Cooper, The Secret Government, May 23, 1989, transcript of video that begins at .

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