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Sol Luckman: The Shift in Human Consciousness – Part 2/2

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by Sol Luckman

Sept. 19, 2009

[Note: The following transcript is adapted from the updated and expanded 2nd edition of Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method. The transcript, which has been divided into three parts to be posted sequentially, is from an audio seminar presented July 10, 2009, and can be listened to here.]

Part II: Unconditional Love & Human Evolution

Another point related to human evolution that needs emphasizing is that the Shift now occurring is related directly to an increase in cosmic consciousness based in unconditional love. The Shift may be visualized as simultaneously evolution, revolution and, to borrow a term from the Weinholds, “LOVEvolution.”

For some, the current global blossoming of consciousness is viewed as a natural process of human evolution. To others, this phenomenon appears more radical, a spontaneous genetic leap forward. Still others believe that this step is merely the bringing forth of what has existed always as a human potential: a revolution back in the direction of wholeness and integration. I trust by now the listener understands that these ways of envisioning our species’ present evolutionary phase are by no means mutually exclusive.

As the term LOVEvolution suggests, many believe that the dawning Age of Light or Age of Consciousness defines itself in relation to our capacity for unconditional love, our ability to transcend enemy patterning and victim consciousness while adopting unity consciousness that sees divinity in all things. From this standpoint, it might be said humans are evolving into a “biologically conscious” species capable of holding and sharing the light of unconditional love. As we will see momentarily, modern scientific research indeed supports the notion that the emotion of love is the key to true healing as well as conscious evolution.

It has been said that long ago, the ancient Maya conceptualized this next evolutionary stage occurring in the years leading up to 2013 as Mastery of Intention. Mastery of Intention appears to be another way of envisioning what I call conscious personal mastery, defined as unconditional love of oneself as simultaneously the Creator and the created extended outward to all perceived others.

Conscious personal mastery is achieved through activation of an embodied unity consciousness capable of infusing biology itself with new structures and possibilities quite outside the box of even much of today’s “advanced” thinking about human bio-spiritual potential.

According to Joseph Chilton Pearce in The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit, “Transcendence is our biological imperative, a state we have been moving toward for millennia.” The title of another intriguing study by Pearce neatly summarizes the name of the endgame we now are playing: Evolution’s End: Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence.

How does one master intention in order to claim this potential? How does one consciously evolve bodily into “transcendence through immanence”? In other words, how can we best foster conscious personal mastery to facilitate our own metamorphosis, our own transmutation into a higher way of being?

The previously cited research by Bruce Lipton proves that consciousness can reprogram DNA. Our earlier discussion of this topic centered on galactic consciousness, torsion waves spurring human evolution as Earth moves into a denser, brighter and “more conscious” area of the Photon Band. But what role does an individual’s consciousness play in this cosmic drama of becoming?

Clairvoyance is unnecessary to see that human consciousness is expanding at a tremendous rate. A trip to the local bookstore demonstrates that consciousness, along with associated terms such as “intention” and “manifestation,” has become a cultural buzz word.

It must be emphasized that the exponentially increasing focus on consciousness we are witnessing is not merely a “new age” phenomenon, as some in the old guard have tried to paint it. Popular bestsellers such as Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe and Dr. Larry Dossey’s Reinventing Medicine make a clear and compelling case that science is beginning to admit the ancient hermetic principle that Mind is reality’s primary building block.

On this subject, renowned psychiatrist Stanislov Grof has written that “modern consciousness research reveals that our psyches have no real or absolute boundaries; on the contrary, we are part of an infinite field of consciousness that encompasses all there is–beyond space-time and into realities we have yet to explore.”

Such an expansive view of consciousness also informs Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s review of the science of quantum holography in DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, where he reminds us not only that a unified field of consciousness exists, but also that it “may be explained as emerging from a previously overlooked physical vacuum or energy matrix.” From a human perspective, based on mounting evidence I barely have touched on, this nonlocal energy field functions through quantum connections between DNA and universal creative consciousness or torsion energy.

On much the same wavelength, in The Divine Matrix Braden examines the vast implications of three genetic experiments conducted between 1992 and 2000 that “shatter” the old materialistic paradigm on which traditional Newtonian science, and the resulting mechanical view of the body as a machine isolated from mind and spirit, are based.

