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Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan Split

April 17, 2010

Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan have, Kerry says, split over an incident in which Bill “outed” two whistleblowers who, he considered, were giving false and misleading information. Here is Kerry’s version of the incident, published on the Project Camelot site.

It’s with regret that I hear the news.

On Protecting Sources and Confidentiality

by Kerry Lynn Cassidy

April 16, 2010

This statement has been written response to the recent actions of Bill Ryan and speaking to the core reason for the split within Camelot and why the building of the [Project Camelot] portal became necessary.

I have been silent until now and have not spoken out publicly at any length due to my desire to preserve the good standing and credibility of Project Camelot. However, I can no longer remain silent due to the statement made by Bill Ryan on his site regarding what he considers to be a “takedown” of Camelot.

The only takedown has been the complete and total responsibility of myself and Bill Ryan. We no longer agree on core values or perceptions and have not for over 1 and 1/2 years… therefore we have archived the Camelot site into what is now known as the Camelot Library.

I am concerned that the good name and integrity of Project Camelot has been dealt a serious blow by the actions of Bill Ryan. As many of you know, the split within Camelot has become the object of much internet gossip…

If one keeps in mind that our credibility and integrity are the main and integral parts of what our name stands for in the world that we inhabit as, in essence, investigative journalists into the nature of reality and revealing the truth beneath the Matrix… then our reputation is all we have to allow us to continue to pursue our mission and maintain our standing in the internet community.

Note: This standing was recently brought into question when Bill Ryan came forward to debunk and out two whistleblowers. He did this, in spite of the fact that both these whistleblowers came to Camelot in trust and in secrecy, placing themselves at the mercy of Camelot with the complete belief that Project Camelot was an organization of integrity and would fully honor any secrecy in their dealings with those individuals as clearly stated in the mission statement on our website.

Unfortunately, Bill Ryan recently decided that the statement of confidentiality and secrecy was to be amended to say in essence “if I, Bill Ryan, decide subsequently, that the story told to us in confidence is false or misleading I will then take it upon myself to out the witness and thereby reveal our “source” to the world, putting their lives and the lives of their loved ones in danger, as well as violating the clear implied and expressed agreement that we have established in writing previously with them and to the world….”

Along these lines, I submit the following image from the website of their now famous release of the videotape of collateral murder by U.S. forces in Iraq during which two journalists were also killed. This statement — from that video states the CORE principle by which they operate. This is a nod to them and their integrity. I am sad to say this cannot any longer be the claim of Project Camelot…

To be clear, they state “Wikileaks exists to help you safely reveal important material to the world. We have an unbroken record in protecting confidential sources.”


At question is our reputation which will precede us wherever we go in the future with regard to Project Camelot and therefore we have been left with the decision as to how we intend to operate going forward.

The Portal was built to allow for this difference in our styles and approaches to whistleblowers and confidential testimony. I can state here, unequivocally, that I do honor confidentiality and will continue to pledge to protect my sources against all odds regardless of whether they be external or internal to Camelot.

At the same time, I want to state here that the recent statements of Bill Ryan with regard to Illuminati takeover of Camelot are not only completely unfounded but a subterfuge to cover gross errors in judgment that led him to cast 2 whistleblowers to the dogs… in severe disregard of his pledge to uphold the mission of Camelot and in violation of all that Project Camelot claims to stand for.

After repeated requests to Bill Ryan that he reconsider his position and views, I was left with no recourse but to publish this statement.

While he will needless to say, go to great lengths to show the world that one was an unbalanced hoaxer and the other is, he believes, acting as an agent of the Illuminati in a dark plot to take down Camelot, neither is true. Camelot is operating as before with the exception that we have reached the point where working together has become impossible due to our differences in views and interpretations of what it means to have integrity.


Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Co-Founder, Project Camelot

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  1. October 10, 2010 5:15 pm

    The split between Bill and Kerry comes as a shock, but the basis for
    it is understandable. I do not know enough to comment on Kerry’s undoing
    of videos or being controlled by forces to further her economically. What has
    bothered and frustrated me are their continuous interruptions and
    sometime superfluous quips. I believe that Bill is the one demonstrating
    the latter for the most part, and Kerry the former. I feel that when I am
    on the edge of my seat, fascinated and struggling to take in complex,
    let alone mind blowing, information, one or the other will chime in
    an completely ruin the whole thing. Perhaps it is a control issue. Whatever
    it is it is a huge shame and disappointment ! I wish them both the best of
    luck and hope that somehow somewhere they can resolve their differences.
    This is a critical time and perhaps that is what is the catalyst behind this.
    Divide and conquer and keep us mortals in the dark!

