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Chris Landau: B.P., Halliburton and Transocean Have Unleashed Armageddon and Now There is No Stopping It

June 11, 2010

Chris Landau

Chris’ points here demonstrate almost as conclusively as I could think of that galactic help will be needed to close this oil well.

I thrilled to hear him say: “The world has to make a concerted effort to get off oil. It is killing us.”

It’s “free energy” we need – zero-point, scalar energy.

If I’m correct, the cabal has in its hands at the moment scalar-wave devices that could be used to close off the oil well. It will be telling, and something laid at their doorstep, if they don’t turn their hats around and use them to do so.

Thanks to Lou.

By Chris Landau

June 11, 2010

B.P, Halliburton and Transocean have unleashed Armageddon and now there is no stopping it. Senator Bill Nelson has told us how bad it is.

This is our worst nightmare. The oil industry has killed the Gulf of Mexico.

My worst fears have been realized. If this link is true and the oil is coming through the sea floor, they have either blown out the formation or blown out the cement (which we know they did anyway to get the blowout to occur).

I’m beginning to realize why they have not wanted to close the valves on the cap. The more they close it, the more oil is going to come up through the sea floor, next to the well casing.

I listed 12 points in my attached article. The really big concern here is that their directional wells are now pointless. They are GUARANTEED to fail because you cannot pump mud or cement into a blown-out well. It just does not set with oil and gas roaring past.

The next biggest concern is that they have to get 8 new wells in immediately to relieve the background oil and gas pressure. The oil is going to start coming up at an ever increasing rate along the casing and theblowout preventer.The oil and gas is going to act as a high pressurepressure washer and erode away all the sandstone and mudstone.There is nothing they can do about it.

This is also the end of B.P. The claims will go on forever.

What these guys do not understand is that it is much worse than they think. Here is the reason why.

They need to date the oil to find out how old the oil is. The rock formation might be 30 to 200 million years old here. I do not know and have not looked at under sea maps.

The oil is either old oil, say, almost as old as the formation, or they have drilled into a massive active fault zone that is reducing carbon dioxide to methane. If it is high in hydrogen sulfide, it is reducing calcareous sediments to oil and more natural gas in the presence of salt solutions.

Now they are providing more saltwater, so via the Wurtz Synthesis more oil is going to be created than natural gas. The methane is going to be converted to ethane, propane, butane, pentane and other long-chain organic compounds.

You see, if oil is being made now, at a very rapid rate in this area, the pressure is never, ever going to drop off along the casing and the oil is going to flow into the gulf forever. The only hope to reduce the pressure will be by sinking more new wells into this area and try and drain off the oil and gas as quickly as it is being made.

You see oil is basically inorganic. It is not made from dead squashed plankton. It is not a fossil fuel. It is an inorganic chemical compound reduced from calcareous sediments and carbon dioxide and methane gas.

My peer-reviewed published papers using chemical and thermodynamic equations show how this occurs. The link to the papers is available below.

Of course although I was published by The American Institute of Professional Geologists in 2009 and the Association of Environmentaland Engineering Geologists in 2008, it does not mean that my theories are accepted by the majority of geologists.

It will probably take 50 years, as with the theory of Continental Drift, to get accepted by geologists in general. Maybe this disaster will shave off 20 years. Things evolve slowly in geology!

We can only hope it is old oil. We can only date oil back 100 000 years by carbon dating, but that is fine. We need to know if this oil is 10 to 100 years old and if its age is changing as it escapes. Is the escaping oil getting older or younger? So we need to start dating the oil on a weekly basis to see what is happening.

I volunteer for the job.

One last point that the public does not understand. It is not about deep water drilling where the problems have arisen. It is about high pressure oil and gas drilling that creates the problems.

These zones can be found on land as well as at sea and can start from as little as 10000 feet, not the 20000 of this well. These high pressure wells have always been a problem.

Of the millions of wells drilled, there are thousands of these ticking time bomb, high-pressure wells in existence and new ones are being drilled every day. New risks are being taken daily.

The world has to make a concerted effort to get off oil. It is killing us.

I hope I have not been too technical, but the matter is grave.

This is the video showing Senator Nelson reporting the oil is coming up through the sea floor.

