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On 9/11: Galactics Respond on the Day of the Tragedy

On September 11, 2010, Jelaila Starr channeled a message from the 9D Niburian Council, speaking through its representative, “Devin.”

Its perspective on the event was sober and calming. It offered the means to analyze who was behind the tragedy and advised us not to fall into the trap of taking revenge.

Following the message is a biography of Jelaila.

9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks

Devin, Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council

Sept. 11, 2001, thru Jelaila at

It is with great compassion for the people of earth that we speak with you at this time. Though the destruction and loss of life was in the United States, this event impacts us all. Not just those on earth but those in other realms as well.

First and foremost we ask that you suspend judgment and avoid the desire to take revenge. This event is not what it seems. Please understand that those who covertly control your world would have you believe that there is a culprit and that you are honor bound to seek out and destroy this villain. We implore you not to fall into this trap.

This event is about something much bigger and ultimately more important to your future than you may know at this time.

Before we continue, we wish to preface the following information with the understanding that what we share is meant to assist you in creating a more empowered stance than that which is present now. We wish our words to be a catalyst for change, to wake up and see how you have given your power to those who would hold you in bondage. Our purpose is to help planets ascend. As part of this assistance we provide perspectives on events that occur … so that those involved can see outside the fishbowl so to speak and take the appropriate action(s) that will ensure their ascension. With that said, we will proceed.

As we have explained before, when events occur such as this one, there is the surface event and then the real event operating behind it. In this case it appears that a terrorist attack was launched at certain power centers in the U.S. But, we ask you to look behind this surface and ask yourself, is there something else happening here?

Your Internet will be your most powerful tool in combating this attempt to further control you. With the advent of the Internet you now have the tool to uncover the real agenda this event was meant to serve. Already the truth is being uncovered and soon will be revealed. Until that is made apparent we ask you to consider doing three things.

Respond in the manner opposite of what your news media engenders in you. Most likely the media will provide information meant to elicit fear, anger and victimhood. All the feelings of rage and anger that you project can be used to manipulate you further. Underneath anger and rage is fear. As long as you fear, you can be controlled. Compassion is the answer. When one is in a state of compassion they are neutral and thus provide no emotional fuel, which can be used against them in a harmful manner. We are not saying that feelings of sadness and pain over the loss of life is inappropriate. That is very much appropriate. But do not get caught up in emotions of revenge, hatred and anger. That will only feed the forces that are behind this event and provide the fuel for more and greater events of this nature. Compassion will douse their flame.

Search for the real agenda behind this event. Ask yourself, “What is it they want to achieve.” Look around you at what your government has wanted you to support but couldn’t get you to support. Ask yourself if this event could in some way help them further their cause. Investigate and research. You will find the truth. The real agenda will become apparent in two ways.

a.) Your president will tell you how you should react. If this is to take revenge look into why your government wants to invade this country. Also ask how that country could pull off such a thing?

b.) Look at the solution they offer. Is it to allow a force, one that you previously felt was not in your best interest to support, to handle the situation? These two things will tell you what they are really trying to accomplish.

Use this event as a wake up call. Understand that there is an ascension process going on with your planet. Within this process there is always one side that opposes the ascension and that side will act to stop it. From a higher perspective this event will serve to help free you by waking you up to how easily your emotions can be manipulated and used against you.

If you will take a moment to consider what we have suggested, you will find the answers that will turn this event in your favor. Those in covert control of your world can only succeed as long as you remain unaware of what is really happening. You have the power to stop this kind of event from occurring by showing them that you cannot be manipulated in this manner.

When they see that you won’t react with fear, rage and the need for revenge, they will know that you can no longer be controlled in this manner. With this form of manipulation no longer at their disposal, they will have little to use against you. One by one you must dismantle their weapons and their greatest weapon is your emotions since it is through your emotions that you can be manipulated into doing just about anything.

