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What is Accountability? – Part 2/5


Before we look at the legal process by which accountability will be accomplished, I need to describe the lines of authority that the galactic and “terrestrial” ascended masters follow. And before I do that, I need to encourage us to alter our Third-Dimensional thinking about things like lines of authority, hierarchy, obeying orders, and so on.

In the Third Dimension, we’re accustomed to authority that is often arbitrary, harsh, etc. But authority in dimensions higher than the Third (for sure the Fifth, maybe the Fourth), is not arbitrary and not harsh. In fact, the degree to which one wins the right to command revolves around the extent to which one loves and serves others; that is, the extent of one’s spiritual development or evolution.

That’s why one can speak about “natural” nobility in the higher planes. The lesser-evolved feel a desire to obey the higher-evolved. The closer we get to God, the more godly we are and this conditions the relations among souls of higher and lower development.

I think we all have an intuitive sense of this and know somewhere inside that the situation that exists here on the Third Dimension is not what exists at higher levels.

One corollary of this is that there is no xenophobia, racism, or nationalism among souls of the Fifth Dimension. Galactics and terrestrials, I believe, obey whomever is more spiritually evolved, whether they be from Earth or Sirius.

So therefore, in general, those who direct the ascension effort, and the accountability process, will be hierarchically arranged naturally into levels like ascended masters, angels, Elohim, etc.

We’ll find galactics obeying the terrestrial White Lodge and terrestrials obeying the Sirian Blue Lodge, all of them responding to natural virtues or noble qualities.

The best comparison in our society is to consider how one would feel drawn to obey the words of a genuinely-saintly soul, whether that person was Hindu, Sufi, Christian, or whatever. They would speak “as one having authority,” as the Gospels would say.

Moreover, here on the physical plane, we cannot really “read” another’s character. But on the Fifth Dimension, souls can sense, see, and read another’s character, in the aura, through telepathy, and so on.  There’s no guesswork involved. SaLuSa explains:

“We cannot be fooled and we have the means to determine whether people speak truthfully.

“Indeed, when face to face with you we can tell so from your auras, or read your mind. From our point of view, you can literally be read like a book. We can see if you are spiritually evolved, and such souls emanate such a powerful Light.” (1)

As well, the degree of one’s finery conveys authority. The possession of a crown, the magnificence of a robe, the wearing of a jewel are often indications of one’s evolutionary standing.  Granted that some people may dress themselves in a crown out of their own desire to wear one, it will not be as fine as a crown that has been given for service.

That having been said, it is also true that many evolved souls will not wear ornaments or fine robes. It’s again true that they may wear crowns or robes if the occasion demands it and not on other occasions.  We’ll be learning all of these spirit sociological matters as time goes on. Things will be different than they are on Earth in 3D.

Another matter before beginning. Here on the Third Dimension, all of us are mixed together. Saints, thieves, murderers, martyrs, the corrupt, the clean. But on higher planes (certainly on the Fifth Dimension, I’m pretty sure on the Fourth), we are not all mixed together.

On the Fifth Dimension, only people of goodly character can stand the refined vibrations. People of lesser character must remain on lower levels. This is the same on the spirit side of life, where people of lesser character must remain on the dark planes; people of higher character go to the Summerlands. Above the physical plane or Third Dimension, we all get sorted out.

Thus, it’s not so important whether a person comes from Earth or Sirius as whether they are a resident of the Fifth Dimension or not. Again there is not the xenophobia that there is on Earth in 3D.

Now someone may be wondering why, if we sort ourselves out on higher dimensions, there would be more and lesser developed souls on any one plane. The answer is, as far as I’m aware, that souls of higher dimensions provide the leadership on any given plane. So the “hierarch” of the Fifth Dimension might be a soul from a significantly-higher plane who agrees to endure the lower vibrations to serve the Divine in this manner. He or she would not be considered a resident of the lower plane.

So, in considering the Light forces who are here to redeem our situation, I encourage you not to think in terms of species, races and nations, but instead of spiritual development.

Then, when I say that the galactics obey the ascended masters of Earth’s evolutionary stream, you won’t have so much difficulty wondering why galactics might obey terrestrials.

(See “What is Accountability? – Part 3/5”.”)


(1) SaLuSa, July 25, 2010, at

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