The first of these experiments was Gariaev and Poponin’s discovery of the “DNA Phantom Effect,” which proves, to quote Braden, that: 1) “A type of energy exists that has previously gone unrecognized”; and 2) “Cells/DNA influence matter through this form of energy.” (I engage in a more thorough discussion of this mind-blowing Effect in Chapter Twelve of Conscious Healing.)

The second experiment, reported in the journal Advances, was performed by the United States Army in the tradition of similar experiments conducted by Cleve Backster. The Army’s experiment clearly demonstrated that the connection between DNA and emotion continues intact following physical separation between a person’s DNA (sampled from inside the person’s mouth) and the actual person experiencing the emotion.

In Braden’s words, this experiment suggests that 1) “A previously unrecognized form of energy exists between living tissues”; 2) “Cells and DNA communicate through this field of energy”; 3) “Human emotion has a direct influence on living DNA”; and 4) “Distance appears to be of no consequence with regard to the effect.”

The third and final experiment cited by Braden is the extraordinary research of cell biologist Glen Rein on the impact of coherent human emotion on DNA. Here, DNA inside human cells was isolated in a glass beaker and then analyzed (chemically and visually) in order to determine the impact of clearly sustained emotions, negative and positive, on genetic material as well as expression. According to Dr. Rein, “These experiments revealed that different intentions produced different effects on the DNA molecule causing it to either wind or unwind.”

Rein and his colleagues discovered that anger, fear and similar emotions have the power to “unwind” the DNA molecule, literally decompressing and killing it. On the other hand, emotions such as joy, gratitude and love “wind” or compress DNA exposed to them, making DNA stronger and healthier.

According to Rein’s data, it even may be possible for positive emotions rooted in love to revive or resurrect DNA apparently destroyed by negative emotions–an astounding phenomenon with truly enormous implications. Lest the skeptical listener dismiss this possibility, let us ponder the related implications of Gariaev’s assertion that “research in wave-genetics … reveals potential applications with significant prospects for solving issues regarding the aging process and thus increasing life expectancy. This view is solidly grounded in [experimental] evidence.”

Rein’s findings on the impact of coherent emotion on DNA can help us answer the critical question of how to participate consciously in our own evolution in a very specific manner. His research makes a direct connection between life-giving torsion energy and uplifting emotions, particularly unconditional love, the most “coherent” of all emotions, indicating that love promotes healing and also literally may propel evolution.

Only the love-based emotions stimulate DNA to wind and become healthier and thus more capable of interacting productively with environmental stimuli. Hatred, depression, boredom and the like cause DNA to unwind, destroying the viability of genetic information necessary for healing as well as evolution.

In keeping with Rein’s research, Barbara Marciniak in Path of Empowerment writes that “genuine feelings of love and appreciation for your body convey a positive message containing essential life-sustaining signals that result in excellent health.” In direct contrast, maintaining “feelings of doom and despair, loneliness, helplessness, denial, anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, and fear conveys a negative message that promotes discord within the physical functions of the body.” Marciniak concludes that the “ability to both give and receive love … holds the true key to healing because it is the most life-sustaining and affirming form of emotional expression.”

Rein’s brilliant research, supported by Marciniak’s inspired keys for surviving and thriving in a chaotic world in the process of transformation, indicates that the single most important factor in our personal evolution is our commitment to open ourselves to our own healing by giving and receiving the primary torsion wave known as unconditional love.

Appropriately, Wilcock’s evolutionary model, founded in The Law of One, is crystal clear on the point that Earth and humans are evolving from a logos anchored in the third dimension to an existence rooted in fourth-dimensional, heart-based consciousness.

In The Biology of Transcendence, Pearce advances a hypothesis supporting this radical assertion based on the little-known fact that humans actually possess four neural centers in addition to the brain. One of these, currently in a state of development, is the “brain” located in and around the heart. Not surprisingly, the fourth or “heart” chakra, linked to the fourth “density” in The Law of One, typically is associated with Christ consciousness or unconditional love.