As a geologist, I delivered two peer reviewed presentations to prove the theory, one to the Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists in 2008 (AEG). See, page 17.

The other was to The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) in October 2009. See, page 94.

Chris Landau

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  1. Thouroughly disturbed permalink
    July 16, 2010 6:05 am

    I’m confused, just like the govt wants us Americans to be I guess. Is this well capped off now, or not? Is it coming up from the ocean floor? I mean if they just capped the top and that stopped it wouldn’t that mean they could have done that a long time ago?

    Why is it that people keep saying this was an accident when multiple people sold off their stocks prior? Come on, are people that stupid, really? What is the odds of that happening, just like 9/11? Either this is just about money, or about eugenics, or both.

    Who has the money to buy property and erect a virtual stonehenge outside of Atlanta Ga and say the population needs to be reduced to 500 million? Who?

    Here is what I do know: Corexit (whatever that is, its true makeup is blacked out like everything else) is being dumped still, by millions of pounds every night all across the Gulf. Similar toxins were used in Vietnam to kill people and vegetation. Here in NC, in Asheville, the trees’ leaves are looking like they are in a drought but we have had a lot of rain.

    Dog’s water bowl left outside is bronze looking after. People are sick, rashes, but nobody cares about anything the evil govt is doing, except doing a wonderful job with all of this. People look at you like they are possessed when you bring anything up about the govt. It is scary.

    My GF looks at me with hate if I question the govt, but will immediately subside if you talk about MTV Hills, or something unimportant. I feel inside, that the entire East Coast is going to get chem warfare when those Gulf storms start really coming up, especially hurricanes. So I am thinking about leaving.

    Besides, my family that I have warned over and over has life insurance, so sorry, everybody has to live with their choices. I have worked with DSS/CPS and seen the corruption, the SRA with children, I don’t need much more proof that satanists are running this world.

    What freaks me out is how much this mind control works on just about everybody. It is like being in a sci fi movie and I’m one of the last humans left that hasn’t been taken over.

    One site I found that tackles these issues is Honestly though, I don’t see humanity standing up against evil, I think this war is decided. It’s like humans are the same as chickens in a chicken house.

    No god ever saved the poor chickens, and obviously us humans are being farmed as some type of spiritual food for something more advanced, and evil than we are.

  2. yolande Vincent permalink
    June 20, 2010 10:42 pm

    I have predicted such a disaster would occur years ago.

    I dumped my car (gave it to the cancer society 10 years plus ago) do not use air conditioning nor a dishwasher and am proud to use public transportation in a city that has limited access to many of the places I would like to go to ie parks…etc

    I have not been able to play the video tonight but have read your article (?) comments and sober evaluation of the situation. This is tragic but as long as americans (mostly) and the rest of the world do not see how their way of life affects our natural world such tragedies will keep happening.

    You do not need to be a scientist of any kind to realize that anything you do on this planet affects it.

    It is high time that we use the natural resources given us via a supernatural being or simple evolution- who should really care ? – because it is a gift that we should not keep abusing.
    I have been looked down at for using public transportation or walking 5/6 blocks to a supermarket late at night when it is finally a bit cooler. I really could care less about public opinion.

    Man-made mayhem is condemnable and the people responsible should be held accountable but stop for a second: turn off your TV, your computer, your I..of any kind etc..lean back with your crossed hands behind your neck and THINK!!!!

    All the comments I have read *from Sierra Club members, National Defense Fund etc..lament the FACTS but not one of them has let me know what he/she was doing towards reducing their consumption of enery!!!

    I have two daughters and a granddaughter with another one to be born early October this year.
    My huge concern is for their future and the future of this planet.
    The wars being waged overseas are all about money..a complete disregard for human or natural life is the order of the day.

    I PRAY in my own way that COMMON SENSE will prevail..

    In the meantime I hope that someone like you will be able to pound some sense if not sentience in the minds of human beings worldwide.


    Yolande A Vincent

  3. David Nance permalink
    June 14, 2010 11:10 pm

    It would be nice if we had an idea about the size of the bubble that is forming under the problem well. And try to get folks to understand the pressure in our car tires is around 30 p.s.i., the pressure in the deep water gas bubble is estimated at 100,000 psi.

    An event such as this makes me envision a Caldera blowing only instead of Lava it would be Methane gas.

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