In the past we have spoken only of the higher perspective and how events such as these serve the purpose of soul evolution. But now that you have moved to this stage in your ascension process, it is our duty to help you see events from a more 3D perspective as well as the galactic perspective. Yes, we can now talk galactic since you are nearing that state.

As with all ascension processes, we sit not in judgment of the process itself. Everything has a value. When you feel the value of this event in your heart and can let go of any need to revenge or hate, you will have taken a great step toward the advancement of humanity.

On a galactic note, there are many watching this event to see how the people of earth will respond. How you respond, whether you are manipulated into responding in a way that furthers your enslavement or whether you respond in a way that moves you beyond manipulation is what is being observed.

There are those in the galactic councils from many worlds who are responsible for deciding whether Earthlings are ready for galactic citizenship. This event, though unforeseen, is now being used as a factor to determine how close or far earth is to qualifying for admission into the galactic community. Let me explain this a bit further.

Each planet that wishes to join the galactic community must first prove that they are able to hold their power in such a way that they cannot be easily drawn into the racial conflicts of other worlds. Their ability to achieve compassion in the face of events such as the current one, is what determines their readiness. If they prove by their response to an event such as this that they can attain compassion, they show that they cannot be used as ammunition in wars between worlds.

It is not our desire to distract you from your feelings of this situation. We feel the pain and the loss very deeply since we are empathically connected to you. But at the same time we would be remiss in our service to you not to share the greater implications of this event. You are not an isolated world without relevance in the cosmos. To the contrary, your actions impact the entire universe.

We, of the 9D Council feel that you will prevail in this situation. You have come too far to not turn this event to your advantage.

Use your Internet to spread the message of the real situation and expose the true agenda.

Use your collective knowledge to see beyond the smoke screen.

Use your spiritual wisdom to stay centered in your being free of anger, rage and the desire for revenge.

Use your heart to express compassion for all involved knowing that a bigger plan is at work here.

Use the collective power of your love to heal the wounds that have been created.

Use the collective power of your prayer to end the separateness that creates the illusion that fosters this kind of event.

And know that we will walk beside you each step of the way. (Devin, Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council, “9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks,” Sept. 11, 2001, thru Jelaila at

Biography of Jelaila Starr

After her spiritual awakening experience in 1992, Jelaila sought to heal the emotional wounds of her past and thus began the Spiritual Path.

In December, 1995, Jelaila was awakened to the knowledge of her walk-in. The following January Jelaila began the first phase of her mission, DNA Recoding.

In July 1996, after six successful years with CRN (Creative Referral Networks, Inc., a company she started in 1992, Jelaila felt a calling to change her career focus to a new spiritual and humanitarian field which brought her into alignment with her assignment as a galactic messenger.

In January 1997, Jelaila completed her initial training as a galactic messenger and founded The Nibiruan Council, named after the 12th planet of our solar system, Nibiru. The Nibiruan Council was created to be a vehicle through which Jelaila could publish her writings as a spiritual visionary and messenger of the higher knowledge of our origins as a race, as well as the bigger picture of our galactic and universal history.

This knowledge coupled with Jelaila’s simple, uncomplicated and down-to-earth approach, enables her to reach across the boundaries of belief systems that separate our world, to provide insight, understanding and hope and, more importantly, a concrete formula for self empowerment.

Jelaila’s direct and open manner is refreshing and welcome in this time of complex and often complicated approaches to understanding our world.  At this time when many speak of doom and catastrophic change, Jelaila’s is a voice of calm, reason and hope.

Jelaila is living proof that you can be spiritual, happy, healthy and financially successful at the same time. Through her own example and experiences, she provides an alternate way out of the earth systems, while still taking part in the good they have to offer.

Jelaila has built a library of multidimensional and galactic knowledge for the Nibiruan Council which includes three books, and over 100 booklets, CDs, and DVDs. Browse our online store or e-mail us to request a free catalog ($3 shipping charge outside the US).

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