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Poised on the Threshold of a New Golden Age

I think that we can all agree with SaLuSa when he says that “whatever happens on Earth,” whether disclosure or first contact, the abundance program or terraforming, “Ascension is the most important aspect of your future experiences.” (1)

In a number of articles on this site, (2) I’ve said that the purpose of our lives is to know God – in other words, to give God the chance to meet God through our realization of Him in the experience of enlightenment. Since we are God, when any one of us realizes Him, God meets God.

SaLuSa hints at this when he says, everyone’s lives have purpose and lead you ever onwards in your evolutionary search for upliftment.” Our “evolutionary search for upliftment” carries us closer and closer to God and farther and farther away from lower densities, birth and death, etc. “After all what meaning would your lives have if there was not some goal you were working towards? Your existence is not some freak accident, but of a careful design intended to give you every opportunity to move off the wheel of rebirth.” (3) Ascension is a step towards realizing the purpose of our lives.

“Ascension is that very process you can join that will bring an end to your need to continue in the cycle of Duality. You can of course ascend at any time, but what is special about this time is that the whole of Humanity has been given that choice.

“Also it is unique because you will ascend in a physical body, that has changed its body cells to make it suitable for life in the higher dimensions. By the end of the cycle it will be possible to say that everyone had at some time been given the opportunity to take a new path out of duality.” (4)

Many people on Earth are beginning to wake up to life’s purpose and to take steps to fulfill it. Some people are groping after the meaning of the new sensations they feel, as Saul tells us.

“As you stand poised at the threshold of the new Golden Age for mankind, many, who until now have thought little about life’s meaning and why they are on earth, are starting to experience unaccustomed physical and psychic sensations.

“They find these very unsettling and disturbing and wonder about their sanity, yet at the same time find them interesting and intriguing. They want to talk about them, but are afraid that others will think them foolish, or worse.

“And these of course are the first signs of an awakening – an awakening to the realization that their lives truly have a meaning and purpose beyond everyday reality. They are beginning to feel a deep longing for much, much more than life on Earth offers, and yet this makes no sense to them. They are confused and lonely and lack a trustworthy listener or guide.” (5)

Nevertheless none of us can grasp the purpose of our lives fully so long as we remain in duality, SaLuSa tells us.

“The vibrations of Earth dull your senses, and it is not until you rise up higher that you can fully grasp the purpose of life on Earth.” (6)

Ascension, SaLuSa says, “has been planned for eons of time, and in spite of what may appear to be setbacks it advances in a most acceptable way. … The cycle of duality is finally at an end, and you will soon enter a peaceful and happy period.” (7)

“Your individual journeys are almost at an end, so enjoy the prospect of it all changing for the better because you need not return to duality again. Let the upsets and worries of everyday life be measured against the bright and happy future that is just around the just around the corner.” (8)

The end of this Solar Cycle, SaLuSa tells us, “allows for everyone to ascend.” Contrary to what many people expect,“the solar cycle … will not result in the destruction of the Earth. A new Earth is to arise with all souls that are ascending with it.” (9)

The prospect of Ascension makes this “a special time when great effort is made by Beings all through the higher dimensions, to get you prepared for it.” (10)

“Say the word and your guides are with you in an instant, and the Angels will oversee your progress. For your part acknowledge their presence and ask for guidance, as without your approval it will be looked upon as interference.” (11)

Unlike us, the galactics and spiritual hierarchy can see the general contours of the future and so wait with anticipation for the expected events.

“Because we are aware of all the coming changes and see the complete success they will bring, we do not experience tension or concern but rather a feeling of excitement at the thought of the great hope and happiness it will bring you. We have the privilege of seeing the wider view and all probabilities, and know the path will lead to completion of this cycle.

“You however, have no certain way of knowing the outcome, and it is very much a matter of faith according to your beliefs. Yet it is not faith alone that spurs you ever onwards, as within your subconscious memories you already know of the success you are to experience. It is that inner knowing that gives you the strength to overcome any obstacles placed in your way.” (12)

Nothing can postpone the blessed outcome, according to Atmos of Sirius.

“We can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth?” (13)

Nonetheless, our reunion with the Fifth-Dimensional beings of the Galactic Federation, SaLuSa tells us, is “but a stepping-stone to greater experiences.” (14) The return to God is a very long trek.

“Your spiritual journey of many lives is reaching its end where duality is concerned. However, it will still continue [after] Ascension, and you will never stop learning as you make your way through the higher dimensions. That will take you further along your evolutionary path, until you reach the Source.” (15)

Archangel Michael gives us an idea of just how long the journey is.

“There are many levels and stages of ascension: personal earthly ascension, whereby you gradually balance and harmonize your chakra centers which in turn triggers the process of clearing your physical vessel and your auric field of discordant energies. …

“Ultimately, we will experience the universal ascension process together. This phase of ascension will take place in the far-distant future; however, we in the higher realms of existence have had glimpses of this prodigious cosmic event and, we assure you, it is so magnificently complex and awe-inspiring that it is beyond your present comprehension.” (16)

“[No one has] reached the pinnacle of spiritual development, above all others. There is no such thing. As spiritual growth is ongoing, continual and a sacred journey and path, all will continue, long after they have completed planetary ascension.” (17)

He encourages us not to think of it as having an end, but as a process: “As you have probably heard before, ascension is an ever-evolving, continuous, on-going evolutionary process and not a destination.” (18)

The Company of Heaven (the galactics, celestials, and ascended masters) are doing all in their power to see that Ascension goes smoothly, says SaLuSa.

“Clearly in view of the massive changes to be made, we want it to go smoothly and it is why our plan is reviewed quite often. The timing must be right and we will not move until it is seen to be certain that it will succeed.” (19)

“[We are] working with our allies behind the scenes to speed up matters so that our plan for your future can fully commence. Have no fear as to the outcome; it has been decided in the higher dimensions by great Beings who see the whole picture from their perspective. What has been decreed by them will come to pass, and all will be manifested by the time this cycle of duality has been completed.” (20)

When Ascension occurs “the ‘Living Hell’ [of duality] will become the heavenly bliss and peace beyond your present understanding.” (21) “You stand at the threshold of Ascension,” he tells us, “enabling you to leave the cycle of duality for the higher dimensions where peace, happiness, joy, and love reign.” (22)

When the glad event occurs, there will be celebrations in the higher dimensions, Saul says.

“All the necessary arrangements have been made so that the glorious party to celebrate your awakening is quite exquisite in its magnificence. You have unequivocally earned this brilliant reward for the unceasing efforts you have made to ensure that this moment of wonder and exhilaration would occur precisely as divinely scheduled.” (23)

So all is on schedule for the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her citizens who wish to accompany her. This opportunity comes only once in many thousands of years and has attracted millions of spacecraft from our universal brothers and sisters who have come here to assist us in our transition. Nothing can prevent or delay it. And when it occurs, we shall leave our prison planet behind and enter realms of heavenly bliss and peace.


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