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What do We Mean by “Conscious Convergence”?

What we mean by the use of any element of language is always ultimately personal. Language involves the individual’s free and arbitrary creation and use of symbols.

But following our creation of a symbol, we must sell our meaning to others if there is to be any conveyance of meaning.

Otherwise language remains a world of essentially private meanings, an unshared world.

The various meanings that the word “conscious” have for me include “aware” and “choiceful.”

When I am “conscious” of something I am first of all aware of it. When I observe it or attend to it, I become “conscious” of it.

But, at the same time, to be “conscious” of something also means to act “choicefully” towards it. If I act consciously, I’m responsible or accountable for actions. The more aware I am of choosing, the more “conscious” I’m said to be.

Whereas the last convergence – the “Harmonic” Convergence – may have emphasized being “harmonious,” aligned, or resonant, this convergence emphasizes being “conscious.”

The next may emphasize being “cosmic” or inclusive.   The extent of our convergence may be what we emphasize then.

But this “convergence,” it is the degree of our awareness and choicefulness that we are emphasizing. We focus our attention on how “conscious” can we be of wanting to converge.

Convergence itself, for me, is an aspect of divinity. The Divine is the ultimate in convergence. In the Divine, everything comes together.

The “ego,” it would seem, is the ultimate in divergence. A dropping of the ego, of individuality, separation, duality, polarity – all of these are aspects of convergence for me.

Third density is said to be more divergent than fifth density. I associate polarity or duality with third density and unity or unitiveness with fifth density. I see myself as moving away from polarity and duality into unity and unitiveness. I see the galactics and higher terrestrial spirits as being united in outlook and unitive in consciousness.

“Ascension” for me, at least tentatively, becomes the result, the attainment of a high degree of inner convergence. Just how high a degree must be attained I leave to the Divine, whose creation all of this is.

Ultimately the convergence I concern myself with is that which occurs within myself rather than that which occurs with others. If I don’t experience inner convergence, I doubt whether I will be able to experience it outside of myself.

If I haven’t made friends with myself, made my own acquaintance and welcomed home my own prodigal child, how can I do so with anyone else?

Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Primarily I think he was describing an internal division or disunity. The longest-lasting conflict I have is the conflict that arises out of felt disunity or divergence within and towards myself. Real peace, for me, would be internal peace first and then external peace second.

So first and foremost this Conscious Convergence, I want convergence within myself. I want to be at peace with myself, to unite the inner kingdom, to be at rest within,  before I turn my attention to the outer.

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  1. September 23, 2010 10:07 am

    I further wish to state that I believe the Galactic Federation, are the angels he is sending to us to help us in our time of great need. I believe they are the ones he let me feel their presence around and about me. I know when they are around me, I sense their presence.


  2. September 23, 2010 10:00 am

    Thank you for explaining this , I have felt like the Kingdom is within us, but it manifests itself to us inwardly first, and to others through us second outwardly.

    I believe I it was shown to me, that the ego wants to sit on the throne of our hearts, making it’s
    self a God to us, when i envisioned within my self dethroning it, I was able to invite Holy Spirit to
    come and take his proper place with in me. It was then that I had the dream of being called into a chamber with Christ sitting on the throne.

    As I looked about the room there was a long table filled with food, like a feast had been prepared for me, then I asked the question who prepared this feast.H e spoke in my mind to me the answer, he said the angels are here to serve you, and you are here to serve humanity.

    I then looked above my head. I felt presences all about the room, and I knew they were the angels.


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