  2. September 26, 2010 7:22 pm

    I have watched almost all of the Camelot interviews, and I found the dynamic between Bill and Kerry to be strained, at times awkward and overlapping. I wish there could have been less interrupting (of the interviewer and each other) and less rambling on the part of both, but this may have been caused by egos vying for equal air time. To be quite frank, I could never understand the need for two interviewers on a show which focused on a lone whistleblower. If you need to do a commentary on matters disclosed you can always add it at the end of the interview, separately, This is just my personal bias.

  3. Al Commesso permalink
    September 10, 2010 11:47 am

    I just don’t understand how two intelligent people, who have worked together for so long, accomplishing so much and in some ways rewiring how the interested public percieve the issues surrounding other worldly phenomena, could allow this difference of justfied management, become the bane of the entire project?

    I think this has become an issue of two powerful egos, who have built a monument to knowlege and have forgotten the purpose of their true calling.

    I always thought, that the material was the most important thing and the sources of it precious.

    In any event, Thanks to you Both, for your inestimable contribution in the quest for truth.

    You made the study of strange things, fun.

  4. SidneyXda permalink
    September 9, 2010 1:36 pm

    Look, i know Kerry can interrupt on the interviews, make people angry etc etc. I genuinely feel she has a good heart, she didnt want to expose anyone..and have their identity revealed. Hoaxers or not, you cant just take it upon yourself and behave like you own project camelot ..then “outing” these sources. About this “anglo saxon” vid , well im sure Kerry didnt want to show it because its just not in good taste. It will offend people, somethings are just best not given a world wide coverage. I have watched nearly all of Project camelot’s vids, from the start i could sense Kerry was frustrated with Bill, the guy would waste so much time..just trying to ask a simple question. Going on and on introducing a guest. Kerry couldnt really express herself properly i think, at times Bill would tell her to stop while she was talking..and then he would ask the question. Things like that start to build up inside of you, you start getting annoyed and frustrated . Its clear to see there are differences of opinions. I said in the past how gullible kerry was with whistle blowers …and she blocked me from her channel lol . I guess thats my issue with Kerry, the fact she takes SOME of these sources so seriously. Im sure if one investigated these whistle blowers , it would turn out to be some liar.
    Anyway saying that, Bill Ryan is one of the best out there, he is intelligent, speaks good points . Im always a big fan of Bill Ryan

  5. Charlotte permalink
    September 8, 2010 6:49 pm

    I believe Bill Ryan is also of “Anglo-Saxon” ancestry, i.e. white. Get over it. Don’t think the Asians aren’t (or don’t already have) weapons aimed at Caucasian biology. And to hear a lot of blacks and browns, they would have it too if they knew how. Perhaps some do.

    I know it’s not PC, but whites are the ones who can’t openly defend their own race, leaving all kinds of weirdness to form behind the scenes. All other races look after their own interests. Only among whites do a large number of people seem to go out of their way on behalf of those of a different race.

    If there are biological weapons, a small element of whites developed them, not the “white man.” Same with other races’ biological weapons. Sorry, but I live in a country where massive amounts of black on white crime are deliberately covered up by the media.

    Virtually every white person I know has had a friend or family member attacked, murdered, raped or assaulted by a black. So don’t talk to me about what the “white man” is doing. All races do this stuff when they can get away with it. If someone is highlighting some “Anglo-Saxon” project aimed against non-whites, then let’s have all the plans being hatched against whites. Plenty of those.

  6. Tom Johnson permalink
    August 28, 2010 6:53 pm

    I think the whole situation here has something to tell all of us. I have followed Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy for quite some time and they together have brought up material that people just did not know and would not have known if Project Camelot would not have been born. Now it seems that the Project has been split. I think that splitting the project up is probably a good thing for there will be more Kerry Cassidys and Bill Ryans. The world is changing dramatically and a lot of people in Society want to know the truth. There will be others that will take their own projects and tell them to the world. They are probably. at this time, in the making. Reality as we know it will be changing and there will be things happen that a lot of people will not be able to adjust too. All in good time my friend, all in good time.

  7. protecting our sovereignty permalink
    August 1, 2010 9:45 pm

    I read from Bill’s blog that Kerry purposefully deleted the Anglo-saxon video from project camelot (twice) because it portrays a racially sensitive issue.

    Not only that, this document highlights the racial hatred and to what extent of the white man is capable of doing to the Asian populace.

    Kerry cassidy, either infiltrated or by her own discrimination will have none of this because she is of anglo-saxon heritage.

    The proof of her personal agendas are amply evident in her videos. For example, you will find in several of her publications that she questions whether China/the Chinese will do this or that, as if she finds the Chinese population a threat to her and her heritage.

    In light of all this, I personally view the Camelot split to be the best thing to happen to Bill.

    Bill can now work with the greatest integrity and he doesn’t need Kerry to stand in the way of truth.

  8. phamble permalink
    July 20, 2010 2:49 pm


    if one was an illuminati agent intending to bring down yr project … they suceeded, yr not working together anymore.

    also, if he outed the whistleblowers and put their lives in danger… are they dead yet?

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