It is crucial that we understand the evolutionary engine behind this momentous developmental stage for our species, unconditional love, not as a weak abstraction, but as an omnipotent creational force of torsion energy that birthed–as it is still birthing–everything in the multiverse, including ourselves.

Unconditional love is named aptly because the creative principle of love places no conditions on its creations, allowing for the exercise of free will in the upward karmic spiral of evolving human consciousness. The Bible sums up this foundational concept in three words: God is love. For the ancient Egyptians and Maya, to cite but two examples, such infinite love associated with the life-giving feminine principle emanates from Galactic Center, also called the Central or Healing Sun.

Today this Core of our galaxy is thought by most scientists to be a black hole of massive proportions: the equivalent of as many as 4 million of our suns, or more. For decades it was believed black holes destroy everything that falls into them. Not too long ago, however, physicist Stephen Hawking performed an abrupt about-face when he was quoted as saying, “It seems that black holes may after all allow information within them to escape.”

If we understand “information” to include hyperdimensional torsion-wave codes that create and modify life such as those that find expression meta-genetically via transposons in DNA, life indeed may originate, as whole civilizations of ancients claimed, from black holes.

Alternatively, it is possible that Galactic Center contains not only a black hole, but also a “white hole.” In the words of investigative mythologist William Henry, “Of all the high-energy photons beamed at us by the Core, probably none are more puzzling than those emitted in gamma ray bursts. Astrophysicists speculate these bursts are coming from a white hole, a ‘cosmic gusher’ of matter and energy … [W]hatever a black hole can devour, a white hole can spit out. These white holes precisely conform to the image the ancients held of the center of our galaxy.”

In Chinese the character for “crisis,” “wei-chi,” also means “opportunity.” Writing on this subject in Terra Christa years ago, Ken Carey wisely observed, as if referencing the exact period of history we now are experiencing, “IF THERE IS A MEGACRISIS, THERE IS ALSO A MEGAOPPORTUNITY.”

“Within a larger framework of reality,” writes Marciniak, “a crisis can be thought of as a meeting of minds at the crossroads of opportunity–a juncture where you recognize exactly where you are and consciously choose the best possible outcome for where you are going.”

The crisis, as well as the opportunity, of our time is to surrender the controlling aspects of our ego and its conditioned fear mechanisms to the primary torsion energy of unconditional love that is seeking to evolve us and is calling us as a species home.

This “home” may be simply a state of awareness that transcends duality and consciously exists in a multidimensional continuum. Wilcock sees “returning home” as a dimensional Shift referred to in the Bible as Ascension and in The Law of One as the “Harvest,” in both cases envisioned as a spontaneous metamorphosis or transmutation involving consciousness as well as biology similar to what happened to Jesus in the Resurrection.

“There is a parallel in the Shroud of Turin,” Wilcock notes, “where certain researchers have found that Jesus’ body burned a complete three-dimensional image of itself into the cloth.” Through experimentation it was determined that “such a burn could only be caused by an instantaneous blast at a very high temperature, ‘zapping’ the cloth like an X-ray.”

Others also visualize returning home in terms of a radical Shift. Barbara Hand Clow has remarked that, in the final analysis, all dilemmas are perceptual–which implies that all solutions are perceptual as well. This sentiment is echoed by Judith Bluestone Polich in Return of the Children of Light, where humanity is described as standing on the brink of a collective perceptual “awakening. As the cosmic cycles of time are telling us, it is the time for a major turn upon the spiral path of evolving human consciousness, when the light that has descended into matter begins the ascent back to its origin.”

The preceding quote also suggests that the home to which we have been referring may indicate some other place entirely. The 2012 alignment of the December solstice sun with Galactic Center creates what some ancients called the Black Road. It is conceivable we are meant to follow the Black Road home to our “transdimensional” Source, where we experience a state of being that altogether transcends this holographic reality composed of various “frequency domains,” dimensions, or densities.

After all, a white hole is basically a black hole reversed. The two are thought to meet at their small ends like a pair of funnels. Mathematically, it should be possible to enter a black hole and emerge from a white hole in a completely new universe.

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