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As a Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth, I Welcome the Galactics

As a sovereign citizen of planet Earth, I welcome the galactics. Let me now define my terms.

My definition of “sovereign” is “self-governing or independent.”

My definition of “citizen” is “a native inhabitant of a particular place.”

Of “planet” is “a celestial body larger than an asteroid or comet, illuminated by light from a star such as the sun, around which it revolves.”

Of “Earth” is “the third planet from the sun.”

Of “welcome” is “to receive or accept gladly.”

Of “galactic” is an extraterrestrial visitor; that is, a visitor from this or another galaxy, but not from Earth.

Now let me look in more detail at some of this.

I am self-ruling in a spiritual sense only, not in a material sense. I cannot command or control the material aspects of my life, from the health of my body to the state of my financial circumstances.

But all those faculties of myself that have to do with desiring, estimating, choosing, willing, and acting, I can and do command and am responsible for by natural and inescapable law.

I do not welcome galactics who are here in service to self, but only those who are here in service to others. I do not welcome those who serve darkness but only those who serve Light.

I invite those of other dimensions and times who are hidden from our sight to reveal themselves to us. I invite all to enter upon the tasks assigned to them by our local Spiritual Hierarchy. These relate to mentoring our world and preparing it for the events associated with the end of this cycle in 2012.

I understand that these events include terraforming the Earth, enacting an “abundance” or “wisdom” economy among us, introducing new, non-polluting, labor-saving technology, and preparing us for Ascension to the Fifth Dimension on or before Dec. 21, 2012.

I understand that the friendly and virtuous inhabitants of other planets who are here round the Earth are for the most part human like us, our friends, and, in some instances, the progenitors of the human races that are present on Earth.

I understand that they follow law at all levels – including natural or universal laws such as free will, karma, and attraction; the laws of their own planets and galactic councils; the laws of Earth’s nations; and the provisions of our soul contracts, agreed to before birth.

I confirm that I’ve extended my welcome without being bribed or coerced and in the full knowledge of the benefit to the whole world that will accrue from it.

I look forward to working with the galactics, for the welfare and well-being of the entire planet and without any wish or demand for special treatment or special recompense.

I acknowledge my belief that they serve the same God, the same Creator, the same Divine Providence that I do. I therefore have full confidence in the relationship and partnership which I begin with them as the result of welcoming them to Earth.


Steve Beckow
Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth

The 2012 Scenario

First Contact

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  1. August 25, 2010 4:56 am

    Yea, Steve. I agree with every statement that you make here. I too welcome the day when this can happen, the sooner the better for the planet, universe, humanity and all life.


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